Welcome to the Eirball – Irish, North American & World Sports Archive.

The Eirball Irish North American & World Sports Archive is intended to be an historical archive of North American, World, Global & Irish sports results in Ireland, the Irish Abroad and those who have come to Ireland bringing their sports with them.

Sports such as the ones below have a long and rich history in Ireland, or are in some cases just taking off in this country, and the record is incomplete or non-existent on the relevant organisations websites as far as results are concerned bar the most recent seasons. The aim of the Eirball website is to fill in the gaps in the statistical history of these sports in Ireland, and the Irish playing them around the World. For more details on what is currently covered in each of these sports scroll down, or alternatively click on the links (in Blue) to be brought to the main page of each of the sports.

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish in action

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American Football

American Football; Flag Football

American Football Ireland; American Football USA; North American Football; World Football

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Irish American Football

American Football Ireland Leagues Schedule, Standings and Match Reports 1986-Present

American Football Ireland 11v11 Team Rosters, Results and Match Reports, 1942-Present (including teams playing pre-AFI and College Championship)

American Football Ireland, ECJFA and NIJAL Youth Leagues, DV8 Development League Schedules, Standings and Match Reports 1987-Present

Schools, Colleges, Junior Flag Football Schedules and Standings

American Football USA

Currently incomplete record of NFL 1920-Present, with a special focus on Irish-born players.

Small section devoted to Irish-born High School Players in USA and teams named Fighting Irish etc or with some other links to Ireland.

Rival Leagues to NFL which failed to even start, including team names and other details.

Professional American Football Team Timelines and American Football Ireland Team Timelines.

World American Football

Canadian Football claims a heritage even older than in USA, with the 1850s claimed for a game in the University of Toronto. The Toronto Argonauts are the oldest Professional Gridiron Football team in the World, being formed in 1873. The Grey Cup (Canadian Super Bowl) has been played since 1909, and has been in sole ownership of the Canadian Football League (CFL) since 1958 when it broke away from the Canadian Rugby Union (now Football Canada) which governs the Sport in Canada.

Leagues Covered: Canadian Football League; Canadian Junior Football League; U Sport Canada; Provincial Leagues – Schedules and Standings with a special focus on Irish-born players or team with Irish names.

American Football in Mexico is the oldest in the World outside USA and Canada with the game first played in 1896. Since 1933 the University Championship has been played and the Mexica Bowl is the highlight of the Progfessional Calendar (played for by the Liga de Futbol Americano since 2016). The Aztec Bowl between the College All-Stars and a US College is the highlight each year.

Leagues Covered: Aztec Bowl (Mexico v USA College), Liga de Futbol Americano (Professional), Minor Mexican Professional Football Leagues, Mexico v USA College Bowls, ONEFA College Football, CONADEIP Private Tech College Football, State Football Leagues.

JAFA Japan American Football Association governs the highest levels of the sport in Japan. Japan was introduced to American Football in the 1930s. The Rice Bowl (Japan Super Bowl) has been played since 1947, originally between the top two University All-Star Teams (East v West) and from 1980-2020 between the Social Champions (X-League) and University Champions. The Rice Bowl is now played solely between X-League teams since 2021. This page includes Bowl Game Results for Rice Bowl, X-League and University Bowl Games. Also included are the Regional Leagues organised by the JPFF (Japan Private Football Association)

American Football was introduced to Europe during WWI and WWII and was played by US Armed Forces during the Cold War. the first attempts at creating a Professional League began in the 1970s. The first European teams were formed in the 1970s also, such as Gladiatori Roma (1973) and Dusseldorf Panther (1979). The Eurobowl for European National League Champions was first played in 1986 and the European League of Football since 2021 is the latest attempt at a Professional League.

Schedules and Results of European American Football Leagues from the Intercontinental Football League and World League of American Football / National Football League Europe to the European League of Football, the Eurobowl and all the National Leagues 1973-Present. Includes the record of US Armed Forces Leagues in Europe . Where possible Irish-born players have been found.

Australia and New Zealand were introduced to the Sport in the 1980s. There are leagues in every Australian State and the Australian Capital Territory and in Canterbury, Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand Leagues 1983-Present. Where possible Irish connections have been included.

Russia and Eastern Europe were introduced to American Football in the 1990s following the fall of Communism.

Leagues Covered: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian American Football Leagues. Irish connections have been included where possible.

Korea was introduced to American Football in the 1950s and more recently in the 2000s China, India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Leagues Covered: Korea, China, India, Sri Lanka, West Asia and South East Asia American Football Leagues.

Egypt has played American Football since the 2010s and Morocco played its first season in 2019. There is Flag Football in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Tunisia.

