Japan American Football

American Football was first introduced to Japan in the 1930s, although it was not until after WWII, that it was played competitvely, with the Rice Bowl, Japan’s version of the Super Bowl, being played between the Universities since 1947, and since 1984 between the University Champions and the Social Champions (Business League – currently X-League).

There is also a third League in Japan, which is the Private Club League, opening up American Football to non-students and non-Corporate Workers. The JPFF (Japan Private Football Association) organises the Ocean Bowl between the JPFF East and JPFF West Champions.

International Bowls

The Spring League v Japan National Team 2020

Tomodachi Bowl Japan v USA Friendship Bowl 2016-2019

Rice Bowl

Japan Rice Bowl (Universities v Social Champions):

Japan American Football Association Rice Bowl 1984-Present

Social Championships

Japan X-League Logo [Ref: Japan 2]


[Japan 2] X-League (2020) X-Logo [Internet] Available from: https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/xleague/images/xlogo.png [Accessed 7 January 2020]

Japan X-League (Social League)

Japan American Football Association | X-League 2017-2019

University Championships

Japan Universities National Championship

Japan Collegiate American Football Koshien Bowl (East v West) 2016-Present

Japan Universities Regional Championships

East Japan Collegiate Football Deciding Match (Kantoh v North Japan) 2016-Present

North Japan University Football Pine Bowl (Tohoku v Hokkaido) 2012-Present

Japan Collegiate American Football Tokyo Bowl (Kantoh v Kansai) 2016-Present

Hokkaido Student American Football Association (HAFA – North Japan)

Hokkaido American Football Association Potato Bowl 2013-2018 (Charity Bowl)

Seasons: 2019

Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association (TCAA – North Japan)

Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association TCAA (Japan) Champions 1976-Present

Seasons: 2019-20 2018-19

Kantoh Collegiate Football Association (KCFA – East Japan):

Top 8 Seasons: 2020

Japan Private Football Association (JPFF)

Japan Private Football Association Logo [Ref: Japan 3]

Images References

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Japan Private Football Association (JPFF )

Japan Private Football Association JPFF All Japan Championship Ocean Bowl 2011-Present

Regional Adult American Football Championships

Kizuna Bowl (North Japan – Hokkaido v Tohoku) American Football Championship 2011-Present

Hokkaido Adult American Football Association (HAFA)

Hokkaido Adult American Football Association All-Star Lilac Bowl 2013-2018

HAFF North Laundry League (Seasons): 2020