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Irish Players have played College Football since the 19th Century:

Below you will find a list of links to Irish Connections with the NCAA and NAIA stateside:

Division 1 Football Bowl Series and Division 1 Football Championship Series, were known as Division 1A and Division 1AA respectively. This was before the separation of the Big 5 Conferences in the FBS into the College Football Playoff.

Irish-Born College Players & Coaches

A look at the record of Irish-born Professional & US College American Football Players.

Irish-Born College, Pro & NFL American Football Players

Adrian Young Irish-Born NFL, Pro and College American Football Player 1964-1975

(USC Trojans (NCAA), Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), Detroit Lions (NFL), Chicago Bears (NFL) and The Hawaiians (WFL))

Neil O’Donoghue Irish-Born GAA Football, Soccer and NFL American Football Player 1970-1985

(Auburn Tigers (NCAA Div IA), Buffalo Bills (NFL), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), St. Louis Cardinals (NFL))

Michael Mullen Irish-Born College American Football Player 1988-1990

(Wisconsin Badgers NCAA Div IA))

Emmett Waldron | Irish-Born Pro & College American Football Player 1993-1999

(Rice Owls (NCAA Div IA), Scottish Claymores (WLAF-NFLE)

Glenn Baker | Irish Born College American Football Player 2006-2007

(Cheshire Academy Cats (Prep School), Mount Ida Mustangs (NCAA Div III)

Connor Leckey | Irish-Born College American Football Player 2009-2011

(West Liberty Hilltoppers (NCAA Div III))

Darragh O’Neill | Irish Born College American Football Player 2011-2014

(Colorado Buffaloes (NCAA Div 1 FBS))

Sean Galvin | Irish-Born College American Football Player 2012-2014

(UCF Central Florida Knights (NCAA Div 1 FBS))

Irish-Born College Football Coaches & Personnel

Ian Jones Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present

(South Carolina Gamecocks (NCAA Div 1 FBS), Penn State Nittany Lions (NCAA Div 1 FBS), Cleveland Browns (NFL) Houston Texans (NFL), Salt Lake Stallions (AAF))

Conal Fagan Irish-Born College American Football Cheerleader 2018-2020

(Notre Dame Fighting Irish (NCAA Div 1 FBS))

NCAA College Football Bowls

NCAA Football Bowls (Overviews):

NCAA Football Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision Finals 1978-Present

NCAA Division 1 FBS

NCAA Football Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision College Football Playoff (Seasons):

2020 2015-16 2014

NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Sub-Division:

NCAA | Division 1 FBS | American Athletic Conference 2013-2014

NCAA Football Division 1A (Seasons): 1996 1991-92 1988 1984

NCAA Division 1 FCS

NCAA Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision (Seasons): 2020 2019-20

NCAA Division 2

NCAA Division 2 (Seasons): 2020 2019

NCAA Division 3

NCAA Division 3 (Seasons): 2019

Early College Football

US College Football (Seasons): 1904

Early College American Football

American Inter-Collegiate Football 1869-1875