Ian Jones, Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present

Ian Jones Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present

Ian Jones - Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach [Reference: 12]
Ian Jones – Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach [Reference: 12][Picture Credit: Ian Jones LinkedIn Profile]


Ian Jones, born in Cork, was appointed Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Houston Texans in 2017. He started doing voluntary work, mostly coaching in the GAA while still in College in 2010, where he was Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with Cork GAA (Official) and one other coach, Mark Kilgallon, who is now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with the AFL’s Sydney Swans, saw potential, and got him an Internship at the University of South Carolina, using his contacts with Craig Fitzgerald, whom he had worked with at Harvard University in the mid-2000s.

He worked 12 Hours a Day at USC, seven days a week, 8 hours each day coaching the Football Team.
[1] After two summers at USC he moved on to London Welsh Rugby Union team, and his first Professional Contract. he was surprised at how low-level the set-up was. They had just been promoted to the Premiership, but the budget was small compared the Colleges in the USA, where Stsdiums can seat 110,000 people and there are massively successful alumni who can fund the College Programmes. He decided to phone Fitzgerald again and tell him it was not working out and secured a contract with Penn State College Football Team.

He stayed for three years at Penn State coaching the University’s Football Team as well as being involved in Coaching 30 other sports during his time there, including the College Rugby Team, and the USA Women’s Rugby Squad which also had s base there. While involved with the USA Women’s Rugby Team he got to go to Canadaon Tour with the, and also travel to Wales, England and the World Cup in france in 2014. . By now Fitzgerald had moved on to become a Coach at the Houston Texans. Jones ended up taking a low level position with the Cleveland Browns in 2016, and from there went on to the Houston Texans in 2017, after Fitzgerald called him up when a position became vacant. [1]

At the Texans a typical day stated at 3 A.M. the S&C Staff train at 3:45 AM, At 6 AM they Preview the Day and set up the Weight Room. At 7 AM they train the 30-or-so Rookies (First Year Players). At 8 AM they have a team meeting and 8:30 AM the S&C staff meet for injury/rehab reports. 9 AM they train the five Long Snappers, Kickers and Punters. 10 AM is full practice – Three Hours Long. At 1 PM until 3 PM the non-Rookies are trained individually, staggerred, before they move off to their own individual training. After that it calms down – they eat, review what needs to be done in the Weightroom, look at data from Practice. at 5 or 6 PM another full team meeting and at 7 PM a Final walk-through for the Day. Once the meetings are finished around 8 or 9 PM, that’s the day done. [1]

From the Texans he took up the position of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Salt Lake Stalions, of the Alliance of American Football, a AAA American Football League, the equivalent of Championship in English Soccer, and from July 2019 to July 2020 was Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance at Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, a multi-sports NCAA College programme position. In December 2019 he took up the position of Head StrengthConditioning Coach at Rugby United in New York, and also the role of Strength and Conditioning Consultant. From June 2018 to August 2020 he was also Head of Physical Performance of USA Rugby and at the same time Physical Performance Consultant.

GAA Football NL Division 1 2010

Maigh Eo (Mayo)76101139312
Corcaigh (Cork)752012011310
Ath Cliath (Dublin)75201049310
Ciarrai (Kerry)7340107986
Gaillimh (Galway)73401181286
Muineachan (Monaghan)72501161274
Doire (Derry)72501001114
Tir Eaoghain (Tyrone)72501051204
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NCAAF Division 1 FBS SEC 2011

SEC East
Georgia Bulldogs (D)710.8751040.714
South Carolina Gamecocks620.7501120.846
Florida Gators350.375760.538
Kentucky Wildcats260.250570.417
Vanderbilt Commodores260.250670.462
Tennessee Volunteers170.125570.417
SEC West
LSU Louisiana State Tigers (CD)8001.0001310.929
Alabama Crimson Tide710.8751210.923
Arkansas Razorbacks620.7501120.846
Auburn Tigers440.500850.615
Mississippi State Bulldogs260.250660.500
Mississippi Ole Miss Rebels080.0002100.167
[Reference: 5]

Premiership FRugby 2012-13

Premiership Rugby 2012-13PWDLPFPATBLBPts
Sacarcens (C)2217145333395277
Leicester Tigers2215165383457574
Northampton Saints2214085014336365
Gloucesrer Rugby2212195154812860
Exeter Chiefs2212195424464559
Bath Rugby22101114524344753
London Wasps2290135115284848
London Irish2271144596012335
Sale Sharks2271143775962335
Worcester Warriors2251164225473833
London Welsh #2250174126191723
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NCAAF Division 1 Big 10 2013

Big10 Leaders
Ohio State Buckeyes (D)8001.0001220.857
Wisconsin Badgers 620.750940.692
Penn State Nittany Lions440.500750.583
Indiana Hoosiers350.375570.417
Illinois Fighting Illini170.125480.333
Purdue Boilermakers080.0001110.083
Big10 Legends
Michigan State Spartans (CD)8001.0001310.929
Iowa Hawkeyes530.625850.615
Nebraska Cornhuskers530.625940.692
Minnesota Golden Gophers440.500850.615
Michigan Wolverines350.375760.538
Northwestefrn Wildcats170.125570.417

