Legends Football League Legends Bowls 2004-2019

Legends Football League Logo [Reference: 29]
Legends Football League Logo [Reference: 29]

Legends Bowls 2004-2019

Lingerie Bowl
01.02.2004ITeam Dream6Team Euphoria0
05.02.2006IIINew York Euphoria13Los Angeles Temptation12
2010VIILos Angeles Temptation27Chicago Bliss14
2011VIIILos Angeles Temptation26Philadelphia Passion25
2012IXLos Angeles Temptation28Philadelphia Passion6
Legends Bowl
2013XChicago Bliss33Philadelphia Passion14
2014XIChicago Bliss24Atlanta Steam18
2015XIISeattle Mist27Chicago Bliss21
2016XIIIChicago Bliss31Seattle Mist26
2017XIVSeattle Mist38Atlanta Steam28
2018XVChicago Bliss28Austin Acoustic20
2019XVISeattle Mist56Los Angeles Temptation20
[Reference: 1-28]


Team Dream won the first Lingerie Bowl in 2004, and since then the Bowl (renamed the Legends Bowl in 2013) has been won by New York Euphoria, Los Angeles Temptation (three times), Chicago Bliss (four times) and Seattle Mist (three times). There were 16 Bowls in total, 13 of them played and three cancelled.

The Lingerie Bowl was conceived as a Rival to the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time Show which some fans had said was too boring and long. It was aired at the same time as the Super Bowl Half-Time Show on a Rival Network, and featured two teams of scantilly-clad Models & Actresses, representing New York Euphoria & Los Angeles Temptation. Team Dream won Lingerie Bowl I and New York Euphoria Lingerie Bowl II.

Lingerie Bowls IV-VI were cancelled, the first two due to failing to reach agreement with a TV Network, and VI due to a dispute with a local Nudist Resort near Tampa Bay, where it was due to be played.

The one-off Bowl became the Lingerie Football League in 2010, playing a full season, and featuring athletes ratherthan models and actresses. Los Angeles Temptation won Lingerie Bowls VII, VIII and IX, after which the League responded to claims of sexism and modified the kit the players wore to bicycle shorts and crop-tops, renaming the League the Legends Football League. Chicago Bliss won four of the next seven Legends Bowls, and Seattle Mist three before the League was cancelled after the 2019 season.

About Legends Football Leagues (7v7 Arena Indoor Leagues)

The Lingerie Bowl was first played in 2004 as a rival to the Super Bowl half-time show which was seen by many fans as two long and boring. It was aired on a rival TV network and featured two teams of scantily-clad Women. The Bowl eventually came a fully-fledged league in 2009. The owner of the League admitted it was aimed at beer-drinking college students and following claims of sexism the Lingerie was replaced by bicycle shorts and crop-tops, and the League renamed the Legends Football League. It is 7v7 American Football with very little in terms of protective clothing, and is similar in rules and play to Arena Indoor Football, played on a 50-yard field with two 8-yard endzones.



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