Mexican American Football Art

LFA Mexico

LFA Mexico

American Football was first introduced to Mexico in the late 1800s, and the first Mexican College Championship in 1929 or 1933. Today the Liga de Futbol Americano (LFA) is the Major American Football League for Mexico and Latin America. The sport is played throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with most countries other than Mexico being recent converts to the game.

Mexican American Football

From the first College Championship in the 1930s to the most recent Professional League: Liga de Futbol Americano, the history of American Football in Mexico is the longest in the World outside of USA and Canada. This is a record of 11v11 American Football: for the Arena Indoor (8v8) version of the game which is more popular in Mexico than anywhere else see: Arena Indoor Football; For all Women’s American Football including Mexican Women’s Football see: Women’s American Football; For Flag Football see: Flag Football World

Mexican Professional League Teams

Mexican College Bowls and Champions

Mexican College Champions

ONEFA Mexican University Football

ONEFA – Organizacion Nacional Estudiantil de Futbol Americano – is the leading National Organisation for American Football in Public Universities in Mexico.

The ONEFA Championship was considered the National Championship from 1933 onwards until the CONADEIP organisation of Private Colleges split away from the ONEFA Public Universities body.

The AMFA Poll is now used to decide the Mexican College Champions and the CONADEIP v ONEFA All-Star game is one of the new highlights of Mexican College Football.

CONADEIP Mexican Private Colleges

OEFA Baja California

Federation Mexicana de Football Americano

Latin American Gridiron Leagues

This is a record of Latin American Gridiron (American Football) Leagues. American Football is known as Football Americano, or just simply Football, in Latin America, as opposed to Futbol, which is the Spanish name for Soccer.

The sport was first played in Mexico in the late 19th Century, and leagues first started appearing in Mexico in the 1940s. In the 2000s the first Kitted American Football Leagues started in Argentina and Brazil, and are now played everywhere in Latin America.

Mexican Flag Football

LEXFA Flag Football

Liga Extrema de Futbol Arena Mexico (LEXFA)

LEXFA Zona Caribe: Summer 2011