Leagues Covered: Egypt, Morocco Contact Football Leagues

Women’s American Football

Women’s Football, from established Leagues like the Women’s Football Alliance to failed Rival Leagues like the Legends Football League. Also Canadian Women’s Football, Mexican Femenil Arena / Indoor American Football Leagues and Leagues around the World from the Sapphire Series in Britain and Queens League in Netrherlands to the Ladies League in Austria and Naiset League in Finland.

American Football: American Football

Irish American Football:

Irish American Football

American Football Ireland

Ireland International American Football

Irish American Football Players, Coaches & Officials

Irish American Football Records

American Football Ireland Yearbooks

Irish 8v8 American Football

Irish 8v8 American Football

Junior Contact Football

8v8 Development Leagues

American Football Ireland 8v8 Teams

Irish Flag Football

Irish Flag Football

Ireland International Flag Football

Irish Flag Football Teams

E-Football Ireland

Eirball Websites

American Football Ireland (American Football, Youth League, 8v8 Leagues, Flag Football, Internationals, Team Histories, Box-Scores and Team Rosters), Football USA (NFL, Alternatives Leagues (AFLs, XFLs, USFLs, WFLs, Spring Leagues, Failed Leagues) NCAA College Football, Minor Football Leagues, Semi-Pro State Football, High School Football, Armed Forces Football), Canadian Football (CFL, Canadian Junior Football League, Canadian University Football, Provincial Leagues), Arena Indoor Football (Arena Indoor Football USA, LEXFA Mexico, Super 8 Football League Baja-California-Nevada-Texas, World Arena Leagues), World American Football (American Football World Cup, Internationals, American Teams Overseas, European Leagues (Professional European League of Football, National, Regional and State Leagues), Mexico Leagues (LFA Mexico, FAM 2nd Division, ONEFA Public Universities, CONADEIP Private Universities, State Leagues), Japan Leagues (Japan X-League Social League, University Leagues, JPFF Japan Private Football League), World Leagues (Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia & CIS, South America, Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Indian Subcontinent, China and South East Asia) Women’s American Football (WFA, Legends Leagues, European, Canadian Women’s Football) Flag Football (Major World Flag Football Tournaments)

Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie, Ladies Gaelic, Handball (GAA Handball, World Handball, European Wallball, Eton Fives, Pelota a Mano and Frisian Kaatsen) Poc Fada, Rounders (GAA Rounders, Community Games Rounders, World Rounders, Rounders Internationals, British Rounders) International Rules (Compromise Rules Football, Hurling-Shinty, Handball-Pelota, Rounders-Baseball, Hurlacrosse, Poc Fada Golf, Tallaght Rules Basketball-Futsal) GAA Provinces and Counties (GAA Connacht, GAA Leinster, GAA Munster, GAA Ulster, GAA Internationals, GAA Britain, GAA World Games, Gaeltacht GAA, GAA Sevens and Elevens), Celtic & Atlantic Sports (Scottish Shinty, Welsh Baseball, Galicia GAA, Brittany GAA, Basque Pelota, Calcio & Medieval Football – Calcio Fiorentino, British Medieval Football, Manx Cammag, Cornish Hurling)

Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket, Lacrosse, Rugby League, Australian Football, Netball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Olympic Handball, Alternative Sports (Ultimate Frisbee, Quidditch, Roller Derby, Dodgeball, Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar), Capture the Flag, Canoe Polo, Underwater Hockey); World Sports (Korfball, Scandinavian Baseball, Bandy, Roller Hockey, Kabaddi, Sepak Takraw, Polo and Polocrosse, Ringette, Stickball, Ulama / Pok-ta-Pok, Road Tennis, Cestoball, Ringball and Asian, Australian Aboriginal and African versions of Football

Ireland (All-Ireland Cups, League of Ireland, SBAI Kennedy Cup), Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Football League, Fermanagh & Western), Connacht/Ulster Leagues (Connacht Senior, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo/Leitrim, Donegal, Monaghan Cavan), Dublin Leagues (Athletic Union League, Amateur Football League, Leinster Football League), Leinster Leagues (Leinster Senior, Leinster Junior), Munster Leagues (Limerick District, Tipperary Southern), Women’s (Women’s National League, NIWFL), Football Fives (Futsal, Indoor Soccer, College Super Leagues, 5-a-side & 7-a-side, Astroleagues, Street Soccer, Powerchair Football), World Soccer (FIFA World, UEFA Europe, CSF South America, CONCACAF North America, AFC Asia, CAF Africa, OFC Oceania, CONIFA Independent, Island Games, World Indoor & Arena Soccer)


