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American Football – The almost complete results of Irish American Football League (1986-present), International American Football in Ireland (1942-present), Irish Flag Football League (2014-present), Junior Kitted League (2014-present), College championship (2006-present), as well as what is known for each season in Irish Flag Football (1986-2014), and DV8 (8v8 Football) for 1986-present is available on eirball.ie. Team histories including results for most Irish American Football teams 1984-present)
Baseball-Softball – The almost complete results of the Irish Baseball League (1997-present), International Baseball (1997-present). What is known of the Regional Youth Baseball Leagues (1940s-1980s), Little League Baseball (1990s-present). Final tables for Leinster Softball League (1995-present), Softball Ulster League (2009-present), Women’s Leinster Softball League (2007-2011). Cup Finals for Softball Ireland National Club Championship (1990s-present), Irish Open Softball Trophy (1990s-present), and what is known of Winter Softball (Indoor Softball & Intervarsity Softball)
Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey – Final tables for Elite Ice Hockey League (2000-Present) Irish Ice Hockey Leagues (2007-2010 & 2016-present), Irish Inline Hockey Leagues (1999-present), what is known of Roller Hockey (1910 -1990s), the Ice Hockey Leagues in Northern Ireland from the 1940s-1960), Ireland’s involvement in the World Championships (2003-2013 & 2017-present).
Basketball – Final Tables for the Men’s & Women’s National Leagues (1975-present). results & tables for the National Leagues & Area Boards (about 2015-present), Schools Cup Finals (1990s-present), Colleges Results (2016-present). All-Ireland County Championship finals (1953-1972).
Lacrosse – All-Time results & tables for the Irish Lacrosse League (2009-present) and what is known of the Irish Women’s Lacrosse League & National Indoor Lacrosse League. International Results back to ear;y 2000s. Lacrosse Championship Finals 1890s & Schools Lacrosse Championships (1930s-1970s).
Rugby League, Australian Rules & Olympic Handball– what results are known for each season of the Irish Rugby League (1996-present), Australian Football League Ireland (2000-present),  the AFL Ireland Women’s League 2017-present), the Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Leagues (Men 2001-present, Women 2015-present) European Competitions for the Ireland Men’s team in Olympic Handball (1999-present)
Volleyball, Futsal, Scottish Shinty, Netball– Final Tables for the National Leagues dating back to 2009 (Netball), 2000 (Scottish Shinty & Volleyball) & 2007 (Futsal – FAI Futsal Cup).Results since 2015-16. Regional Leagues dating back to 2015 (Volleyball & Futsal). 
Water Polo, Rounders, Badminton – Results & Final Tables for Leagues from 2015-16.
International Rules – All-Time Results of Ireland v Australia (Football), Ireland v Scotland (Hurling-Shinty) and what is known of Handball-Pelota (Ireland v Basque Country),
Rounders-Baseball & Hurlacrosse (Hurling-Lacrosse).
International Rules  – All-Time International (Compromise) Rules results for Ireland v Australia (Football), Ireland v Scotland (Hurling-Shinty), with what results are currently known for Ireland v Basque Country (Handball-Pelota), Ireland v USA (Rounders-Baseball) and Hurlacrosse (Hurling-Lacrosse).
GAA World– Roll of Honour for GAA Canada, Australasia, United States, New York, Europe, Asia, Middle East (both Men’s & Women’s, except United States & Australasia – Men’s only). 
World American Football – Final Tables for AAA American Football Leagues (USA – 1920s-present), Indoor Football Leagues (1991-present), as well as World/Continental Pro Leagues (NFL Europe 1991-2007), AFL Europe (1994-1995), Elite Football League of India (2012), LFL Canada (2012-13), LFL Australia (2014), China Arena Football League (2016 & 2019), LFA Mexico (2016-present), Japan X-League (2017-present). Where it is known an Irish Player or Coach has been involved this has been included.
Other Sports  – Research is currently being conducted in all other Irish, North American & World Sports
Click the links in the Navigation Bar at the top of the Page (Just below the Photo) or in the links provided below to be brought to the index pages for each of the Sports, Leagues and Competitions, from where you can find links to each season, decade overviews and roll of honour (Links are in Blue-Green)

Links to Main Pages for Sports Played in Ireland:

North American Sports 

Major League Sports

American Football The Irish American Football Association was formed in 1986 and reformed in 2001

Irish American Football Irish American Football / Irish American Football League / International American Football / Irish College Football 

8-a-side American Football: DV8 Football / Junior American Football / International 8-a-side Football 

Flag Football:  Irish Flag Football / Junior Flag Football / International Flag Football / Flag Football Competitions

Canadian Football:  Canadian Football E-Football E-Football

Teams, Players:  Irish American Football Teams / Irish Flag Football TeamsPro & College American Football Players

Irish American Football Records, Yearbooks Irish American Football Yearbooks / Irish American Football Records

Basketball The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland (now Basketball Ireland) was formed in 1947

National Basketball Competitions: Basketball National Leagues / Basketball National Cups / International BasketballAmateur Basketball Association of Ireland 1947-1979 / Basketball Tournaments / Basketball ClubsBasketball Players

Schools & Colleges (Underage) Basketball: Underage & Colleges BasketballColleges Basketball / All-Ireland Schools Basketball League / All-Ireland Schools Basketball Cup / All-Ireland Schools Basketball FinalsSchools Basketball Inter Regionals / Dublin Schoolgirls BasketballMini Basketball / Community Games Basketball 

