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Softball Ireland Cups

The Softball Ireland National Club Championship (SINCC) is the Premier Slowpitch Softball Competition in Ireland, played between the winners of the Regional Leagues.

The Brian Walshe Cup (Previously the ISA Cup) is second on the Order of Merit and the Irish Open Softball Trophy (IOST) third.

Below this are the Regional (Provincial) Leagues. [Reference: 1]

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Softball Ireland National Club Championship


Softball Ireland | National Club Championship 2010-2019

SINCC (Seasons):

2010 2011 2015 2016 2017 2019

Picture Credit: [2] Softball Ireland (2019) Dodder Win Softball Ireland National Club Championships [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 October 2019]

Irish Softball Cup

SI Brian Walshe Cup 2008-Present; SI Cup 1995-2007; Irish Softball Championship 1990-1994; Aughinish All-Ireland Challenge 1986-1988

The Softball Ireland Brian Walshe Cup is the Premier Cup Competition in Ireland, played since 2008, and preceded by the Softball Ireland / Irish Softball Association Cup (1995-2007), the Irish Baseball & Softball Association / Federation Softball Championship (1990-1994) and the Aughinish All-Ireland Challenge (1986-1988).

Softball Ireland Cups (All-Time Overview)

Softball Ireland Cups 1986-Present

Softball Ireland Cups (Decade / Era Overview)

Aughinish All Ireland Challenge (Softball) 1986-1988

Irish Softball Championship 1990-1994

Softball Ireland Cup 1995-2007

Softball Ireland Brian Walshe Cup 2008-Present

ISA Championship (Seasons): 1990 1991

IBSA Cup Championship (Seasons): 1992 1993

IBSA 6:4 Cup Competition (Seasons): 1997 1998

ISA Cup (Seasons): 2002 2004 2006

SI Brian Walshe Cup (Seasons): 2017 2018

Picture Credit: [21] Softball Brian Walshe Cup | Facebook (2013) Post / Photo September 10, 2013 “The Brian Walshe Cup Trophy. This is actually Brian’s glove bronzed.” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 January 2020]

Irish Open Softball Trophy


Softball Ireland | Irish Open Softball Trophy 1996-Present

IOST (Seasons): 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2018

Picture Credit: [23] Marlay Softball Facebook Page (2018) Photo | March 5, 2011 | “IOST 2010” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 8 December 2018]

Female Softball Leagues

This is the Eirball Index Page to Articles containing the All-Time Results and Standings of Female Softball Leagues in Ireland.

girl wearing baseball mitts holding soft ball

Female Slowpitch League

Leinster Softball Association Weekend League 1997-2002

The Female Slowpitch League lasted five years from 1997 to 2002 (one year – 2001 – there was no league). After the League ended in 2002 two Fastpitch Teams were created although there is no evidence of any Fastpitch competitions or teams playing until the Fastpitch Ireland programme was started in 2015.

Links to Season Results & Reports

Irish Softball Association | Female Slowpitch League 1997-2002

LSA Female Slowpitch League (Seasons): 2002 1999 1998 1997

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Softball Leinster

The Leinster Softball League is a Coed Slowpitch Softball League in Leinster Province, Ireland. It is currently at a 5:5 Male:Female Ratio although in its early days it was 9:1 Male:Female. There was a Female Slowpitch League from 1997-2002 which was League for Competitive Females from the top Divisions in the Leinster Softball League.

The League started in 1982 as the Dublin Softball League with 5 teams – teams from the US Embassy Marines,  Japanese Embassy Skinny Rats, the Fat Cats (American Businessmen), the Misfits (American Students, Irish Computer Workers and American Businessmen), and one from the Druid’s Chair, Killiney.

In 1990 the first Irish Softball Association was formed, which in 1992 became the Irish Baseball & Softball Association, adding a Second Division. A third Division was added in 1994, and a Fourth in 1996. In 1997 the Female Slowpitch League for Competitive Females was added.In 1998 the IBSA was renamed the Irish Baseball & Softball Federation.

In 2000 a split occurred between the Baseball & Softball Federations, and The Irish Softball Association took over the running of Softball in Ireland. A fifth Coed Division was added that year and in 2001 a Seventh Level, the Men’s Non-Competitive League was added. 2002 was the last year of the Women’s Slowpitch League.

