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European Sports

European Sports include both Traditional and non-traditional Sports such as variations on Hockey (Roller Hockey – Portugal & World; Bandy – Russia & Scandinavia; Floorball/Innebandy/Ball Hockey – Scandinavia & Russia), Choule – Normandy, France); Football (Calcio Fiorentino, Italy; Lelo Burti – Georgia), Basketball (Korfball – Netherlands); Baseball (Pesapallo – Finland); Racquet Sports (Tamburello – Italy)

Roller Hockey (Portugal & World)

Roller Hockey is the National sport of Portugal. Played on skates with four wheels – one at each corner (quads) rather than Inline – and with a ball rather than puck. It has an over 100-year history in Ireland, and is sometimes also known as Rink Hockey.

Dublin Vikings IHRA Senior Spring League Champions 2017

Irish Rink / Roller Hockey Associations


Irish Rink Hockey Association Senior Spring League (Seasons): 2017

Irish Roller Hockey Association Roller Hockey League (Seasons): 1995

[11] Irish Rink Hockey Association Facebook (2017) Post: March 1, 2017:”Dublin Vikings” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 26 April 2020]

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Roller / Rink Hockey County Leagues

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County Roller Hockey Leagues (Decade / Era Finals):

Waterford Roller Hockey League | Olympia Cup Finals 1949-1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Butlins Challenge Cup: 1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Classic Shield (League): 1950

Drimnagh Civic Week Roller Hockey Matches: 1949

Limerick Senior Roller Hockey League: 1941

Inter-County Roller Hockey Challenge Matches: 1939

Leinster Rink Hockey League: 1910

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Portugal Roller Hockey

Portuguese Roller Hockey League

Roller Hockey is the National Sport of Portugal, and the Portuguse Roller Hockey League is the Major League of Roller Hockey in the World.

Portuguese Roller Hockey League 2015-Present

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Bandy (Russia)

Bandy is one of Russia’s National Sports, where it is known as Hockey with a Ball as opposed to Hockey with a Puck (Ice Hockey).

It is played on Ice with a ball rather than a puck.

Versions of the sport include Innebandy (also known as Floorball in Europe or Ball Hockey in North America) where runners are used on a hard floor rather than blades or roller skates. (see for more details on Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey – Floorball results also available at: and Ball Hockey Results also available at: )

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Russian Bandy (Major League)

Russian Bandy Super League

Russian Bandy Super League

Bandy Super League (Russia) 2018-19

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Floorball is a version of Ice Hockey played on a hard floor with a ball rather than a puck, and without skates. It has been included in the Special Olympics World winter Games since the early 21st Century. Below you will find the results & tables of various competitions:

Special Olympics World Winter Games Austria 2017

Special Olympics World Winter Games Floorball

Special Olympics World Winter Games Floorball

Special Olympics World Winter Games:

Special Olympics World Winter Games | Floorball Austria 2017

Picture Credit: [1] Special Olympic World Winter Games Austria 2017 Austria 2017 Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 November 2017]

Choule (Normandy, France)

The Traditional Sports and Games of Normandy (North France) were first described in the 12th Century A.D. Choule is a Team Sport involving a curved stick and a leather ball.

Jeux et Tradi Normandi Logo

Jeux et Tradi Normandie

Jeux et Tradi Normandi

FJSTNV Choule Crosse Normande (Seasons): 2019

Picture Credit: [1] Fédération de Jeux et Sports Traditionnels Normande et Vikings (2014) logotradinormandiedetoure [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 23 October 2020]

Korfball (Netherlands)


Korfball (Dutch Basketball)

Korfball is the Dutch variant of Basketball or Netball and has been played in Netherlands and Belgium since the early 20th Century.

It has been played in Ireland since around 2009 when the Ireland Korfball International team first entered the IKF European Championships.

While there is no league in Ireland as yet, the International team enters Tournaments in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands.

In keeping with the Dutch ‘Total Football’ Tradition the Attackers and Defenders swap positions after two scores by either team, making an All-Rounders game.

Below you will find links to various competitions in which Ireland entered.