Basketball Area Boards:Basketball Area BoardsDublin Ladies Basketball Board / Dublin Men’s Basketball Board / Midlands Area Basketball Board / Kilkenny & South East Area Basketball Board / Cork Ladies Area Board / Cork Men’s Basketball Board / Kerry Area Basketball Board / Clare Area Basketball Board / Galway Area Basketball Board / Mayo Area Basketball Board / Shannonside / LonLeitRos Area Board / North West Area Board / Basketball Northern Ireland / North East Basketball Board

Other Basketball:  Wheelchair Basketball / 3×3 Basketball 

Ice & Inline Hockey The Belfast Giants were formed in 2000 and the Irish Ice Hockey Association was formed in 1996 although the History of Irish Ice Hockey & Inline (Roller) Hockey dates back to 1910 

Irish Ice Hockey Elite Ice Hockey LeaguesIrish Ice Hockey LeaguesCeltic & Scottish Ice Hockey LeaguesInternational Ice Hockey 

Inline Hockey Inline Hockey  / Hockey without skates: Floorball / Ball Hockey / Unihoc

Baseball-Softball The Irish Baseball and Softball Association (Now Baseball Softball Ireland) was formed in 1989, although there were Leagues dating back to the 1940s

Baseball: Baseball Ireland / International Baseball  Little League & Youth Baseball 

Softball: Softball Ireland /  International SoftballLeinster Softball / Ulster Softball / Connacht Softball / Munster Softball / Intervarsity Softball / Indoor Softball

Other American Sports 

Lacrosse / (Sub-Pages: Men’s Lacrosse / Women’s Lacrosse / Indoor (Box) Lacrosse / Polocrosse

Volleyball / (Sub-Pages: Volleyball Ireland / Volleyball National Cups / Northern Ireland Volleyball / Schools & Colleges Volleyball / Spikeball / Beach Volleyball )



Global (British & Commonwealth) Sports

British / Global Sports

Soccer / (Sub-Pages: Women’s Soccer / Leinster Soccer / Connacht SoccerFutsalMini-Football (Football Fives & Football Sevens etc

Rugby / Rugby SevensTag RugbyTouch RugbyWheelchair Rugby

Hockey /


Commonwealth Sports

Rugby League Sub-Pages: Irish Rugby LeagueInternational Rugby LeagueRugby League NinesTag Rugby League )

Australian Rules Sub-Pages: Australian Football League IrelandInternational Australian RulesAustralian Rules Super 7s,9s,10s 

Water Polo  Sub-Pages: Ireland Water Polo / Leinster Water Polo / Canoe Polo / Underwater Hockey 


Gaelic Games & Celtic Sports

Minor Gaelic Games

Handball (Sub-Pages: GAA HandballWallball )

International Rules /

Poc Fada /


Gaelic Football 

GAA Britain (Counties: GAA Warwickshire Football )

GAA All-Ireland Football 

GAA World Games Football (Provinces & Counties: GAA Britain / GAA Warwickshire Football / GAA United States Football / GAA Canada / GAA Europe FootballBreton FootballGalician FootballAustralasia GAA Football / Asia GAA Football)


All-Ireland Hurling Minor Counties HurlingConnacht HurlingLeitrim GAA Hurling / Leinster HurlingKildare GAA Hurling )

GAA World Games Hurling (Sub-Pages: GAA London Hurling /  )


Camogie GAA World Games Camogie

Ladies Football

Ladies FootballGAA World Games Ladies Football / Canada GAA Ladies FootballAsia GAA Ladies Football

Celtic Sports 

Basque Pelota 

Scottish Shinty 

Welsh Baseball

Breton Football

Galician Football

Cornish Hurling

Manx Cammag

World Sports

European Sports 

Olympic Handball


Bandy & Ball Hockey


Asian Sports 

Polo & Polocrosse


Sepak Takraw

Imdigeneous Sports

Indigineous Sports


Alternative Sports 

Alternative Team Sports

Flying Disc Sports


Roller Derby

Military Simulation 


Paintball / Airsoft /

Laser Tag /

Capture the Flag

Timed Sports

Olympic Sports 

Athletics /

Swimming /


Winter Sports

Power Sports 

Boat Sports / (Sub-Pages: Canoe Polo )

Cycling /


Drone Racing


Harness Racing

Individual Sports

Racquet Sports 

Tennis /

Badminton / (Sub-Pages: Badminton Ireland / Badminton Leagues )

Squash /

Table Tennis /

Real Tennis /


Ball & Target Sports 

Golf /

Bowling & Curling / (Sub-Pages: Curling / Lawn Bowls / Indoor Bowling / Tenpin Bowling / Petanque )

Snooker & Pool

Target Sports 

Darts /

Archery /

Target Shooting

Combat Sports 

Martial Arts /

Fencing /


Major League Sports (Irish Abroad)

Major Leagues 

World Gridiron /

Irish Pro & College Players: Pro & College American Football Players

USA American Football Leagues: National Football LeagueAAA American Football Leagues / United States Spring Football LeaguesXFLAA American Football LeaguesSemi-Pro State Leagues / Gridiron Development Leagues 

World American Football: Canadian Football Leagues / Mexican American Football LeaguesAmerican Football World Leagues / Pacific Football Leagues / European American FootballLatin American Football LeaguesWorld American Football

US College Football, High School & Armed Forces: US College Football / US Air Force & Army Football

Reduced Numbers American Football (5-9 a-side): Arena Football / AAA Arena / Indoor Football LeaguesAA Arena Football LeaguesLingerie / Legends Football LeaguesAmerican 7s /  Flag Football World

World Basketball

World Ice Hockey /

World Baseball-Softball 

World Sports 

World Soccer /

Global SportsAustralian Football League

National Sports (World)

Indigineous World Sports

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