World Team Sports (Other)

panning photo of person riding on horse

Polo (Iranian)

Ireland Polo

Ireland Polo

Federation of International Polo European Championships (Editions): 2016

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Kabaddi (Indian)

Trinity Indian Society; Pro Kabaddi

Irish Kabaddi Matches

Kabaddi Trinity Indian Society 2013

Pro Kabaddi:

Pro Kabaddi (India) 2013-Present

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Sepak Takraw (Malaysia-Thailand)

UCD Sepak Takraw; Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia)

Irish Sepak Takraw Clubs

UCD Sepak Takraw Club 2014-Present

Sepak Takraw League

Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2015-2016

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woman and girl playing lacrosse

Stickball (Oklahoma Native American)

Oklahoma Stickball

Choctaw Stickball: An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Playing Stickball in Choctaw Nation 2018