USA College Football

USA College Football

Irish Players have played College Football since the 19th Century. Below you will find a list of links to Irish Connections with the NCAA and NAIA stateside. Division 1 Football Bowl Series and Division 1 Football Championship Series, were known as Division 1A and Division 1AA respectively. This was before the separation of the Big 5 Conferences in the FBS into the College Football Playoff.

Particular attention shall be given by Eirball to Notre Dame Fighting Irish (the big Irish Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana) and San Jose State Spartans (as Dublin is twinned with San Jose) as well as any Irish-born Football players in the NCAA FBS.

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Featured Image Credit: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – CIRCA 1998: a postage stamp printed in USA showing an image of four players of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, circa 1998. Picture Credit: ©mmphotos2017/123RF.COM Image ID:  156057748 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 7 January 2022]

Irish-born College Football Players & Coaches

NCAA College Football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the biggest of USA’s College Sports Assiociations, taking in all major American Sports, as well as Athletics, Soccer and numerous other sports. The NCAA Football Program is divided into four Divisions – In order of Merit they are: FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision), FCS (Football Championship Subdivision), Division II and Division III.

NCAA College Football Teams

NCAA Football D1 FBS CFP (Power 5)

NCAA Football D1 FBS (Group of 5)