In 2004 the Irish Softball Association was rebranded Softball Ireland, and the number of divisions dropped to four, which were run directly by Softball Ireland.(Softball Ireland 2004-Present)Softball Leinster was reformed in 2011 for the purposes of running the League from 2012 onwards, with the League dropping to three levels.(Softball Leinster 2011-Present)

The most successful clubs over the entire history of the League have been Dodder Dynamoes (the oldest Softball team in Ireland) and Marlay Martyrs (both based in South Dublin suburbs – Marlay in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham (D14) and Dodder Dynamoes originally from Dodder Park, Dartry and now nomadic.

The League is Coed, originally 8:2 Ratio of Men:Women, until it levelled to 5:5 twice – in the late-1990s and in 2017.

Softball Leinster Roll of Honour

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This is a look at the Champions of each of the Levels of the Leinster Softball League with the winning record (W-L-Pts) for each year of the League Champions.

Leinster Softball League | Level 1 Champions 1996-2019

Picture Credit: [23] Marlay Softball Facebook Page (2018) Photo | March 5, 2011 | “IOST 2010” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 8 December 2018]

Leinster Softball League Level 1

Dublin Softball League 1982-1985; LSL Division 1 1996-1999; LSL Premier 1 Division 2000-2003; SI Leinster League Premier Division 2004-2011; Softball Leinster Premier Division 2012-2020

Leinster Softball League Level 1 (Standings)

Dublin Softball League 1982-1985

Leinster Softball League | Division 1 1996-1999

Leinster Softball League | Premier 1 Division 2000-2003

Softball Ireland Leinster League Premier Division 2004-2011

Softball Leinster | Premier Division 2012-2019

Dublin Softball League (Seasons): 1982

IBSA Leinster Softball League Division 1 (Seasons): 1994

Leinster Softball Association 1st Division (seasons): 1998 1999

ISA Leinster Softball Association Premier 1 League (Seasons): 2000 2001 2002 2003

Softball Ireland Leinster League Premier Division (Seasons): 2006 2007 2010 2011

SI Softball Leinster Premier Division (Seasons): 2014 2015 2016

SI Softball Leinster Premier League (Seasons): 2017 2018 2019

SI Softball Leinster Premier Division (Seasons): 2020

Picture Credit: [22] Softball Ireland Facebook Page (2018) Facebook Photo September 16 2018: “ The Dodder Dynamoes are the 2018 SINCC Champions beating the Belfast Brawlers 30-9 in Stannaway Park. “ [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 October 2019]

Leinster Softball League Level 2

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Leinster Softball League Level 2 (Decade / Era Overviews- Final Tables):

Leinster Softball League | Division 2 1996-1999

Leinster Softball League | Premier 2 Division 2000-2003

Softball Ireland Leinster League Division 1 2004-2011

Softball Leinster | Division 1 2012-2019

Softball Leinster Division 1A (Seasons): 2020

Softball Leinster Division 1 (Seasons):  2019 2018 2017 

Picture Credit: [16] Dodder Softball Club Facebook Page (2018) Photo August 29, 2018 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 31 August 2018]

Leinster Softball League Level 3

Leinster Softball League Division 3 1996-1999; LSL Senior Division 2000-2003; SILL Division 2 2004-2011; SL Division 2 2012-2020

Leinster Softball League Level 3 (Decade / Era Overviews- Final Tables):

Leinster Softball League | Division 3 1996-1999

Leinster Softball League | Senior Division 2000-2003

Softball Ireland Leinster League Division 2 2004-2011

Softball Leinster | Division 2 2012-2019

Softball Leinster Division 1B (Seasons): 2020

Softball Leinster Division 2 (Seasons): 2019 2018 2017 

Picture Credit: [9] Softball Leinster Facebook (2020) Photo, September 10, 2020 [Internet] Available from :  [Accessed 30 August 2020][Last Accessed 17 September 2020]

Leinster Softball Cups

Leinster Softball Association 5:5 Pennant

Aside from the Leinster Softball League there has also been Leinster Softball Knockout (elimination) Cups, such as the Leinster Championship in the early 1990s and the 5:5 Pennant in the late 1990s. 

Leinster Softball Association | 5:5 Senior Pennant 1998-1999

Leinster Softball Association | 5:5 Junior Pennant 1998-1999

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Softball Ulster

This is the Index Page to Articles featuring the Results and Standings of Softball Ulster Competitions, from the Softball Ulster Summer League in the mid-2000s, to the Ulster Softball League (2008 to Present) and the various Blitzes held in Ulster.

Ulster Softball League

Softball Ulster Co-Ed Slowpitch Mid-Week League 2008-Present

The Ulster Softball League started in 2008, after two seasons of the Softball Ulster Summer League. It has grown from 3 teams in 2008 to a high of 8 teams, and is now back down to five, although the first teams outside of Belfast (Bangor Buccaneers) have started to play in the League recently.