International Korfball Federation (Overviews):

International Korfball Federation Logo [Ref: 3]

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship 2010-2018

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship | Round 1 2016-2017

International Korfball Federation | World Korfball Championship (Finals):


International Korfball Federation | European Championships (Finals):

2010 2014

International Korfball Federation | European Championships Round 1 (Qualifying):

2016 2017

Korfball Tournaments:

British Student Korfball Association | 1st International Invitational Trophy 2017

Korfball Teams:

IKF | European Korfball Championships | Ireland’s Record 2009-2016

Picture Credit: [2] Ireland Korfball Association (2020) EKC 2010 Team Photo [Internet] Available from:×512.jpg [Accessed 26 March 2020]

Calcio Fiorentino (Tuscany, Italy)

Calcio Fiorentino

Calcio Fiorentino

A Medieval Football game, first organised in Renaissance Florence, Tuscany, Italy, that was first played by workers between breaks in work, and then organised matches beginning in 1530.

The earliest orgainsed Football matches anywhere in the world, as far as Eirball has discovered, although earlier reports in Ancient Europe, Greece, Rome, Italy and China mention similar games, though of what nature is hard to discern – they may just have been children’s catching games. [See articles on Medieval Football at: Medieval Celtic Sports for more information and references on this]

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Calcio Storico Fiorentino Finals 1952-Present

Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Seasons): 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

Calcio Storico Fiorentino August Festival (Seasons): 2012

Picture Credit: [6] Calcio Storico Fiorentino Sito Ufficiale (2020) cover-1_0 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 December 2020]

Lelo Burti (Georgia)

Lelo Burti (Georgia)

Jeux et Tradi Normandie; Lelo Burti (Georgia)

Jeux et Tradi Normandie

The Traditional Sports and Games of Normandy (North France) were first described in the 12th Century A.D. Choule is a Team Sport involving a curved stick and a leather ball.

FJSTNV Choule Crosse Normande (Seasons): 2019

Lelo Burti

Lelo Burti is the traditional Georgian form of Rugby.

Georgia: Lelo Burti SLF Samegrelo Region Championship (seasons): 2016

Picture Credit: [4] Lelo Burti (2014) 2016_XOBI_03 [Internet] Available from:  [Accessed 24 August 2020]

Pesapallo (Finland)

Pesapallo is the Finnish version of Baseball and is their National Sport.

It has an unusual form of pitching and players run zig-zags through bases.

There is a game played on their National Holiday every year at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland.

Here is a Video of the sport from the New York Times, as shared by the Irish-Finnish Society on Facebook [Accessed 27 June 2019]

Pessapallo (Finland)

Pessapallo (Finland); Brannboll (Denmark)

Finnish Pesapallo Super Series:

Pesapallo (Finland) Men’s 2019

Irish Pesapallo Matches

Pesapallo on Independence Day at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland 6 December

Picture Credit:

Tamburello (Italy)

Tamburello (Italy)

Palla Tamburello

Palla Tamburello /Jeu de Tambourine

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello Women’s Serie A Super Cup Roll of Honour 2005-Present

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello Men’s Serie A Super Cup Roll of Honour 2007-Present

Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello – Open Serie A Men & Women (Seasons): 2019

Picture Credit: [4] Federazione Italiana de Palla Tamburello (2020) 71041098_2451367505120731_8326987653232721920_o [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2020]

Asian Sports

Asian Sports played in Ireland include Polo & Polocrosse, first played in Iran and Afghanistan (Polo) and Australia (Polocrosse); Kabaddi (India); and Sepak Takraw (South East Asia). Polo players uses a mallet to hit a ball through two posts while on horseback. Polocrosse is similar except uses a Lacrosse stick rather than a Mallet. Kabaddi is an Indian sport whereby two teams attempt to tag each other and then get back to base without being tagged in the time it takes to hold the breath (this is determined by having to say kabaddi over and over again so that the judge can know the players are not breathing. Sepak Takraw was invented in Thailand or Malaysia, and is a form of Volleyball played with all parts of the body except the arms. 

panning photo of person riding on horse

Polo (Iranian)

Ireland Polo

Ireland Polo

Federation of International Polo European Championships (Editions): 2016

Picture Credit: Pexels Free Photos

Kabaddi (Indian)

Trinity Indian Society; Pro Kabaddi

Irish Kabaddi Matches

Kabaddi Trinity Indian Society 2013

Pro Kabaddi:

Pro Kabaddi (India) 2013-Present

Picture Credit:

Sepak Takraw (Malaysia-Thailand)

UCD Sepak Takraw; Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia)

Irish Sepak Takraw Clubs

UCD Sepak Takraw Club 2014-Present

Sepak Takraw League

Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2015-2016

Picture Credit:

adult happy sportsman hitting ball with head

Cuju (China)

Football Codes from Asia

China : Cuju Cuju (Chinese Football Code) 770 BC – Present

Australia-Pacific Sports

Australian Sports played in Ireland include Polocrosse, first played in Australia. Polocrosse is similar to Polo except the players use a Lacrosse stick rather than a Mallet. Marn Grook is the Australian Aboriginal Sport which may have been the inspiration for Australian Football, or at least the ‘Mark’ in Australian Football.

