A Number of World Sports are played in Ireland, including those from the North Atlantic (Netball, Water Polo, Volleyball); Europe (Olympic Handball, Korfball, Bandy, Pesapallo); and Asia (Polo, Kabaddi, Sepak Takraw)

Below you will find links to the Results & Tables of the following World Sports:

Global Sports:

Australian Rules – Combining elements of Marn Grook, the Australian Aboriginal game; Gaelic Football; and English Public School Football games.

Rugby League – Split from Rugby Union at the end of the 19th Century. The National rugby League in Australia and the English Rugby League are the top two competitions in the World.

Netball – An English version of Basketball for girls & women. got its name Netball in Jamaica.

Water Polo – Invented in Scotland at the end of the 19th Century.

European Sports:

Olympic Handball – Like a cross between Basketball, Water Polo and Soccer except played on a court with hands rather than feet, and a goal rather than baskets. Invented in Northern Europe at the endd of the 19th Century and one of Germany’s National sports.

Korfball – A Dutch version of Basketball.

Bandy & Ball Hockey – A Russian version of Ice Hockey – played with a ball rather than puck.

Pesapallo – The Finnish version of Baseball and their National Sport – players run in zig-zags through the bases.

Asian Sports:

Polo & Polocrosse – Polo is played with a mallet & ball on horseback it was invented in Iran & Pakistan. Polocrosse is similar except it uses Lacrosse sticks and was invented in Australia.

Kabaddi – A Tag game – An Indian version of Capture the Flag.

Sepak Takraw – A version of Volleyball played with every part of the body except the arms – the National Sport of Malaysia & Thailand.

Imdigeneous Sports:

Stickball – A Baseball-like game played by the Choctaw Indians in North America.