National Football League 2020

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AFC East
Buffalo Bills (C)161330501375.813
Miami Dolphins161060404338.625
New England Patriots16790326353.438
New York Jets162140243457.063
AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers (C)161240416312.750
Baltimore Ravens (P)161150468303.688
Cleveland Browns (P)161150408419.688
Cincinnati Bengals164111311424.214
AFC South
Tennessee Titans (C)161150491435.688
Indianapolis Colts (P)161150451362.688
Houston Texans164120384464.250
Jacksonville Jaguars161150306492.063
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs (C)161420472363.875
Las Vegas Raiders16880434478.500
Los Angeles Chargers16790384426.438
Denver Broncos165110323446.313
NFC East
Washington Football Team (C)16790335329.438
New York Giants166100280357.375
Dallas Cowboys166100395473.375
Philadelphia Eagles164111334418.281
NFC North
Green Bay Packers (C)161330509369.688
Chicago Bears (P)16880372370.500
Minnesota Vikings16790430475.438
Detroit Lions165110377515.313
NFC South
New Orleans Saints (C)161240482337.750
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (P)161150492355.688
Carolina Panthers165110350402.313
Atlanta Falcons164120396414.250
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks (C)161240459371.750
Los Angeles Rams (P)161060372296.625
Arizona Cardinals16880410367.500
San Francisco 49ers166100376390.375
National Football League 2020 [References: 2]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC Wildcard
09.01.2021Buffalo Bills27Indianapolis Colts24
10.01.2021Tennessee Titans13Baltimore Ravens20
10.01.2021Pittsburgh Steelers37Cleveland Browns48
NFC Wildcard
09.01.2021Seattle Seahawks20Los Angeles Rams30
09.01.2021Washington Football Team23Tampa Bay Buccaneers31
10.01.2021New Orleans Saints21Chicago Bears9
AFC Divisional Playoffs
16.03.2021Buffalo Bills17Baltimore Ravens3
17.03.2021Kansas City Chiefs22Cleveland Browns17
NFC Divisional Playoffs
16.03.2021Green Bay Packers32Los Angeles Rams18
17.03.2021New Orleans Saints20Tampa Bay Buccaneers30
AFC Championship
24.03.2021Kansas City Chiefs38Buffalo Bills24
NFC Championship
24.03.2021Green Bay Packers26Tampa Bay Buccaneers31
Super Bowl
7.02.2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers31Kansas City Chiefs9
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DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
11.09.2020Kansas City Chiefs34Houston Texans20
13.09.2020Washington Football Team27Philadelphia Eagles17
13.09.2020New England Patriots21Miami Dolphins11
13.09.2020Minnesota Vikings34Green Bay Packers43
13.09.2020Jacksonville Jaguars27Indianapolis Colts20
13.09.2020Detroit Lions23Chicago Bears27
13.09.2020Carolina Panthers30Las Vegas Raiders34
13.09.2020Buffalo Bills27New York Jets17
13.09.2020Baltimore Ravens38Cleveland Browns6
13.09.2020Atlanta Falcons25Seattle Seahawks38
13.09.2020Cincinnati Bengals13Los Angeles Chargers16
13.09.2020San Francisco 49ers20Arizona Cardinals24
13.09.2020New Orleans Saints34Tampa Bay Buccaners23
14.09.2020Los Angeles Rams20Dallas Cowboys17
15.09.2020New York Giants16Pittsburgh Steelers26
15.09.2020Denver Broncos14Tennessee Titans16
Week 2
18.09.2020Cleveland Browns35Cincinnati Bengals30
20.09.2020Tennessee Titans33Jacksonville Jaguars30
20.09.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers31Carolina Panthers17
20.09.2020Pittsburgh Steelers26Denver Broncos21
20.09.2020Philadelphia Eagles19Los Angeles Rams37
20.09.2020New York Jets13San Francisco 49ers31
20.09.2020Miami Dolphins28Buffalo Bills31
20.09.2020Indianapolis Colts28Minnesota Vikings11
20.09.2020Green Bay Packers42Detroit Lions21
20.09.2020Dallas Cowboys40Atlanta Falcons39
20.09.2020Chicago Bears17New York Giants13
20.09.2020Arizona Cardinals30Washington Football Team17