NCAAF Division 1 FBS Big 10 2014

Big10 East
Ohio State Buckeys (CD)8001.0001410.933
Michigan State Spartans710.8751120.846
Maryland Terrapins440.500760.538
Rutgers Scarlet Knights350.375850.615
Michigan Wolverines350.375570.417
Penn State Nittany Lions260.250760.538
Indiana Hoosiers170.125480.333
Big10 West
Wisconsin Badgers (D)710.8751130.786
Minnesota Golden Gophers530.625850.615
Nebraska Cornhuskers530.625940.692
Iowa Hawkeyes440.500760.538
Illinois Fighting Illini350.375670.462
Northwestern Wildcats350.375570.417
Purdue Boilermakers170.125390.250
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NCAAF Division 1 FBS Big 10 2015

Big 10 East
Michigan State Spartans (CD)710.8751220.857
Ohio State Buckeyes710.8751210.938
Michigan Wolverines620.7501030.769
Penn State Nittany Lions440.500760.538
Indiana Hoosiers260.250670.462
Rutgers Scarlet Knights170.12548.0.333
Maryland Terrapins170.125390.250
Big10 West
Iowa Hawkeyes (D)8001.0001220.857
Northwestern Wildcats620.701030.769
Wisconsin Badgers620.7501030.769
Nebraska Cornhuskers350.375670.462
Illinois Fighting Illini260.250570.417
Minnesota Golden Gophers260.250670.462
Purdue Boilermakers170.1252100.167
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NFL 2016

AFC East
New England Patriots (D)161420441250.875
Miami Dolphins (P)161060363380.625
Buffalo Bills16790399378.438
New York Jets165110275400.313
AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)161150399327.688
Baltimore Ravens16880343321.500
Cincinnati Bengals16691325315.406
Cleveland Browns161150264452.083
AFC South
Houston Texans (D)16970279328.563
Tennessee Titans16970381378.563
Indianapolis Colts16880411392.500
Jacksonville Jaguars163130318400.188
AFC South
KansasCity Chiefs (D)161240389311.750
Oakland Raiders (P)161240416385.750
Denver Broncos16970333297.563
San Diego Chargers165110410423.313
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161330421306.813
New York Giants (P)161150310284.688
Washington Redskins16871396383.531
Philadelphia Eagles16790367331.438
NFC North
Green Bay Packers (D)161060432388.625
Detroit Lions (P)16970345358.563
Minnesota Vikings16880327307.500
Chicago Bears163130279399.188
NFC South
Atlanta Falcons (D)161150540406.688
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16970354369.563
New Orleans Saints16790469454.438
Carolina Panthers166100369402.375
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks (D)161051354292.656
Arizona Cardinals16781418362.469
Los Angeles Rams164120224394.250
San Francisco 49ers162140309480.125
NFL Final Table 2016 [Reference: 2]

Ian Jones who was born in Cork, Ireland, had a low-level Coaching Position with the Cleveland Browns in 2016

NFL 2017

AFC East
New England Patriots (D)161330458296.813
Buffalo Bills (P)16970302359.563
Miami Dolphins166100281393.375
New York Jets165110298382.313
AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)161330406308.813
Baltimore Ravens16970395303.563
Cincinnati Bengals16790290349.438
Cleveland Browns160160234410.000
AFC South
Jacsonville Jaguars (D)161060417268.625
Tennessee Titans (P)16970334356.563
Indianapolis Colts164120263404.250
Houston Texans164120338436.250
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs (D)161060415339.625
San Diego Chargers16970355272.563
Oakland Raiders166100301373.375
Denver Broncos165110289382.313
NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles (D)161330457295.813
Dallas Cowboys16970354332.563
Washington Redskins16790342388.438
New York Giants163130246388.188
NFC North
Minnesota Vikings (D)161330382252.813
Detroit Lions16970410376.563
Green Bay Packers16790320384.438
Chicago Bears165110264320.313
NFC South
New Orleans Saints (D)161150448326.688
Carolina Panthers (P)161150363327.688
Atlanta Falcons (P)161060353315.625
Tampa Bay Buccaneers165110335382.313
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (D)161150479329.688
Seattle Seahawks16970366332.563
Arizona Cardinals16880295361.500
San Francisco 49ers166100331383.375
NFL Table 2017 [Reference: 2]

Ian Jones who was born in Cork, Ireland, was Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Houston Texans in 2017 to February 2018..

AAF 2019

Eastern Conference       
Orlando Apollos8710236136.875
Birmingham Iron8530165133.625
Memphis Express8260152194.250
Atlanta Legends826088213.250
Western Conference       
San Antonio Commanders8530158154.625
Arizona Hotshots8530186144.625
San Diego Fleet8350158161.375
Salt Lake Stallions8350135143.200
[Reference: 8]

Ian Jones who was born in Cork was Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with Salt Lake Stallions of the Alliance of American Football (AAA American Football – equivalent to Championship in English Soccer) in 2019.


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