A number of European, Asian and Native American Sports have been played by Irish people abroad or in Ireland:

These are:

European Sports:

Korfball: A Dutch variation on Netball or Basketball.

Bandy & Innebandy A Russian version of Ice Hockey with a ball rather than a puck.

Pesapallo: A Finnish version of Baseball where players run in zig-zags through the bases and their National Sport.

Asian Sports:

Kabaddi; An Indian Tag game where players have to tag an opposing player and get back to base without being tagged in the time it takes to hold their breath.

Sepak Takraw: A Malaysian & Thai version of Volleyball where players use all parts of the body except the arms.

Indigenous Sports:

Ulama; The traditional Handball game of the Native Mexicans, where the hips are used to try to propel a rubber ball through a vertical hoop on a wall either side of the court.

Marn Grook: The Aboriginal Australian version of Football, and probably the root of Australian Football’s mark concept.

Stickball: The Choctaw Native American version of Baseball, played by Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in a trip to Oklahoma on St. Patrick’s Day.