20.09.2020Los Angeles Chargers20Kansas City Chiefs23 ot
20.09.2020Houston Texans16Baltimore Ravens33
21.09.2020Seattle Seahawks35New England Patriots30
22.09.2020Las Vegas Raiders34New Orleans Saints24
Week 3
25.09.2020Jacksonville Jaguars13Miami Dolphins31
27.09.2020Pittsburgh Steelers28Houston Texans21
27.09.2020Philadelphia Eagles23Cincinnati Bengals23 ot
27.09.2020New York Giants9San Francisco 49ers36
27.09.2020New England Patriots36Las Vegas Raiders20
27.09.2020Minnesota Vikings30Tennessee Titans31
27.09.2020Cleveland Browns34Washington Football Team30
27.09.2020Buffalo Bills35Los Angeles Rams32
27.09.2020Atlanta Falcons26Chicago Bears30
27.09.2020Los Angeles Chargers16Carolina Panthers21
27.09.2020Indianapolis Colts36New York Jets7
27.09.2020Seattle Seahawks38Dallas Cowboys31
27.09.2020Denver Broncos10Tampa Bay Buccaneers28
27.09.2020Arizona Cardinals23Detroit Lions26
28.09.2020New Orleans Saints30Green Bay Packers37
29.09.2020Baltimore Ravens20Kansas City chiefs34
Week 4
02.10.2020New York Jets28Denver Broncos37
04.10.2020Washington Football Team17Baltimore Ravens31
04.10.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers38Los Angeles Chargers31
04.10.2020Miami Dolphins23Seattle Seahawks31
04.10.2020Houston Texans23Minnesota Vikings31
04.10.2020Detroit Lions29New Orleans Saints35
04.10.2020Dallas Cowboys38Cleveland Browns49
04.10.2020Cincinnati Bengals33Jacksonville Jaguars25
04.10.2020Carolina Panthers31Arizona Cardinals21
04.10.2020Los Angeles Rams17New York Giants9
04.10.2020Las Vegas Raiders23Buffalo Bulls30
04.10.2020Chicago Bears11Indianapolis Colts19
05.10.2020San Francisco 49ers20Philadelphia Eagles25
06.10.2020Kansas City Chiefs26New England Patriots10
06.10.2020Green Bay Packers30Atlanta Falcons16
Week 5
09.10.2020Chicago Bears20Tampa Bay Buccaneers19
11.10.2020Washington Football Team10Los Angeles Rams30
11.10.2020Pittsburgh Steelers38Philadelphia Eagles29
11.10.2020New York Jets10Arizona Cardinals30
11.10.2020Kansas City Chiefs32Las Vegas Raiders40
11.10.2020Houston Texans30Jacksonville Jaguars14
11.10.2020Baltimore Ravens27Cincinnati Bengals3
11.10.2020Atlanta Falcons16Carolina Panthers23
11.10.2020San Francisco 49ers17Miami Dolphins43
11.10.2020Dallas Cowboys37New York Giants34
11.10.2020Cleveland Browns32Indianapolis Colts23
12.10.2020Seattle Seahawks27Minnesota Vikings26
13.10.2020New Orleans Saints30Los Angeles Chargers27
14.10.2020Tennessee Titans42Buffalo Bills16
Week 6
18.10.2020New England Patriots12Denver Broncos18
18.10.2020Tennessee Titans42Houston Texans36
18.10.2020Pittsburgh Steelers38Cleveland Browns7
18.10.2020Philadelphia Eagles28Baltimore Ravens30
18.10.2020New York Giants20Washington Football Team19
18.10.2020Minnesota Vikings23Atlanta Falcons40
18.10.2020Jacksonville Jaguars16Detroit Lions34
18.10.2020Indianapolis Colts31Cincinnati Bengals27
18.10.2020Carolina Panthers16Chicago Bears23
18.10.2020Miami Dolphins24New York Jets0
18.10.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers38Green Bay Packers10
19.10.2020San Francisco 49ers24Los Angeles Rams16
19.10.2020Buffalo Bills17Kansas City Chiefs26
20.10.2020Dallas Cowboys10Arizona Cardinals38
Week 7
23.10.2020Philadelphia Eagles22New York Giants21
25.10.2020Tennessee Titans24Pittsburgh Steelers27
25.10.2020Washington Football Team25Dallas Cowboys3
25.10.2020New York Jets10Buffalo Bills10
25.10.2020New Orleans Saints27Carolina Panthers24
25.10.2020Houston Texans20Green Bay Packers35
25.10.2020Cincinnati Bengals34Cleveland Browns37
25.10.2020Atlanta Falcons22Detroit Lions23
25.10.2020Las Vegas Raiders20Tampa Bay Buccaneers45
25.10.2020Los Angeles Chargers39Jacksonville Jaguars29
25.10.2020New England Patriots6San Francisco 49ers33
25.10.2020Denver Broncos16Kansas City Chiefs43
26.10.2020Arizona Cardinals37Seattle Seahawks34
27.10.2020Los Angeles Rams24Chicago Bears10
