Dublin Men's Basketball Board Division 1 2019-20

Dublin Men’s Basketball Board Logo 2019 [3]


Glasnevin BC99070956527
UCD Marian BC87157749222
KUBS BC115667472321
Templeogue BC105567767620
Eanna BC105565863520
Ongar Chasers104668267918
BC Leixlip Zalgiris85348542018
St. Vincent’s BC104662666518
Killester BC103755068016
Dublin Men’s Basketball Board Division 1 2019-20 Standings [Reference: 1]

Results & Fixtures

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.09.201919:25Killester BC63KUBS BC56
Week 2
02.10.201919:45Leixlip Zalgiris70UCD Marian71
02.10.201920:10Eanna BC61Templeogue BC71
02.10.201920:15FBC63St. Vincent’s77
02.10.201921:10Glasnevin BC69Ongar Chasers56
Week 3
09.10.201920:10Templeogue BC80Ongar Chasers65
11.10.201919:15Ongar Chasers71FBC56
Week 4
14.10.201920:40UCD Marian61Killester54
15.10.201919:40KUBS BC52Glasnevin BC82
15.10.201920:20Ongar Chasers69St. Vincent’s58
18.10.201919:30St. Vincent’s BC68Eanna BC73
Week 5
23.10.201919:45Leixlip Zalgiris70St. Vincent’s36
23.10.201920:10Eanna BC81Ongar Chasers62
23.10.201920:10Templeogue60UCD Marian68
23.10.201920:15FBC45KUBS BC57
23.10.201921:10Glasnevin BC98Killester66
Week 6
28.10.201920:40UCD MarianGlasnevin
29.10.201919:40KUBS BC49Eanna BC44
30.10.201920:15FBC62Glasnevin BC67
01.11.201919:30St. Vincent’s BC70Templeogue BC69
Week 7
05.11.201921:00Ongar Chasers63BC Leixlip Zalgiris53
06.11.201920:20Templeogue BC53BC Leixlip Zalgiris59
Week 8
13.11.201919:45BC Leixlip Zalgiris60KUBS BC48
13.11.201920:10Eanna Bc93Killester BC63
13.11.201921:10Glasnevin BC86Templeogue BC67
15.11.201919:30St. Vincent’s BC62UCD Marian BC59
Week 9
18.11.201920:40UCD Marian BC82FBC40
19.11.201919:25Killester BC40BC Leixlip Zalgiris65
19.11.201919:40KUBS BC72Templeogue BC75
20.11.201921:10Glasnevin BC61Eanna BC55
22.11.201919:30St. Vincent’s BC71KUBS BC73
Week 10
26.11.201919:25Killester BC56St. Vincent’s BC51
26.11.201919:40KUBS BC67Ongar Chasers BC56
27.11.201920:10Eanna BC61FBC58
Week 11
03.12.201920:20Ongar Chasers BC72UCD Marian BC80
04.12.201920:15FBC53BC Leixlip Zalgiris58
04.12.201920:20Templeogue BC50Killester BC61
Week 12
09.12.201920:20Templeogue BC77FBC62
09.12.201920:40UCD Marian BC78Eanna BC65
10.12.201919:40KUBS BC69UCD Marian BC78
10.12.201920:20Ongar Chasers 88Killester BC48
11.12.201919:45BC Leixlip Zalgiris50Eanna BC53
13.12.201919:30St. Vincent’s58Glasnevin BC66
Week 13
18.12.201920:20Templeogue BC75Eanna BC72
18.12.201921:10Glasnevin BC93KUBS BC72
Week 14
03.01.202019:15Ongar Chasers BC77Glasnevin BC87
Week 15
07.01.202019:40KUBS BC59Killester BC56
07.01.202020:20Ongar Chasers BCEanna BC
08.01.202019:45BC Leixlip ZalgirisGlasnevin BC
10.01.201019:30St. Vincent’s BC75FBC67
Week 16
14.01.202019:25Killester BCUCD Marian BC
15.01.202019:45BC Leixlip ZalgirisTempleogue BC
15.01.202020:10Eanna BCSt. Vincent’s
15.01.202020:15FBCOngar Chasers
Week 17
20.01.202020:40UCD Marian BCTempleogue BC
21.01.202019:40KUBS BCFBC
22.01.202021:10Glasnevin BCUCD Marian BC
Week 18
28.01.202019:25Killester BCGlasnevin BC
29.01.202019:45BC Leixlip ZalgirisOngar Chasers BC
29.01.202020:10Eanna BCKUBS BC
29.01.202020:15FBCKillester BC
29.01.202020:20Templeogue BCSt. Vincent’s BC
Dublin Men’s Basketball Board Regular Season Results 2019-20 [Reference: 2]

Reference: [2]

Results & Fixtures

TeamHome Court
Eanna BCNational Basketball Arena, Tymon, Dublin 24
FBCKillinarden Community School, Dublin 24
Glasnevin BCSt. Aidan’s CBS, Collins Avenue, Whitehall
Killester BCSt. David’s, Artane, Dublin 5
KUBS BCGreendale, Kilbarrack, Co. Dublin
Leixlip ZalgirisConfey GAA, Leixlip, Co. Kildare
Ongar ChasersPhibblestown Community Centre, Castaheany, Dublin 15
St. Vincent’s BCSt. Vincent’s, Glasnevin, Dublin
Templeogue BCTallaght Leisure Centre, Dublin 24
UCD MarianMarian College, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Reference: [2]



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