International Baseball

From the 1879s when Major League Baseball teams first toured Ireland to US and Canadian Soldiers and Sailors playing in Ireland during WWI and WWII; the first Ireland National Baseball Team’s European Championship tournaments; the Ireland National Baseball Teams Tours of North America; the International Tournaments hosted by Ireland in Corkagh Park, Ashbourne and Belfast; to anniversary re-enactments of famous baseball matches and the Ulster Buccaneers entries in the Men’s Senior Baseball League Amateur World Series there is almost 150 years of International Baseball history in Ireland or involving Irish teams.

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Ireland Tours of North America

Baseball Ireland National Team

Baseball Ireland National Team | Tours of North America 2001-2017

North American Tours (Years):

New England 2001 

Southern California 2005 

Rhode Island 2010 

New York 2012 

Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario) 2017

Picture Credit:   [2] Baseball Ireland (2017) Baseball Ireland Logo Car Sticker [Internet] [Accessed 1 May 2017]

Confederation of European Baseball

CEB European Championships; CEB European Junior Championships

Confederation of European Baseball | European Championship Seniors | B-Pool 1996-2004

Confederation of European Baseball | European Baseball Championship Qualifiers 2006-2013

Confederation of European Baseball |European Championships C-Pool 2014-2018

CEB European Championship B-Pool (Years): 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004

CEB European Championship Qualifiers (Years): 2006 2008 2011

CEB European Championship B-Level (Years): 2013

CEB European Championship C-Pool (Years): 2014 2016 2018

CEB European Championship Juniors (Years): 2017

Picture Credit: [8] Confederation of European Baseball (2016) CEB Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 November 2016]

Baseball Ireland International Tournaments

Dublin International Baseball Tournament; Rota Series, The Gathering; Ashbourne International Baseball Festival; Ulst

Baseball Ireland | Dublin International Baseball Tournament 2002-2008

Baseball Ireland | Rota Series International Tournaments 2011-2014

Dublin International Baseball Tournament: 2002 2003 2004 2006 2007

Rota Series / The Gathering: 2011 2012 2013

Ashbourne International Baseball Festival: 2017 2018 2019

Ulster Open Baseball Championships: 2015

Picture Credit: [3] Wayback Machine – Baseball Ireland (2003) 2003_dit_champs [Internet] Available from: %5BAccessed 3 November 2020]

Men’s Senior Baseball League

MSBL Amateur World Series

Men’s Senior Baseball League  Amateur World Series (35+ / 40+ Age Group):

2019 2017 

Picture Credit: [10] MSBL (2019) MSBL Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 November 2019]

Visiting US and Canadian Baseball Teams

Major League Baseball Tours; US Sailors and Soldiers WWI; Northern Ireland Baseball League WWII; Re-enactments#

In 1874, Major League Baseball teams visited Ireland for the earliest recorded Baseball match in Ireland, and, naturally enough, given the links between the countries, Ireland, along with France and Britain got the biggest promotion of Baseball when teams toured Europe during the era leading up to the First World War.

Major League Baseball in Ireland (Years):

Major League Baseball in Ireland – Boston Red Stockings v Philadelphia Athletics 1874

Major League Baseball in Ireland – Chicago White Stockings Tour of Ireland 1889

During the First World War, teams of American and Canadian soldiers and sailors, stationed in Ireland for the duration, or visiting the shores of Ireland, played Baseball matches in aid of War Charities.

US teams Visiting Ireland (Years):

Baseball Internationals in Ireland – America v Canada 1917

International Baseball in Ireland – USS Trippe 7 USS Melville 6 – 1917

From 1942, when US Soldiers, Navy & Airmen stationed in Northern Ireland during World War II played in the Northern Ireland Baseball League and 8th US Air Corps Baseball Championship, to the Youth Baseball Championships played in Waterford & Dublin in the 1960s (The Irish Baseball Association) and Donegal (The Donegal Baseball & Softball Association) there have been Baseball Leagues in Ireland.

8th US Air Corps v NIBL Championship Series (Seasons): 1943

Northern Ireland Baseball League (Seasons): 1943 1942 

8th US Air Corps Baseball Championship (Seasons): 1943

In addition to the Northern Ireland Baseball League during WWII, there have been exhibition matches played by American and Canadian Soldiers and Sailors stationed in Ireland during WWI or visiting Irish shores. There has also been reenactments of famous Baseball matches, including the Amateur World Series of 1903, which was re-enacted on the 100th anniversary in Drum, Co. Roscommon, featuring relatives of players involved.


Baseball Amateur World Series (1903) Re-enactment 2003

International Baseball in Ireland – US Navy Exhibition Match (1917) Re-enactment 2017

Picture Credit: [4] O’Hare, Eddie (2017) “Adrian Kelly of Baseball Ireland and Nicole Dehnel recreating the 1917 Baseball picture at the Cricket Grounds in Cork” Irish Examiner. Wednesday, July 26, 2017. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 28 July 2017]

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Rounders-Baseball Internationals

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Rounders-Softball Club Internationals

Rounders-Softball Club Internationals Lakelands GAA v Leinster Softball 1982

Rounders-Softball Club Internationals Skryne GAA Tour of Massachusetts 1982

Rounders-Baseball Club Internationals:

Rounders-Baseball International Rules 2008

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