Basketball Northern Ireland Men’s Premier League 2017-18

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League Table

Section A      
BC Wolves88070460724
Down Knights86262756620
Belfast Phoenix83554753314
Tyrone Towers82647452912
Ulster Elks ##8172954127
Section B      
Belfast Star87166055322
Queens BC86264254320
Andersonstown Tigers63344342712
Armagh Bisons81746853210
North Star6152864448
1st Half      
Belfast Phoenix98173556525
Ulster Elks97274267323
BC Wolves96382771721
Down Knights #96363960820
Tyrone Towers95472467519
Queens BC94569174317
Belfast Star94570868717
Armagh Bisons93665074015
North Star91854968811
Andersonstown Tigers ##9184666359


Season Format: Teams played a single Round-Robin before being split into Section A (Places 1-5) and Section B (Places 6-10), which played a Double Round-Robin with points not carried forward.

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Regular Season Results – Section A

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 13   
19.01.2018Down Knights79Tyrone Towers66
 Week 14   
24.01.2018Ulster Elks72BC Wolves100
25.01.2018Belfast Phoenix81Down Knights88
 Week 15   
02.02.2018BC Wolves103Down Knights95
04.02.2018Tyrone Towers20Ulster Elks0 #
 Week 16   
08.02.2018Belfast Phoenix98Tyrone Towers71
09.02.2018Down Knights20Ulster Elks0 #
 Week 17   
16.02.2018Down knights85Belfast Phoenix81
16.02.2018BC Wolves110Tyrone Towers94
 Week 18   
22.02.2018Belfast Phoenix86BC Wolves94
25.02.2018Tyrone Towers67Down Knights85
 Week 19   
28.02.2018Ulster Elks66Belfast Phoenix75
 Week 20   
09.03.2018Down Knights81BC Wolves85
12.03.2018Ulster Elks74Tyrone Towers63
 Week 21   
16.03.2018Ulster Elks83Down Knights94
16.03.2018BC Wolves109Belfast Phoenix106
18.03.2018Tyrone Towers20Belfast Phoenix0 #
 Week 22   
22.03.2018Belfast Phoenx20Ulster Elks0 #
23.03.2018BC Wolves20Ulster Elks0 #
25.03.2018Tyrone Towers73BC Wolves83


Regular Season Results – Section B

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 14   
23.01.2018Queens74Andersonstown Tigers67
 Week 15   
28.01.2018Armagh Bisons84Belfast Star95
28.01.2018North Star45Queens BC82
 Week 16   
30.01.2018Andersonstown Tigers80Belfast Star83
 Week 17   
06.02.2018Andersonstown Tigers67Armagh Bisons60
06.02.2018Belfast Star97Queens BC71
 Week 18   
11.02.2018Armagh Bisons20North Star0 #
13.02.2018Andersonstown Tigers North Star 
13.02.2018Queens BC87Armagh Bisons55
 Week 20   
25.02.2018Armagh Bisons59Andersonstown Tigers69
25.02.2018North Star54Belfast Star87
 Week 21   
27.02.2018Andersonstown Tigers93Queens BC81
27.02.2018Belfast Star74Armagh Bisons63
 Week 22   
06.03.2018Belfast Star70Andersonstown Tigers67
06.03.2018Queens BC106North Star54
 Week 23   
13.03.2018Queens BC68Belfast Star65
 Week 24   
18.03.2018North Star67Armagh Bisons60
20.03.2018Belfast Star89North Star66
 Week 25   
25.03.2018Armagh Bisons67Queens BC73
25.03.2018North Star Andersonstown Tigers 


Regular Season Results – 1st Half

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
03.10.2017Belfast Star84Down Knights62
05.10.2017Belfast Phoenix90BC Wolves79
07.10.2017Armagh Bisons88Andersonstown Tigers81
08.10.2017Tyrone Towers82Queens BC87
 Week 2   
10.10.2017Andersonstown Tigers70Belfast Phoenix109
13.10.2017Down Knights69BC Wolves103
14.10.2017Armagh Bisons92Ulster Elks96
15.10.2017North Star63Tyrone Towers75
 Week 3   
17.10.2017Queens74Armagh Bisons78
20.10.2017Ulster Elks77Belfast Phoenix96
20.10.2017BC Wolves88Armagh Bisons71
22.10.2017Tyrone Towers84Belfast Star67
 Week 4   
27.10.2017Ulster Elks103North Star62
27.10.2017BC Wolves99Queens91
28.10.2017Armagh Bisons68Down Knights84
29.10.2017Tyrone Towers106Belfast Phoenix72
 Week 5   
03.11.2017BC Wolves123Tyrone Towers93
 Week 6   
09.11.2017Belfast Phoenix94North Star47
10.11.2017Down Knights102Queens75
10.11.2017Belfast Star93Andersonstown Tigers63
12.11.2017North Star73Armagh Bisons50
 Week 7   
14.11.2017Andersonstown Tigers55Down Knights80
14.11.2017Queens68Belfast Phoenix83
 Week 8   
21.11.2017Belfast Star65Belfast Phoenix78
24.11.2017Down Knights91Ulster Elks75
26.11.2017Tyrone Towers101Ulster Elks102
 Week 9   
28.11.2017Andersonstown Tigers0 #Ulster Elks20
28.11.2017Queens BC83Belfast Star75
01.12.2017Down Knights80Tyrone Towers74
03.12.2017North Star54BC Wolves73
 Week 10   
05.12.2017Belfast Star84North Star77
05.12.2017Queens BC75Andersonstown Tigers63
07.12.2017Ulster Elks85BC Wolves83
09.12.2017Armagh Bisons81Tyrone Towers89
 Week 11   
12.12.2017Andersonstown Tigers67BC Wolves91
14.12.2017Belfast Phoenix93Armagh Bisons53
14.12.2017North Star60Queens71
15.12.2017Ulster Elks83Belfast Star81
16.12.2017Armagh Bisons69Belfast Star62
17.12.2017Tyrone Towers20Andersonstown tigers0 #
 Week 12   
19.12.2017Andersonstown Tigers67North Star59
19.12.2017Queens67Ulster Elks101
21.12.2017North Star54Down Knights71
21.12.2017Belfast Phoenix20Down Knights0 #
22.12.2017BC Wolves88Belfast Star97


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Andersonstown TigersLaSalle, (Belfast City)
Armagh BisonsArmagh Epicentre (Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon)
BC WolvesCookstown Leisure Centre (Mid-Ulster)
Belfast Phoenix BCMethodist College (Belfast City)
Belfast StarSt. Malachy’s College (Belfast City)
Down KnightsKingdom YC, Kilkeel (Newry, Mourne & Down)
North Star BCFoyle Arena, Derry (Derry & Strabane)
Queens BCQueens University PEC (Belfast City)
Tyrone TowersDungannon Leisure Centre (Mid-Ulster)
Ulster ElksUlster University Jordanstown (Antrim & Newtownabbey)



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