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NDMA Division One Final Standings and Playoff Results 1991

NDMA Standings and Playoffs 1991

NDMA Division One Standings 1991

NDMA Division One 1991PWLT PF  PA PCT
Northern Conference
* Birmingham Bulls109104611270.900
* Nottingham Hoods109104741450.900
* Glasgow Lions109104812360.900
* Leicester Panthers105502772180.500
Leeds Cougars105501684000.500
Manchester Spartans102801513540.200
Blackpool Falcons102801703060.200
Gateshead Senators102802454640.200
Southern Conference
* London Olympians101000432761.000
* Northants Storm108203932540.800
* Essex Gladiators107302682190.700
(R-D) Bournemouth Bobcat106403532270.600
* Thames Valley Chargers105501192710.500
Brighton B-52’s103701452550.300
(R-D) London Ravens102711042490.250
(R) Solent Warriors10190263770.100
(R-D) Bristol Packers10091491920.050
NDMA Division One Final Standings 1991

NDMA Division One Playoffs 1991

Quarter-Finals,Sunday 14 July 1991
London Olympians72Thames Valley Chargers0
Northants Storm44Glasgow Lions12
Birmingham Bulls32Leicester Panthers18
Nottingham Hoods61Essex Gladiators10
Semi-Finals,Sunday 21 July 1991
Birmingham Bulls37Nottingham Hoods24
London Olympians34Northants Storm12
NDMA Coke Bowl IISunday 4 August 1991
Birmingham Bulls39London Olympians38
NDMA Division One Playoffs 1991


NDMA is an orphaned acronym for National Division Management Agency

NDMA created a new NDMA Super League for 1992 featuring top 12 teams from 1991.

* Qualify for Playoff Quarter-Finals

(R) Relegated to new NDMA Division One for 1992,

(D) Disbanded after season

(Name or Division Changes for 1992 in Brackets after Team Record)


1991 was the eighth season of organised Gridiron Football in Britain featuring British-based teams and British-born players. It was also the second season of the NDMA, and the Coke Bowl, after Budweiser pulled sponsorship for the Budweiser League and Coca-Cola replaced them.

Birmingham Bulls won their third BritBowl, as the Bowl Games were unofficially known, by defeating London Olympians for the second time in four years in the Finale by a single point, 39-38. The Bulls had also previously defeated Glasgow Lions 23-2 in Summer Bowl II (1986) and lost to Manchester Spartans 21-14 in Bud Bowl IV (1989).

For the Olympians it was a heart-breaking fourth loss in four Bowl appearances, having lost twice to the London Ravens (45-7 in Summer Bowl I in 1985 and 20-12 in Bud Bowl I in 1986) as well as the previous 30-6 defeat to the Bulls in Brit Bowl III in 1988.

Defending Champions Manchester Spartans failed to make it three titles in a row as they slumped to a 2-8 record. 1990’s runners-up Northants Storm finished the season 8-2 but lost out in the Semi-Finals by 34-12 to the Olympians.

In all it was a disappointing season despite the close end to the Bowl Game, as a number of long-term top Britball teams disbanded after the season: London Ravens, champions and undefeated 1984 to 1987, folded after a dismal 2-7-1 record by their standards, and Bristol Packers and Bournemouth Bobcat both disbanded leaving no team in top Division in the South West for 1992.

The NDMA created a new Super League for 1992 featuring the top 12 teams from 1991, with another 12 teams making up the second level. For the Olympians, despite defeat again, it was to be the start of a new era of dominance, as the Streatham-based team emerged from the Ravens’ shadow to dominate British Gridiron Football for the next 15 years.

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