Week 8
30.10.2020Carolina Panthers17Atlanta Falcons25
01.11.2020Baltimore Ravens24Pittsburgh Steelers28
01.11.2020Miami Dolphins28Los Angeles Rams17
01.11.2020Kansas City Chiefs35New York Jets9
01.11.2020Green Bay Packers22Minnesota Vikings28
01.11.2020Detroit Lions21Indianapolis Colts41
01.11.2020Cleveland Browns6Las Vegas Raiders16
01.11.2020Cincinnati Bengals31Tennessee Titans20
01.11.2020Buffalo Bills24New England Patriots21
01.11.2020Denver Broncos31Los Angeles Chargers30
01.11.2020Seattle Seahawks37San Francisco 49ers27
01.11.2020Chicago Bears23New Orleans Saints26 ot
02.11.2020Philadelphia Eagles23Dallas Cowboys9
03.11.2020New York Giants23Tampa Bay Buccaneers25
Week 9
06.11.2020San Francisco 49ers17Green Bay Packers34
08.11.2020Washington Football Team20New York Giants23
08.11.2020Tennessee Titans24Chicago Bears17
08.11.2020Minnesota Vikings34Detroit Lions20
08.11.2020KansasCity Chiefs33Carolina Panthers31
08.11.2020Jacksonville Jaguars25Houston Texans27
08.11.2020Indianapolis Colts10Baltimore Ravens24
08.11.2020Buffalo Bills44Seattle Seahawks34
08.11.2020Atlanta Falcons34Denver Broncos27
08.11.2020Los Angeles Chargers26Las Vegas Raiders31
08.11.2020Dallas Cowboys19Pittsburgh Steelers24
08.11.2020Arizona Cardinals31Miami Dolphins34
09.11.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers3New Orleans Saints38
10.11.2020New York Jets27New England Patriots30
Week 10
13.11.2020Tennessee Titans17Indianapolis Colts34
15.11.2020New York Giants27Philadelphia Eagles17
15.11.2020Green Bay Packers24Jacksonville Jaguars20
15.11.2020Detroit Lions30Washington Football Team27
15.11.2020Cleveland Browns10Houston Texans7
15.11.2020Carolina Panthers23Tampa Bay Buccaneers46
15.11.2020Miami Dolphins29Los Angeles Chargers21
15.11.2020Las Vegas Raiders37Denver Broncos12
15.11.2020Arizona Cardinals32Buffalo Bills30
15.11.2020New Orleans Saints27San Francisco 49ers13
15.11.2020Los Angeles Rams23Seattle Seahawks13
15.11.2020Pittsburgh Steelers36Cincinnati Bengals10
16.11.2020New England Patriots23Baltimore Ravens17
17.11.2020Chicago Bears13Minnesota Vikings19
Week 11
20.11.2020Seattle Seahawks28Arizona Cardinals21
22.11.2020Washington Football Team20Cincinnati Bengals9
22.11.2020New Orleans Saints24Atlanta Falcons9
22.11.2020Jacksonville Jaguars3Pittsburgh Steelers27
22.11.2020Houston Texans27New England Patriots20
22.11.2020Cleveland Browns22Philadelphia Eagles17
22.11.2020Carolina Panthers20Detroit Lions0
22.11.2020Baltimore Ravens24Tennessee Titans30 ot
22.11.2020Los Angeles Chargers34New York Jets28
22.11.2020Denver Broncos20Miami Dolphins13
22.11.2020Minnesota Vikings28Dallas Cowboys31
22.11.2020Indianapolis Colts34Green Bay Packers31
23.11.2020Las Vegas Raiders31Kansas City Chiefs35
24.11.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers24Los Angeles Rams27
Week 12
26.11.2020Detroit Lions25Houston Texans41
26.11.2020Dallas Cowboys16Wahington Football Team41
29.11.2020New York Jets3Miami Dolphins20
29.11.2020New England Patriots20Arizona Cardinals17
29.11.2020Minnesota Vikings28Carolina Panthers27
29.11.2020Jacksonville Jaguars25Cleveland Browns27
29.11.2020Indianapolis Colts26Tennessee Titans45
29.11.2020Cincinnati Bengals17New York Giants19
29.11.2020Buffalo Bills27Los Angeles Chargers17
29.11.2020Atlanta Falcons43Las Vegas Raiders6
29.11.2020Los Angeles Rams20San Francisco 49ers23
29.11.2020Denver Broncos3New Orleans Saints31
29.11.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers24KansasCity Chiefs27
30.11.2020Green Bay Packers41Chicago Bears25
01.12.2020Philadelphia EaglesSeattle Seahawks
02.12.2020Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens
Week 13
06.12.2020Atlanta Falcons16New Orleans Saints21
06.12.2020Chicago Bears30Detroit Lions34
06.12.2020Houston Texans20Indianapolis Colts26
