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The American Football League (AAA – Division 2 – League) began playing matches in Canada in 1926, and then played against the National Football League (1930s) and Canadian football League (1940s). These were the first Major American Football (Gridiron) Internationals.

The National Football League began promoting American Football around the World, starting in the 1950s with a series of Internationals versus Canadian Football League teams, and then playing preseason games in first Canada in the 1960s, then in the 1970s Europe, Japan and Mexico. In 2007 the National Football League began playing regular season games in London, Toronto and Mexico City.

Major American Football Leagues have been played outside of the USA since the World League of American Football in 1991. With 6 teams in USA, one in Canada, and three in Europe, it was the first Official National Football League Development League (Division 2), as well as the first league of its kind to be played on a weekly basis on two continents (technically the USSR Soccer League was the first). It became a Europe-only league in 1995 and renamed NFL Europe in 1998 and was scrapped by the NFL in 2007 in favour of promoting the NFL in Europe through regular season game.

The European Leagues were replaced by the United Football League (USA 2009-2011), Elite Football League of India (2012), Legends Football Leagues (Canada 2012-13 and Australia 2013-14), China Arena Football League (2016), Pretty Girls Footbal l League (Mexico 2017) and Alliance of American Football (2019).

Beginning in 1984 AAA (Division 2) American Football Leagues began playing matches in Europe (USFL 1984, Arena Football League 1990s) or against World American Football Teams (Legends Football League USA v Legends Football League Canada 2010s, The Spring League v Japan American Football Association 2020).

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World League of American Football Logo [Reference: 1]

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There were no Irish teams in these leagues unless you include the EuroSteelers of the European League (UK Conference) in 1993 (precursor to AFL Europe). the four teams of the UK Conference were intended to represent the four regions of the UK, with the EuroBears, EuroRaiders and EuroMonarchs the other three. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the designated home team for the NFL game in Dublin with the Chicago Bears.

European League of Football Logo
European League of Football Logo [References: 1]

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World American Football Leagues have been around since 1991 when the National Football League (NFL) established the World League of American Football in USA, Canada and Europe.

Since then they have reached India and China, as well as the Legends Football Leagues (Women’s) establishing Leagues in Canada, Australia and Mexico

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Irish-Born World Professional Players, Coaches & Personnel:

Panthers Wrooclaw ELF (2021), Aviators TSL (2021)

Emmett Waldron | Irish-Born Pro & College American Football Player 1993-1999

(Rice Owls (NCAA), Scottish Claymores (WLAF-NFLE))

Linda Holland | Irish-Born Pro Legends-Arena American Football Player 2014

(Western Australia Angels (LFL Australia))

NFL American Bowl 1997 Official Programme
NFL American Bowl 1997 Official Programme [Reference: Author’s Personal Collection]

From the 1920s when the National Football League played other Leagues there has been an International flavour to American Football

Whether it is the NFL versus other American Leagues and Canadian Football Leagues, or American Professional Teams playing in Europe and around the World there are plenty of chances to catch an American Professional Football League game around the World.

The Spring League Logo
The Spring League Logo [References: 1]


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