Irish Polocrosse Association Clubs Map

Marn Grook

Australian Aboriginal: Marn Grook Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football)


International Polocrosse Council Polocrosse World Cup (Seasons): 2003

Polocrosse is a version of Lacrosse played on Horseback. It was invented in Northern Australia in the 1970s and the first World Cup was played in 2003.

International Polocrosse Council

IPC Polocrosse World Cup (Editions): 2003 2019

Irish Polocrosse Association

IPA National Finals (Results): 2017

IPA A Grade Tournaments (Results): 2017

Picture Credit: [3] Polocrosse Ireland (2020) map-of-clubs_orig [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 27 October 2020]

North American Sports

North American World Sports are Cowboy Polo, invented in New Mexico and now played only in Montana; and Ringette, a non-contact form of Ice Hockey popular in Canada, which utilises a straight stick which is used to guide a hoop around the ice and into a goal. Players use sponges on their feet rather than Ice Skates. Native North American Sports include Choctaw Stickball

Ringette Nova Scotia Facebook Profile Picture

Choctaw Stickball

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Native American Sports include Stickball, a Choctaw game in Oklahoma.

Choctaw Stickball:

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Playing Stickball Choctaw Nation 2018


Canadian Ringette

Canadian Rigette:

Ringette Nova Scotia Women’s Recreational League 2015-2020

Picture Credit: [7] Ringette Nova Scotia Facebook Page (2020) Profile Picture, February 19, 2018 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 March 2020]

Central America-Caribbean Sports

Ulama (as known to the Mexica (Aztecs) or Pok-ta-Pok (as known to the Maya) is a Native Mexican and Central American Sports using a rubber ball and the hips. It is played in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Road Tennis is the National Sport of Barbados.

Mesoamerican Ulama Pok-ta-Pok

Ulama (Pok-ta-Pok)

Ulama is the ancient sport of the Native Aztec (Mexica) and Maya of Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras). It is played with the hips, with two teams trying to propel the ball past the opposing team and has been played since 1400 BC. It is known as “Pok Ta Pok” to the Maya and “Ulama” to the Mexica.

The Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship is an Annual Regional Competition in Teotihuacan, Mexico City, the seat of the ancient religious / ritual centre, and where the most impressive ancient Ball Court is to be seen.

The Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament is the Annual World Cup basically, bringing together teams from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament (Ulama World Cup)

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament 2017-2018

Juego de Pelota Mesoamerican Ulamaztli Championship (Teotihuacan, Mexico)

Juego de Pelota Championship (seasons): 2017

Picture Credit: [1] Amber Griscaye (2017) Mexico v Belize in re-creation of the Maya Ball Game Ulama [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 28 June 2019]

Road Tennis

Professional Road Tennis Association

Road Tennis is the traditional sport of Barbados, and is played, like tennis, with a racquet on a court, except in Barbados, the court is the road and the racquet is wooden. the net is also wooden, and 8 inches high. The ball is bald.

Professional Road Tennis Association (Seasons): 2018

Picture Credit: [6] Professional Road Tennis Association Facebook (2013) Photo, July 20, 2019 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 23 September 2020]

South American Sports

Cestoball is a popular version of Basketball in Argentina (South America).

CADC Cestoball Logo

Cestoball (Argentina)

Confederacion Argentina de Cestoball (Overviews)

Confederacion Argentina de Cestoball Liga Nacional A 2014-2015

Picture Credit: [1] Confederacion Argentina de Cestoball (2014) CADC Logo [Internet] Available from: 19 October 2019]

African Sports

African Sports include Ringball, a South African version of Basketball.

woman jumping with ball

Ringball (South Africa)

Ringball is a South African version of Basketball. It is not currently played in Ireland.

African Leagues:

Women’s Ringball (South Africa) 2019-Present

Men’s Ringball (South Africa) 2019-Present

Picture Credit: Photo by Harrison Haines on