06.12.2020Miami Dolphins19Cincinnati Bengals7
06.12.2020Minnesota Vikings27Jacksonville Jaguars24
06.12.2020New York Jets28Las Vegas Raiders31
06.12.2020Tennessee Titans35Cleveland Browns31
06.12.2020Arizona Cardinals28Los Angeles Rams38
06.12.2020Seattle Seahawks12New York Giants17
06.12.2020Green Bay Packers30Philadelphia Eagles17
06.12.2020Los Angeles Chargers0New England Patriots45
06.12.2020Kansas City Chiefs22Denver Broncos16
07.12.2020Pittsburgh Steelers17Washington Football Team23
07.12.2020San Francisco 49ers24Buffalo Bills34
08.12.2020Baltimore Ravens34Dallas Cowboys17
Week 14
10.12.2020Los Angeles Rams24New England Psatriots3
13.12.2020Carolina Panthers27Denver Broncos32
13.12.2020Chicago Bears36Houston Texans7
13.12.2020Cincinnati Bengals7Dallas Cowboys30
13.12.2020Jacksonville Jaguars10Tennessee Titans31
13.12.2020Miami Dolphins7Kansas City Chiefs33
13.12.2020New York Giants7Arizona Cardinals26
13.12.2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers26Minnesota Vikings14
13.12.2020Las Vegas Raiders27Indianalolpis Colts44
13.12.2020Seattle Seahawks40New York Jets3
13.12.2020Detroit Lions24Green Bay Packers31
13.12.2020Los Angeles Chargers20Atlanta Falcons17
13.12.2020Philadelphia Eagles24New Orleans Saints21
13.12.2020San Francisco 49ers15Washington Football Team23
13.12.2020Buffalo Bills26Pittsburgh Steelers15
14.12.2020Cleveland Browns42Baltimore Ravens47
Week 15
17.12.2020Las Vegas Raiders27Los Angeles Chargers30
19.12.2020Denver Broncos19Buffalo Bills48
19.12.2020Green Bay Packers24Carolina Panthers16
20.12.2020Indianapolis Colts27Houston Texans20
20.12.2020Tennessee Titans46Detroit Lions25
20.12.2020Atlanta Falcons27Tampa Bay Buccaneers31
20.12.2020Baltimore Ravens40Jacksonville Jaguars14
20.12.2020Miami Dolphins22New England Patriots12
20.12.2020Minnesota Vikings27Chicago Bears33
20.12.2020Washington Football Team15Seattler Seahawks20
20.12.2020Dallas Cowboys41San Francisco 49ers33
20.12.2020Los Angeles Rams20New York Jets23
20.12.2020Arizona Cardinals33Philadelphia Eagles26
20.12.2020New Orleans Saints29Kansas City Chiefs32
20.12.2020New York Giants6Cleveland Browns20
21.12.2020Cincinnati Bengals27Pittsburgh Steelers33
Week 16
25.12.2020New Orlerans Saints52Minnesota Vikings33
26.12.2020Detroit Lions7Tampa Bay Buccaneers47
26.12.2020Arizona Cardinals12San Francisco 49ers20
26.12.2020Las Vegas Raiders25Miami Dolphins26
27.12.2020New York Jets23Cleveland Browns16
27.12.2020Baltimore Ravens27New York Giants13
27.12.2020Houston Texans31Cincinnati Bengals37
27.12.2020Jacksonville Jaguars17Chicago Bears41
27.12.2020Kansas City Chiefs17Atlanta Falcons14
27.12.2020Pittsburgh Steelers28Indianapolis Colts24
27.12.2020Los Angeles Chargers16Denver Broncos19
27.12.2020Washington Football Team13Carolina Panthers20
27.12.2020Seattle Seahawks20Los Angeles Rams9
27.12.2020Dallas Cowboys37Philadelphia Eagles17
27.12.2020Green Bay Packers40Tennessee Titans14
28.12.2020New England Patriots9Buffalo Bills38
Week 17
03.01.2021Buffalo Bills56Miami Dolphins26
03.01.2021Cincinnati Bengals3Baltimore Ravens38
03.01.2021Cleveland Browns24Pittsburgh Steelers22
03.01.2021Detroit Lions35Minnesota Vikings37
03.01.2021New England Patriots28Ndew York Jets14
03.01.2021New York Giants23Dallas Cowboys19
03.01.2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers44Atlanta Falcons27
03.01.2021Carolina Panthers7New Orleans Saints33
03.01.2021Chicago Bears16Green Bay Packers35
03.01.2021Kansas City Chiefs21Los Angeles Chargers38
03.01.2021Denver Broncos31Las Vegas Raiders32
03.01.2021Houston Texans38Tennessee Titans31
03.01.2021Indianapolis Colts28Jacksonville Jaguars14
03.01.2021Los Angeles Rams18Arizona Cardinals7
03.01.2021San Francisco 49ers23Seattle Seahawks26
03.01.2021Philadelphia Eagles14Washington Football Team20
National Football League 2020 [References: 2-19]


