Inline Hockey Ireland | Hibernia Elite League 2015-2019

IHI Hibernia League 2015-16

Perkele Pelicans12120024
Longford Hawks1274115
Kilkenny Storm1275014
Dublin Rebels1256111
Bangor Chiefs1257010
Galway Bay Lightning124808
Northern Cyclones1221004


IHI Elite League 2016-17

Perkele Pelicans1414001493928
Dublin Rebels14950896118
Cork Wolfpack14860696918
Bangor Chiefs14860987118
Longford Hawks14770558414
Galway Bay Lightning145907710111
Kilkenny Storm14410053878


DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-Finals (Longford)
07.05.2017Perkele Pelicans12Bangor Chiefs2
07.05.2017Dublin Rebels8Cork Wolfpack13
3rd Place (Longford)
07.05.2017Bangor Chiefs6Dublin Rebels4
Final (Longford)
07.05.2017Perkele Pelicans12Cork Wolfpack4


IHI Elite League 2017-18

Perkele Pelicans1413101524526
Bangor Chiefs1410401127220
Cork Wolfpack149501398119
Dublin Rebels149501398118
Cavan Longford Hawks ##14770908610
Armagh Stars143110731566
Dublin Wolves ##143110821302
Kilkenny Storm ##142120591321


DateHome TeamAway Team
12.05.18Pelicans15Dublin Rebels3
12.05.18Bangor Chiefs4Cork Wolfpack2
3rd Place
12.05.19Dublin Rebels12Cork Wolfpack11
12.05.19Pelicans12Bangor Chiefs6

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IHI Elite League 2018-19

*Perkele Pelicans1414001683528
*Bangor Chiefs14950836818
*Dublin Rebels148609110216
*Northern Cyclones1476110010815
Midland Thunder14770839114
Kilkenny Storm14680789912
Cork Wolfpack1449174829

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DateHome TeamAway Team
04.05.19Bangor Chiefs10Dublin Rebels5
04.05.19Pelicans10Midland Thunder2
3rd Place Playoff
05.05.19Dublin Rebels4Midland Thunder6
05.05.19Pelicans8Bangor Chiefs3

Reference: [7]



The League has been won all four seasons by Perkele Pelicans, with a perfect record in 2015-16 & 2016-17, and dropping only one match in 2017-18.

They beat Cork Wolfpack 12-4 in the 2016-17 Final, and Bangor Chiefs the following two seasons: 12-6 in 2017-18 and 8-3 in 2018-19



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