Irish Ice Hockey Association | Ulster Ice Hockey League 1950-51


Balmoral Wasps32101455
Shorts Redwings621329295
Harlandic Wolves420218154
North End Racers31025182

References: Compiled from: [1-8]


31.10.50 *North End Racers9Shorts Redwings8
10.11.50Harlandic Wolves9Shorts Redwings2
14.11.50Harlandic Wolves6North End Racers2
17.11.50Balmoral Wasps5Shorts Redwings2
21.11.50Shorts Redwings12North End Racers3
28.11.50Shorts Redwings4Harlandic Wolves1
01.12.50Balmoral Wasps7Harlandic Wolves2
03.02.51Shorts Redwings2Balmoral wasps2

References: [1-8]

Note: * Possibly a Pre-Season Game.


This was the first Ice Hockey League in Ireland since 1940, and as with the present day, was non-sectarian, with many players from the Nationalist Community playing for the North End Racers [9]. All games were played at King’s Hall, Belfast.

Balmoral Wasps managed to keep their unbeaten record intact until February, where they battled back from two-goals down with a five-man all-out attack to get back on level terms with Shorts Redwings.

Information Needed.

This record is incomplete, there are four, possibly five, matches missing from the results list, and possibly playoff/cup games too. If you or anyone you know can fill in the record I would be very grateful.



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Thanks to Malachy & Liz Connolly, Belfast.

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