The 2020 National Football League season kicked off on 11th September 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Houston Texans 34-20 in a Thursday Night Game.

After 5 weeks the only undefeated teams were Buffalo Bills (4-0), Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0), Tennessee Titans (3-0) in the AFC and Green Bay Packers (4-0) and Seattle Seahawks (5-0) in the NFC. One game in week 4 and two in week 5 had to be postponed, including two Titans games, due to positives in the camps of a number of teams.

By the end of October (Week 7) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-0, AFC North) were the only undefeated team in the league. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1, AFC West), Tennessee Titans (5-1, AFC South) and Buffalo Bills (5-2, AFC East) were the Division leaders in the American Football Conference, while Philadelphia Eagles (2-4-1, NFC East), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2, NFC South), Green Bay Packers (5-1-0, NFC North) and Seattle Seahawks (5-1-0, NFC West) were the leaders of the four National Football Conference Divisions.

By the end of November (Week 12), Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0, AFC North) were still undefeated, and defending Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs were leading the AFC West (10-1), with Buffalo Bills (8-3, AFC East) and Tennessee Titans (8-3, AFC South) still leading their divisions. In the NFC New York Giants had put together a three-game winning streak to lead the NFC East despite only being 4-7, while Green Bay Packers (8-3, NFC North), New Orleans Saints (9-2, NFC South) and Seattle Seahawks (7-3, NFC West) led their respective divisions.

By the end of the season in the first week of January the Steelers had dropped back to 12-4 but still won the AFC North with the Baltimore Ravens (11-5) making the Wild-Cards. Securing Home Field advantage for the playoffs in the AFC were the Kansas City Chiefs who won the AFC West with a 14-2 record, just ahead of AFC East Champions Buffalo Bills (13-3). The AFC South was won by Tennessee Titans on 11-5 in a tie-breaker with the Indianapolis Colts who were also made the playoffs. Cleveland Browns, also 11-5 reached the playoffs too despite finishing third in the AFC North.

The NFC saw Washington Football Team win their division, the NFC East with an historically bad 7-9 losing record. Home Field advantage for the playoffs went to Green Bay Packers (13-3, AFC North), and Seattle Seahawks (12-4, NFC West) and New Orleans Saints (12-4, NFC South) were the other Division Champions. Also making the playoffs in the NFC were Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5), Los Angeles Rams (10-6) and Chicago Bears (8-8).

The Wildcard Round saw Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns progress from the AFC and Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints win through from the NFC. The Divisional Playoffs saw Buffalo Bills defeat Baltimore Ravens 17-5 and Kansas City Chiefs knock out Cleveland Browns 22-17 to make the AFC Championship which Kansas City won 38-24. The NFC Divisional Playoffs went to Green Bay Packers 32-18 against Los Angeles Rams and in the other game the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated New Orleans Saints 30-20. The Buccaneers reached the Super Bowl 31-26 in a close encounter with the Packers.

The Super Bowl itself was a showdown between Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs with the veteran Brady winning the contest 31-9 for the Buccaneers against the newcomer Patrick Mahomes. It was Brady’s seventh Super Bowl Ring (each Super Bowl winning team gets a jewel encrusted ring for each player), a record, higher than any team ever (Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers winning 6 each)



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