Oceania American Football

Since the 1980s American Football Leagues have been organised in Australia & New Zealand, with State Leagues in each of Australia’s six states as well as the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and Leagues in three of New Zealand’s Provinces.

In addition Australian States play for the Outback Bowl, and the Champions of each State and Territory play in the Southern Cross Tournament for the right to call themselves Australian Club Champions. New Zealand’s Provinces also play for the National Provincial Championship.

Pacific American Football Leagues:


Gridiron Australia Logo
Gridiron Australia Logo [Reference: Australia 1]

Australian State Championships:

Australian Inter-State Millennium Tournament (Seasons): 2000

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League 2000-2009

Gridiron New South Wales

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition 2018-2019

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron New South Wales Mens AA Competition (2nd Division) (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron Queensland

Gridiron Queensland Mens Competition (Seasons): 1988-89 2018-19

Gridiron South Australia

Gridiron South Australia Seniors 1986-1989

Gridiron Tasmania

Tasmanian Gridiron League 1999-2002

Gridiron Victoria

Victorian Gridiron Football League 1988-1989

Victorian Gridiron Football League 1999-2001

Gridiron West (Western Australia)

Gridiron West Open Mens Competition (Western Australia) 2015-2020


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New Zealand

Gridiron NewZealand Logo 2000
Gridiron NewZealand Logo 2000 {Reference: 1]

Gridiron New Zealand

GNZ National Provincial Championship (Seasons): 2000

American Football Auckland

Auckland Premier Gridiron League (Seasons): 1999-2000

American Football Canterbury

American Football Canterbury (Seasons): 2018

American Football Wellington

American Football Wellington (Seasons): 2019

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