Yorkshire GAA Football Division 1 League 2010

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Final Table

Cu Chulainns Tyne & Wear (F)5500151015
St. Benedicts Harps Leeds (F)5401432913
Hugh O’Neills Leeds5211144399
Brothers Pearse Huddersfield5202132518
Young Irelands Leeds5110328175
JF Kennedys Leeds5003236523
Yorkshire GAA Football Division 1 League 2010 [Reference: 2]


DateWinning TeamRunners-Up
22.08.2010Cu Chulainns3-16 (25)St. Benedicts3-6 (15)
Yorkshire GAA Football Division 1 League Final 2010 [Reference: 2]


DateWinning TeamRunners-Up
Week 1
2010Hugh O’Neills14JF Kennedys10
Week 2
2010Hugh O’Neills15Brothers Pearse7
2010Young Irelands20JF Kennedys9
Week 3
2010Cu Chulainnsw/oBrothers Pearsescr
Week 4
2010St. Benedicts19Brothers Pearse7
2010Cu Chulainnsw/oYoung Irelandsscr
Week 5
2010Hugh O’Neills8Young Irelands8
2010Cu Chulainns15St. Benedicts10
Week 6
2010Brothers Pearsew/oYoung Irelandsscr
2010Cu Chulainnsw/oHugh O’Neillsscr
2010St. Benedicts18JF Kennedys17
Week 7
2010Brothers Pearsew/oJF Kennedysscr
Week 8
2010Cu Chulainnsw/oJF Kennedysscr
2010St. Benedictsw/oYoung Irelandsscr
Yorkshire GAA Football Division 1 League 2010 [Reference: 2]


Cu Chulainns of Tyne & Wear triumphed 3-16 (25) to 3-6 (15) over St. Benedicts Harps in the Yorkshire GAA Football Division 1 League Final in 2010. six teams contested the Division 1 League, with four from Leeds, one from Tyne & Wear, and one from Hudersfield (Brothers Pearse).



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