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The Eirball Irish North American & World Sports Archive is intended to be an historical archive of North American, World, British & Irish sports results in Ireland, and the Irish Abroad.

Sports such as the ones below have a rich history in Ireland, or are in some cases just taking off in this country, and the record is incomplete or non-existent on the relevant organisations websites as far as results are concerned bar the most recent seasons. The aim of the Eirball website is to fill in the gaps in the statistical history of these sports in Ireland, and the Irish playing them around the World. For more details on what is currently covered in each of these sports scroll down, or alternatively click on the links (in Blue-Green) to be brought to the main page of each of the sports.

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Major League Sports

Major League Sports in Ireland

American Football: American Football ,

AFI Leagues: https://eirball.ie/american-football-ireland-leagues/ AFI International: https://eirball.ie/ireland-international-american-football/, AFI 8v8: https://eirball.ie/american-football-ireland-8v8/, AFI Flag: https://eirball.ie/american-football-ireland-flag/ AFI Flag International: https://eirball.ie/ireland-international-flag-football/ E-Football: https://eirball.ie/e-football-ireland/ AFI Teams: https://eirball.ie/american-football-ireland-teams/ Irish American Football Players Coaches & Officials: https://eirball.ie/irish-american-football-players-coaches-officials/ AFI Yearbooks: https://eirball.ie/american-football-ireland-yearbooks/ AFI Records: https://eirball.ie/records/

Basketball: Basketball ,

BBI National Leagues: https://eirball.ie/basketball-national-leagues/ BBI National Cups: https://eirball.ie/basketball-national-cups/ BBI Teams: https://eirball.ie/basketball-teams/ BBI Players: https://eirball.ie/basketball-players/ ABAI Era (1947-1979): https://eirball.ie/amateur-basketball-association-of-ireland-1947-1979/ BBI Internationals: https://eirball.ie/international-basketball/ BBI Tournaments: https://eirball.ie/basketball-tournaments/ Colleges Basketball: https://eirball.ie/colleges-basketball/ Schools Basketball: https://eirball.ie/schools-basketball/ Community Games Basketball: https://eirball.ie/community-games-basketball/ Mini-Basketball: https://eirball.ie/mini-basketball/ 3×3 Basketball: https://eirball.ie/3×3-basketball/ Wheelchair Basketball: https://eirball.ie/wheelchair-basketball/ Independent Basketball: https://eirball.ie/independent-basketball/ World Basketball: https://eirball.ie/world-basketball/

Basketball Area Boards: Dublin Ladies BB: https://eirball.ie/dublin-ladies-basketball-board/ Dublin Men’s BB: https://eirball.ie/dublin-mens-basketball-board/ Midlands Area BB (Laois, Offaly, Kildare): https://eirball.ie/midlands-area-basketball-board/ South East BB’s (Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow, Waterford): https://eirball.ie/south-east-basketball-board/ Cork Basketball: https://eirball.ie/cork-basketball/ Kerry Area BB: https://eirball.ie/kerry-area-basketball-board/ North Munster BBs (Limerick, Tipperary, Clare): https://eirball.ie/north-munster-basketball-boards/ Galway Area BB: https://eirball.ie/galway-area-basketball-board/ Mayo Area BB: https://eirball.ie/mayo-area-basketball-board/ North Connacht BBs (Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath): https://eirball.ie/north-connacht-area-boards/ North West BBs (Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan): https://eirball.ie/north-west-area-board/ Basketball Northern Ireland: https://eirball.ie/basketball-northern-ireland/ North East BBs (Louth, Meath): https://eirball.ie/north-east-basketball-board/

Ice Hockey: Ice Hockey , International Ice Hockey: https://eirball.ie/international-ice-hockey/ Celtic Ice Hockey Leagues: https://eirball.ie/celtic-scottish-ice-hockey-leagues/ Irish Ice Hockey Leagues: https://eirball.ie/irish-ice-hockey-leagues/ Underage Ice Hockey: https://eirball.ie/underage-ice-hockey/ Irish Ice Hockey Teams: https://eirball.ie/irish-ice-hockey-teams/ Irish Ice Hockey Players Coaches & Officials: https://eirball.ie/ice-hockey-players-coaches-officials/ Inline Hockey: https://eirball.ie/inline-hockey/ Unihoc: https://eirball.ie/unihoc/ Russian Bandy: https://eirball.ie/russian-bandy-2/ Roller Hockey: https://eirball.ie/roller-hockey/ Floorball: https://eirball.ie/floorball/ Ball Hockey: https://eirball.ie/ball-hockey/

Baseball Baseball-Softball , Baseball Ireland: https://eirball.ie/baseball-ireland/ Baseball Ireland Internationals: https://eirball.ie/international-baseball/ Baseball Ireland Teams Players and Records: https://eirball.ie/baseball-ireland-teams-players-records/ Little League & Youth Baseball: https://eirball.ie/little-league/ World Baseball & Softball: https://eirball.ie/world-baseball-softball/

Softball: Softball , Softball Ireland International: https://eirball.ie/international-softball/ Softball Ireland: https://eirball.ie/softball-ireland/ Fastpitch Softball: https://eirball.ie/fastpitch-softball/ Softball Leinster: https://eirball.ie/softball-leinster/ Softball Ulster: https://eirball.ie/softball-ulster/ Softball Munster: https://eirball.ie/munster-softball/ Softball Connacht: https://eirball.ie/connacht-softball/ Intervarsity Softball: https://eirball.ie/intervarsity-softball/ Softball Blitzes: https://eirball.ie/softball-blitzes/ Indoor Softball: https://eirball.ie/indoor-softball/