Softball Ulster Overviews:

Softball Ulster League 2015-Present

Ulster Softball League 2008-2014

Softball Ulster League (Seasons): 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2013

Softball Ulster Logo [Ref: 1]



[1] Twitter Softball Ulster Account (2017) Softball Ulster Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 27 May 2017]

Softball Ulster Blitzes

Softball Ulster Weekend Blitzes 2008-Present

From the Teddy Bears Picnic (hosted by Belfast Cubs) to the SU Start of Season Blitz more recently, Blitzes have been a part of the Softball Ulster Weekend Schedule since the beginning.

Softball Ulster Start of Season Blitz (Seasons): 2018

Softball Ulster Logo [Ref: 1]



[1] Twitter Softball Ulster Account (2017) Softball Ulster Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 27 May 2017]

Softball Munster

Softball Munster existed from around 2010 to 2011 when Limerick Originals and Cork Hammerheads were the backbone of a Munster Softball League which also included Galway Tribes, West Clare Dolphins and Kerry Green Sox

Softball Munster

Munster Softball League

Softball Munster:

Munster Softball League 2010-2011

Munster Softball League Seasons:

2010 2011

Picture Credit: [1] Softball Munster | Twitter Account (2019) Softball Munster Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 25 March 2019]

Connacht Softball

Galway Softball is represented by Galway Tribes and Galway Hookers, and there was once a Connacht Softball Association which included Longford Triads.

Galway Softball

Connacht Softball Association; Galway Softball.

Connacht Softball Association:

Connacht Softball Association | Longford Development Blitz 2000-2001

Galway Softball Trophys & Cups:

Connacht Softball | Galway Softball Trophy 2014-2018

Connacht Softball | Galway MVP Cup 2017-2018

Picture Credit: [6] Galway Tribes Softball Club (2019) Post November 2, 2019: That’s a wrap for Ball-O-Ween!” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 4 October 2020]

Weekend Softball Leagues

From time-to-time brief Provincial Leagues or Challenge matches involving teams from Connacht, Munster and Leinster outside of Dublin; as well as Dublin (SL Weekend League and ISA Inter-County Tournament) have been organized. These Leagues, Tournaments or Friendly matches have been separate from the Leinster and Ulster Softball Leagues which have been running since 1990 (LSL) and 2008 (USL) and the brief attempt at a Munster Softball League (2010-11). There has also been Weekend Leagues in Dublin (Gemstorm Winter League) and the Female Slowpitch League (Dublin).

Weekend Softball Leagues

Dublin Bay Challenge Series; Gemstorm Winter League; ISA Inter-County Tournament; Galway-Cork-Limerick-Kerry Friendlies; Softball Leinster Weekend League

Softball Leinster Weekend League

The latest attempt at a League involving teams from outside Dublin – the Softball Leinster Weekend League involved Galway as well as five Dublin teams.

Softball Leinster Weekend League (Seasons): 2020

Cork-Galway-Limerick-Kerry Softball Friendlies

This attempt at organizing regular matches outside Dublin involved Galway Tribes and Cork Hammerheads meeting each other twice a year (home and away) for two matches per weekend. A team from Tralee (Kerry Green Sox ?) joined them in 2009, after which the Munster Softball League including Cork, Galway, Limerick Originals and West Clare Dolphins was established (see for more details)

West Coast Softball Friendlies (Seasons): 2009

Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies (Seasons): 2008 2007 2006

Inter-County Softball Leagues

The Inter-County Tournament was the first real attempt at organizing a Softball League outside Dublin – teams included Galway Tribes, Galway Hookers, Cork Pirates, Cork Buccaneers, Longford Triads, Bray Allsorts (Wicklow) and two business teams from Dublin (MBNA Mavericks and Japan Bytes Sluggers)

Irish Softball Association Inter-County Tournament (Seasons): 2001

Gemstorm Winter League

The Gemstorm-sponsored Winter League ran from 1999-2000 to 2001-02, with teams named after Big Cats. Trinity College Dublin Tigers and University College Dublin Wildcats joined in 2000-01.

LSA Gemstorm Winter League (Seasons): 2001-02 2000-01 1999-2000

Dublin Bay Challenge Series

The Dublin Bay Challenge Series was a small three-team (originally intended to be four team) Weekend Softball League featuring teams around Dublin Bay.

Dublin Bay Challenge Series (Seasons): 1998

Picture Credit: [11] Softball Leinster Facebook (2020) Photo, September 14, 2020 [Internet] Available from: [Last Accessed 17 September 2020]