Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano (FPFA) 2020

Federacao Portuguesa de Futebol Americano Logo [Ref: 1]


Cascais Crusaders3300100301.000
Lisboa Devils32108532.667
Lisboa Navigators303028101.000
Porto Mutts3300100331.000
Braga Warriors31204072.333
Paredes Lumberjacks303018103.000
FPFA Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano Standings [Ref: 2]

Note: Season Cancelled June 23 due to COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, and no team declared winner.


DateHome Team Away Team
Week 1
02.02.2020Lisboa Navigators6Lisboa Devils28
02.02.2020Cascais Crusaders41Paredes Lumberjacks6
Week 2
09.02.2020Porto Mutts41Braga Warriors2
Week 3
15.02.2020Cascais Crusaders33Lisboa Navigators9
16.02.2020Paredes Lumberjacks0Lisboa Devils42
Week 4
22.02.2020Braga Warriors18Porto Mutts19
Week 5
29.02.2020Lisboa Devils15Cascais Crusaders26
Week 6
07.03.2020Lisboa Navigators13Porto Mutts40
08.03.2020Paredes Lumberjacks12Braga Warriors20
Week 7
14.02.2020Cascais CrusadersLisboa Devils
Week 8
21.03.2020Porto MuttsParedes Lumberjacks
21.03.2020Braga WarriorsLisboa Navigators
Week 9
04.04.2020Braga WarriorsParedes Lumberjacks
04.04.2020Lisboa NavigatorsCascais Crusaders
Week 10
14.04.2020Paredes LumberjacksPorto Mutts
18.04.2020Lisboa DevilsLisboa Navigators
Week 11
02.05.2020Lisboa DevilsBraga Warriors
02.05.2020Porto MuttsCascais Crusaders
FPFA Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano Results [Ref: 2]


The 2020 Portuguese American Football League was cancelled on June 23, with no team declared winner, due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. At the time of cessation, after three rounds of matches, Cascais Crusaders were leading the Sul (South) Conference with a 3-0 (wins-Losses) record, and Porto Mutts were leading the Norte on 3-0 also.



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Thanks to Fiona Corrigan and Anthony Nardone.

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