Canadian Provincial Football

There are 4 main versions of Gridiron Football: the traditional 11v11 game played in USA, a 12v12 version of the game played in Canada, 8v8 (sometimes 7v7) version of the game played Indoors on converted Ice Hockey Arenas and unkitted versions of the game such as Flag Football (5v5 non-contact) and American 7s (7v7 unkitted contact)


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Bristol (White) v Greendell (Green)

With the first tour of Ireland and Britain in 1994 Canadian teams have been playing Irish teams at American Football, with Canadian rules thrown in.

Picture Credit: [7] Irish American Football Association (2013) Bristol (White) and Greendell (Green) at Tallaght Stadium [Internet] Available from:×487.jpg [Accessed 8 November 2019]

American Football Ireland v Football Canada

American Football Ireland v Football Canada

Canadian U21 Teams International:

Canadian U20 & High School Gridiron Football Teams in Ireland 2012-2013

Irish American Football Teams v Canadian U21 Teams 2002-2013

Canadian Semi-Pro Provincial Leagues International:

Irish American Football Teams v Canadian Semi-Pro Teams 1994-1995

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Canadian Major Football League (3rd Level)

Canadian Major Football League; Northern Football Conference; Alberta Football League


Northern Football Conference 2015-2019


Alberta Football League (Seasons): 2019

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The earliest Provincial Football Leagues in Ontario date back to 1890

Ontario Provincial Leagues (5th Level)

Canadian Rugby Football Unions;

Ontario Provincial Championships (1890-1906)

Ontario Junior Football Leagues

Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) Championship Games 1890-1901

Ontario Football Leagues (Universities and Colleges):

Junior Inter-Collegiate Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1906

Little Big Four (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

Shamrock Park, Saint John, New Brunswick

Of Interest to readers in Ireland is that the Field in which Saint John Wanderers play in New Brunswick is named Shamrock Park.

Also of interest to Irish readers is that the Maritime Football League Maritime Bowl Trophy is named the McIntyre Cup after one of the founders of the MFL. McIntyre is an Irish name.

[10] Saint John (2021) Aerial of Shamrock Park [Cropped] [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 21 September 2021]

Canadian Provincial Football Leagues (5th Level)

Canadian Provincial Football Leagues

Maritime Canada

Atlantic Football League

Atlantic Football League Moosehead Cup Champions 2009-Present

Atlantic Football League 2016-2019

Maritime Football League

Maritime Football League (Canada) 2015-2019


Manitoba Junior Football Leagues

Manitoba Junior Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1893-1904