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XFL 2001

Eastern Division       
*Orlando Rage10820203185.800
*Chicago Enforcers10550186179.500
New York / New Jersey Hitmen10460132145.400
Birmingham Thunderbolts10280136239.200
Western Division       
*Los Angeles Xtreme10730235166.700
*San Francisco Demons10550156161.500
Memphis Maniax10550167166.500
Las Vegas Outlaws10460150133.400

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DateHome Team Away Team 
 07.04.2001Orlando Rage25San Francisco Demons26
08.04.2001 Los Angeles Xtreme33Chicago Enforcers16
 XFL Championship Million Dollar Game Los Angeles, CA 
21.04.2001 Los Angeles Xtreme24San Francisco Demons26
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Regular Season Results

DAteHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
03.02.2001Chicago Enforcers29Orlando Rage23
03.02.2001NY / NJ Hitmen0Las Vegas Outlaws19
04.02.2001Birmingham Bolts20Memphis Maniax22
04.02.2001Los Angeles Xtreme13San Francisco Demons15
Week 2
10.02.2001Chicago Enforcers32Los Angeles Xtreme39 2ot
10.02.2001San Francisco Demons14Orlando Rage26
11.02.2001NY / NJ Hitmen12Birmingham Bolts19
11.02.2001Memphis Maniax3Las Vegas Outlaws25
Week 3
17.02.2001Las Vegas Outlaws9Los Angeles Xtreme12
17.02.2001Memphis Maniax6San Francisco Demons13
18.02.2001Chicago Enforcers3Birmingham Bolts19
18.02.2001NY / NJ Hitmen12Orlando Rage18
Week 4
24.02.2001Chicago Enforcers0NY / NJ Hitmen13
24.02.2001Birmingham Bolts6Orlando Rage30
25.02.2001San Francisco Demons9Las Vegas Outlaws16
25.02.2001Los Angeles Xtreme12Memphis Maniax18
Week 5
03.03.2001NY / NY Hitmen7Los Angeles Xtreme22
03.03.2001Birmingham Bolts10San Francisco Demons39
04.03.2001Memphis Maniax19Orlando Rage21
04.03.2001Las Vegas Outlaws13Chicago Enforcers15
Week 6
10.03.2001Las Vegas Outlaws15Orlando Rage27
10.03.2001Chicago Enforcers23Memphis Maniax29
10.03.2001San Francisco Demons12NY / NJ Hitmen20
10.03.2001Birmingham Bolts26Los Angeles Xtreme35
Week 7
17.03.2001Memphis Maniax15NY / NJ Hitmen16
17.03.2001Birmingham Bolts12Las Vegas Outlaws34
18.03.2001Orlando Rage6Los Angeles Xtreme31
18.03.2001San Francisco Demons19Chicago Enforcers25
Week 8
24.03.2001Las Vegas Outlaws26Los Angeles Xtreme35
24.03.2001Memphis Maniax12San Francisco Demons21
25.03.2001NY / NJ Hitmen12Orlando Rage17
25.03.2001Birmingham Bolts0Chicago Enforcers13
Week 9
31.03.2001NY / NJ Hitmen18Chicago Enforcers23
31.03.2001Birmingham Bolts24Orlando Rage29
01.04.2001Los Angeles Xtreme12Memphis Maniax27
01.04.2001Las Vegas Outlaws9San Francisco Demons14
Week 10
07.04.2001San Francisco Demons0Los Angeles Xtreme24
07.04.2001Las Vegas Outlaws3Memphis Maniax16
08.04.2001Birmingham Bolts0NY / NJ Hitmen22
08.04.2001Orlando Rage6Chicago Enforcers23
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Los Angeles Xtreme won the XFL Championship Game – the Million Dollar Game – in 2001, triumphing 38-6 over San Francisco Demons. There were eight teams in the inaugural season of the XFL, five of them in cities without NFL teams: Los Angeles Xtreme, Birmingham Bolts, Orlando Rage, Memphis Maniax and Las Vegas Outlaws.

The XFL of 2001 was the brainchild of Vince McMahon of the World Wrestling Entertainment, who was refused a license to buy a Canadian Football League team, and instead decided to bankroll his own league. He gained a Television contract with NBC which had lost the rights to show the NFL, and initially, amid much hype the first weeks rating were good, but slid rapidly before the league went out of existence after one season.

The reasons given for this were numerous – there was too much variation on standard Football Rules, the team names were too violent, referencing either criminality or extreme mental states. The cheerleaders were too much like strippers rather compared with the NFL’s cheerleaders. The League was intended to give fans back Hard Working Class Football as had been seen to have disappeared from the NFL, but the XFL was seen as being too hard, more criminally insane than Working Class, according to First Down, a British American Football Newspaper.



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