World Racquet Sports

Tamburello (Italy)

Palla Tamburello

Palla Tamburello /Jeu de Tambourine

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello Women’s Serie A Super Cup Roll of Honour 2005-Present

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello Men’s Serie A Super Cup Roll of Honour 2007-Present

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello – Open Serie A Men & Women (Seasons): 2019

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Road Tennis

Professional Road Tennis Association

Road Tennis is the traditional sport of Barbados, and is played, like tennis, with a racquet on a court, except in Barbados, the court is the road and the racquet is wooden. the net is also wooden, and 8 inches high. The ball is bald.

Professional Road Tennis Association (Seasons): 2018

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