Minor League American Football

This is a record of AA (3rd Level Regional Leagues), Semi-Pro State Football Leagues and Amateur Gridiron Development Leagues.

For AAA (2nd Level / NFL Rivals) see the following sections:

  1. American Football Leagues Era (1920-1950): https://eirball.ie/american-football-leagues-era-1920-1950/
  2. United States Football Leagues Era (1960-1985): https://eirball.ie/united-states-football-leagues-era-1960-1985/
  3. Arena / Indoor Football Leagues (1986-Present): https://eirball.ie/arena-indoor-football-leagues/
  4. Legends Football Leagues (2004-2020): https://eirball.ie/legends-football-leagues/
  5. XFL Football Leagues Era (1990-2020): https://eirball.ie/xfl-football-leagues-era-1990-2020/

AA American Football Leagues

AA American Football Leagues are Regional Professional Leagues, that come below the National Football League and AAA American Football Leagues.

They are Regional in character i.e. being entirely based in either the Northeast/East Coast; Midwest; South or West.

Eastern Football Leagues

Anthracite Football League 1923-1924

Eastern Football League 1926-1927

Anthracite Football League 1928-1929

American Football Association 1936-1941

American Football League 1946-1950

Mid-Western Football Leagues

Mid-West Football League 1936-1937

United Football League 1961-1964

Southern Football Leagues

Dixie Football League 1936-1941

The Spring League 2017-Present

Western Football Leagues

Pacific Coast Football League 1926

Pacific Coast Pro Football League 1934-1935

Salinas Packers | California Pro American Football 1936-1937

California Football League 1938

Pacific Coast Pro Football League 1940-1948

Southwestern Football League 1972-1973

Semi-Pro State Football Leagues

The first Professional American Football League in America that openly paid its players was the Ohio League (1902-1919). Four of its leading teams, including the Canton Bulldogs asked teams in Pennsylvania and New York State to form a National League in 1920 – thus the NFL was born.

Semi-Pro Leagues exist all over USA, organised roughly on state lines.

Below you will find a link to Irish Connections throughout the USA

New York Metropolitan Area:

Semi-Pro State American Football | Five Star Football League 2010-2017


Anthracite Football League 1924


Ohio League | Champions 1903-1919

Ohio League 1915-1919 (Irish Players)


Armco Semi-Pro Football Teams 1924-1929


Virginia-Carolina Football League 1937

Montana Leagues:

Butte Independent League 1920-1928

Northwest Leagues (Washington & Oregon):

Pacific Northwest Football League 1980

Northwest International Alliance 1980-1981

Northwest Football League 1982-1989


Pacific Coast Football League 1926

Pacific Coast Pro Football League 1934-1935

Salinas Packers | California Pro American Football 1936-1937

California Football League 1938

Cal-exico (California-Mexico Leagues):

Super 8 Football League | Winter Bowl 2015

Super 8 Football League | West Coast 2016-2017


Alaska Football League 2015-2018

Gridiron Development Leagues

Gridiron Development Leagues (National)

Gridiron Development Leagues are American Football Leagues where the players aren’t paid in order to continue their College Eligibility. Players can thus continue playing American Football after High School, even though they didn’t get on a NCAA College team. They can thus enroll in Private Tuition and use this as a stepping stone to full University Courses & College Teams or Semi-Pro or Pro Football. It can suit players with a slower Development in High School than those who went on to University.

Gridiron Development Football League (Overviews):

Gridiron Developmental Football League 2015-2019

Gridiron Development Football League (Seasons):


Gridiron Development Leagues (City / State)

Since 2000 there has also been a development whereby small leagues with 4 or so teams play a limited schedule (e.g. 2 games each), usually in one city, although some Leagues have been more National or Regional in scope.

Stars Football League (Primarily South Florida)

Stars Football League 2011-2013 : https://eirball.ie/2020/04/11/stars-football-league-2011-2013/

Stars Football League (Seasons): 2011 2012 2013

FXFL Fall Experimental Football League (Primarily NY-New England):

FXFL Fall Experimental Football League 2014-2015: https://eirball.ie/2020/01/24/fxfl-fall-experimental-football-league-2014-2015/

The Spring League (Austin, Texas):

The Spring League 2017-Present: The Spring League 2017-Present

Recreational Development Football Leagues (City):

There has also been the development of City-based recreational Leagues, such as the Sevenman Tackle Football League in Carrollton, North Texas (1999-2005)

Texas Recreational Football Leagues:

Sevenman Tackle Football League (Texas) 1999-2005