Early Gridiron (1890-1919)

Gridiron is another name for American Football because in its early days the field was marked out in a grid pattern.

Early Pro American Football (1890-1919)

The first Pro american Football League was the Western Pennsylvania Pro Football Circuit in the Pittsburgh and surrounding Coal-Mining areas. The Leagues were unofficial, and the players paid under the counter. The first Word series was held in 1901, actually a five-team tournament, and that lasted two seasons. In 1903 the Ohio League became the first League to Officially pay players and when that League saw players salaries spiral due to competition from other teams for their services, four Ohio League teams joined forces with teams from Pennsylvania and Upstate New York to form the American Professional Football Association in 1920, which in 1922 changed its name to the National Football League, the Major League we know today. Canton is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the NFL Preseason opens there with the latest induction of Hall of Fame players in honour of the Canton Bulldogs, prime players in the Ohio League and formation of the NFL.

Early Gridiron

World Series of Pro Football; Pennsylvania League; Ohio League

World Series of Pro Football

World Series of Pro Football 1902-1903

World Series of Football (Seasons): 1902 1903

Pennsylvania League

Western Penn Pro Football Circuit (Seasons): 1895 1896

National Football League (Seasons): 1902

Ohio League

Ohio League | Champions 1903-1919

Ohio League 1915-1919 (Irish Players)

Ohio League (Seasons): 1904 1905

Picture Credit: 1920s football action. Thousands of spectators watch from double decker stadium seats. By Everett Collection[Shutterstock]