Basketball Ireland; Basketball Area Boards


Basketball Ireland

National Basketball Leagues

Basketball National Cups

Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland 1947-1979

Basketball Teams

Basketball Players

International Basketball

International Basketball

Basketball Tournaments

Underage Basketball

Colleges Basketball

Schools Basketball

Community Games Basketball

Mini Basketball

Other Basketball

3×3 Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Independent Basketball

Mixed Basketball

Special Olympics Basketball

Country Games (Macra)

World Basketball

World Basketball


Picture Credit: Ross Mahon / Shutterstock (2021) TALLAGHT, IRELAND – MARCH 01, 2021: An aerial view of the National Basketball Arena in Tymon Park. [Accessed 4 May 2021]

woman in blue and white basketball jersey holding brown basketball

Basketball Area Boards

Dublin Ladies; Dublin Men’s; Midlands; South East; Cork; Kerry; North Munster; Galway; Mayo; North Connacht; North West; Northern Ireland; North East Area Basketball Boards

Dublin Ladies Basketball

Dublin Men’s Basketball

Midlands Area Basketball (Offaly, Laois, Kildare, Westmeath)

South East Basketball Boards (Kilkenny, Carlow, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford)

Cork Basketball

Kerry Area Basketball Board

North Munster Basketball (Clare, Limerick, Tipperary)

Galway Area Basketball

Mayo Area Basketball Board

North Connacht Area Boards (Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo, Westmeath)

North West Area Boards (Sligo, Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan)

Basketball Northern Ireland (Antrim, Down, Armagh, Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh)

North East Basketball Board (Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Cavan, Monaghan)

Picture Credit: Pexels Free Photos

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Ice Hockey

International Ice Hockey (Ireland)

Celtic Ice Hockey Leagues

Irish Ice Hockey Leagues

Underage Ice Hockey

Irish Ice Hockey Teams

Ice Hockey Players, Coaches & Officials

World Ice Hockey

Inline Hockey and Unihoc

Inline Hockey


Bandy, Roller Hockey and Floorball

Russian Bandy

Roller Hockey


Ball Hockey

Picture Credit: Vincent JIANG / Shutterstock (2018) Montreal, Canada – March 18 2018:Junior hokey team parading in the Saint Patrick`s Day in Montreal downtown [Accessed 4 May 2021]

Rugby Union

IRFU; Women’s Rugby; IRB; Celtic Rugby / Pro 14; Provincial Rugby;

IRFU Rugby Union

Women’s Rugby

International Rugby Board

Connacht Rugby

Leinster Rugby

Munster Rugby

Ulster Rugby

Metro Rugby

Rugby Sevens

Tag Rugby Union

Touch Rugby

Picture Credit: Paulo Bona / Shutterstock.com PARIS, FRANCE-SEPTEMBER 22, 2007: irish and french players with fighting for the ball during the match France vs Ireland, of the Rugby World Cup, in Paris. [Accessed 4 May 2021]



Irish Soccer

Women’s Soccer

Connacht / Ulster ROI Soccer

Leinster & Dublin Soccer

Leinster Regional Soccer

Munster Soccer

NI Junior Soccer

Other Junior Soccer Leagues

Football Fives Etc

Picture Credit: September 2nd, 2019, Cork, Ireland – Rory Feely at the League of Ireland Premier Division match: Cork City FC vs Waterford FC By D. Ribeiro / shutterstock.com [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/september-2nd-2019-cork-ireland-rory-1496041646 [Accessed 2 June 2021]

Gaelic Games

GAA Football; GAA Hurling; GAA Handball; GAA Rounders; GAA Poc Fada; GAA International Rules; Shinty; Welsh Baseball; Basque Pelota

All-Ireland GAA


Gaelic Football


Ladies Gaelic Football


Poc Fada


Picture Credit: [4] Shutterstock / Photo by D. Ribeiro (2019) June 22nd, 2019, Cork, Ireland – Liberty Insurance Camogie Senior Championship: Cork vs Tipperary [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/june-22nd-2019-cork-ireland-liberty-1431588851 [Accessed 2 June 2021]

Global Sports

Lacrosse; Australian Football; Rugby League; Netball; Water Polo; rugby Union; Hockey; Cricket

Global Sports


Australian Football

Rugby League


Water Polo


Olympic Handball




Picture Credit: Martin Good / Shutterstock (2015) DUBLIN, IRELAND – APRIL 18, 2015: Unidentified athletes playing in the Womens Irish Junior Cup 2015 semi final held between Pembroke Wanderers and Queens University. Pembroke won by 2 goals to nil. [Accessed 4 May 2021]

woman throwing a frisbee


Ultimate Flying Disc;

Ultimate Flying Disc Sports


Roller Derby



Paintball / Airsoft

Laser Tag (Quasar)