Lacrosse: Lacrosse ,

American Football Leagues (World): Canadian Football , Arena Indoor Football , American 7s , World American Football Canadian Football: https://eirball.ie/canadian-football/ Arena Indoor Football (Mexico / USA): https://eirball.ie/arena-indoor-football/ World Pro American Football: https://eirball.ie/world-pro-american-football/ International American Football: https://eirball.ie/international-american-football/ Mexican American Football: https://eirball.ie/mexico-american-football/ Japanese American Football: https://eirball.ie/japan-american-football/ Asian American Football: https://eirball.ie/asian-american-football/ European American Football: https://eirball.ie/europe-american-football/ Oceania American Football: https://eirball.ie/oceania-american-football/ Kontinental American Football (CIS): https://eirball.ie/kontinental-american-football/ Latin American Football: https://eirball.ie/latin-american-football/ African American Football: https://eirball.ie/african-american-football/ Flag Football World: https://eirball.ie/flag-football-world/ World E-Football: https://eirball.ie/world-e-football/

American Football Leagues (USA): American Football USA , USA College Football , Women’s American Football , Flag Football World National Football League: https://eirball.ie/national-football-league/ American Football Leagues: https://eirball.ie/american-football-leagues/ American 7s: https://eirball.ie/american-7s/ USA College Football: https://eirball.ie/usa-college-football/ Women’s American Football: https://eirball.ie/womens-american-football/ Minor League American Football: https://eirball.ie/minor-league-american-football/ USA High School Football: https://eirball.ie/usa-high-school-football/ US Armed Forces Football: https://eirball.ie/us-armed-forces-football/ Early Gridiron (1860s-1919): https://eirball.ie/early-gridiron-1890-1919/ American Football Timelines: https://eirball.ie/american-football-timelines/

Gaelic Games

Eirball GAA World Website: http://gaa.world

Trad Gaelic Games: Hurling ,Gaelic Football , Camogie , Ladies Gaelic Football ,

GAA Nua: International Rules , Handball  , Poc Fada , Rounders

Celtic & Atlantic Sports: Scottish Shinty , Welsh Baseball , Medieval Celtic , Basque Pelota

GAA World: GAA World , World Handball , World Rounders , Britain GAA

National Sports

Eirball National Website: http://www.eirball.net

British Team Sports: Soccer , Rugby , Hockey ,Cricket , World Soccer , Indoor Soccer , Soccer Ireland

World Sports

Eirball World Sports Website: http://www.eirball.world

Global Sports: Australian Football , Rugby League , Netball ,

Atlantic Sports: Water Polo , Futsal ,Volleyball, Olympic Handball

European Football (not played in Ireland): , Calcio Fiorentino , Georgian Lelo

European Basketball: Korfball (Dutch)

European Hockey: Bandy and Ball Hockey (Russian) , Roller Hockey (Portuguese), Floorball (Scandinavia), Medieval Sports

European Baseball: Pesapallo (Finnish)

European Team Handball: , European Handball ,

European Team Racquet Sports: Tamburello (Italy), Tambourine (France)

World Sports Played in Ireland: Polo & Polocrosse (Iran-Afghanistan), Kabaddi (India), Sepak Takraw (Thailand & Malaysia)

World Sports by Region Asian Sports , Oceanian Sports , African Sports

Americas: North American , Central American Sports , Caribbean Sports , South American Sports

Olympic, Racing & Games

Eirball Olympic, Racing & Games Website: http://www.eirball.org

National Individual Sports: Golf , Snooker & Pool , Croquet ,

Racquet Sports: Racquet Sports

Bowling: Lawn Bowls , Indoor Bowling , Tenpin Bowling , Petanque

Target Sports Curling , Darts , Archery , Target Shooting

Olympic Sports Athletics , Swimming , Winter Sports , X-Games , Weightlifting, Gymnastics.

Olympic Games Summer Olympics , Winter Olympics , Special Olympics , Paralympics ,Community Games , Tailteann Games , Country Games (Macra) , Gay Games

Combat Sports: Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Fencing , UFC , Gladiating , Sumo

Games Board Games , Card Games , Computer Games , Table Games (Table Football)

Horse Racing: Point-to-Point , Harness Racing , Equestrian, Polo & Polocrosse

Other Racing Sports: Greyhound Racing , Pigeon Racing, American Racing & Rodeo

Power Sports Boat Sports , Bicycle Sports , Air & Drone Racing , Motorsport , Stock Car Racing , Boat Sports Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing, Speedboat Racing, Bike Sports Cycling, Mountainbiking, BMX, Motorbike Racing, Air Sports Hang Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Drone Racing, Air Racing. Motorsport Ireland Rallying, Autocross, Hill Climbing, Formula (Mondello Park)

Alternative Sports: Flying Disc Sports , Quidditch , Dodgeball.

Womens Sports: Roller Derby , Cheerleading

Team Combat: Jugger , Paintball / Airsoft , Laser Tag ,Capture the Flag

Adventure Sports: Surfing , Orienteering , Mountaineering , Caving

Endurance Sports: Strength & Fitness