Capture the Flag



Picture Credit: Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

man people woman sport

Individual Sports (Racquet & Target)

Badminton; Racquet Sports; Target Sports; Olympic Sports; Combat Sports; Olympic Games; Racing & Equestrian; Power Sports

Racquet Sports


Racquet Sports

Target Sports


Snooker & Pool




Target Sports

Picture Credit: Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

GAA World

Handball World;

GAA World

International Rules

World Handball

European Handball

European Team Handball

Britain GAA

GAA World

World Rounders

Picture Credit: INVERNESS CITY, SCOTLAND – 18 OCTOBER 2014: This is a scene from within the International Shinty-Hurling match between Scotland and Eire at Bught Park, Inverness, Scotland on 18 October, 2014. By JASPERIMAGE / shutterstock.com [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/inverness-city-scotland-18-october-2014-225347293 [Accessed 2 June 2021]

Celtic Sports

Scottish Shinty; Welsh Baseball; Basque Pelota; Manx Cammag; Cornish Hurling; Breton Gaelic Football; Galician Gaelic Football; Eton Fives

Celtic & Atlantic Sports

International Rules

Scottish Shinty

Welsh Baseball

Manx Cammag

Cornish Hurling

Medieval British Football

Basque Pelota

Brittany GAA

Galicia GAA

Eton Fives

Picture Credit: Man during a Jai-alai game, typical sport in Basque Country, Spain and some countries of Latin America By Ricardo Hernandez / http://www.shutterstock.com [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/man-during-jaialai-game-typical-sport-369691925 [Accessed 2 June 2021]

American Football USA

NFL: NCAA Football; Minor League Football; Semi-Pro State Leagues; USA High School Football; US Armed Forces Football

American Football Leagues (USA):

American Football USA

National Football League

American Football Leagues

USA College Football

Minor League American Football

Semi-Pro State Football

USA High School Football

US Armed Forces Football

Early Gridiron (1890-1919)

Women’s American Football

Picture Credit: Notre Dame’s Heisman hopeful Brady Quinn directing traffic during the Navy game on October 28, 2006 Jeremy R. Smith Sr.Shutterstock Shutterstock.com

North American Football

Canadian Football; Arena Indoor Football; Mexican American Football; American 7s

North American Football

Canadian Football

Arena Indoor Football (Mexico / USA and World)

American 7s

Women’s Football

American Football Timelines

American Football Timelines

Picture Credit: Shutterstock / Scott Prokop (2008) REGINA – OCT 25: Canadian Football League game featuring the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimoes. October 25, 2008 in Regina, Canada. [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/regina-oct-25-canadian-football-league-45333349 [Accessed 4 May 2021]

World American Football

Add your job title

World American Football

World American Football

International American Football

Japan American Football

European American Football

Mexican American Football

Asian American Football

Oceania American Football

Latin Gridiron Football

African American Football

Flag Football World

World E-Football

Picture Credit: Manuel Findeis / Shutterstock.com (2018) MUNICH, BAVARIA, GERMANY – MARCH 11, 2018: close up on running kids in American football clothes representing the Munich Rangers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. [Accessed 4 May 2021]

playing sport game competition

Major Leagues


Baseball and Softball

American Baseball

World Baseball

World Softball

Ice Hockey

North American Ice Hockey

World Ice Hockey


World Basketball

Picture Credit: Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

people cheering during soccer match

World Soccer

FIFA; UEFA; CSF; CONCACAF; AFC; CAF; OFC; Non-FIFA Football; World Arena Football

FIFA Soccer

UEFA Europe

CSF South America

CONCACAF North & Central America

AFC Asia

CAF Africa

OFC Oceania

Non-FIFA Soccer

World Women’s Soccer

World Arena Soccer

Picture Credit: Photo by Martí Pardo on Pexels.com

woman and girl playing lacrosse

Pro Global Sports

World Rugby Union; World Lacrosse; World Australian Football; World Water Polo

World Rugby Union

World Lacrosse

World Australian Football

World Water Polo

Picture Credit: Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

people woman sport motion

World Sports

World Sports by Region; World Sports by Code






World Sports by Region

European Sports

Asian Sports


World Sports by Code

World Football Codes (Calcio Fiorentino; Georgian Lelo)

World Basketball Codes (Dutch Korfball; South African Ringball; Argentinian Cestoball)

World Hockey Codes (Russian Bandy; Poruguese Roller Hockey; Ball Hockey; Floorball)

World Baseball Codes (Finnish Pesapallo)

World Team Sports (Other) (Polo (Iranian); Kabaddi (Indian); Sepak Takraw (Malaysia-Thailand); Stickball (Native American))

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com


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