Softball Leinster Division 1 2017

League Table

Dodder Dynamites181440318227078
Castleknock Bearcats181350335199175
Renegade Beachers181260306203272
Base Devils1811612652423.567
Dublin Bay Packers181080278261466
Sauce Monsters1871011602337.555
Usual Suspects186120204321854
Prem Team1800180126230


5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit # / C – Champions
/ Tied teams separated by (1) Head-to–Head / 6:4 Men:Women

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
26.04.2017Base Devils10Castleknock Bearcats28
26.04.2017Dodder Dynamites22Dublin Bay Packers17
26.04.2017Renegade Beachers18Thunderbolts3
26.04.2017Sauce Monsters21Chuggers20
26.04.2017Prem Team0Usual Suspects7
 Week 2
03.05.2017Castleknock Bearcats12Renegade Beachers23
03.05.2017Dodder Dynamites15Usual Suspects5
03.05.2017Base Devils25Chuggers24
03.05.2017Thunderbolts12Dublin Bay Packers26
03.05.2017Sauce Monsters7Prem Team0
 Week 3   
10.05.2017Dublin Bay Packers13Sauce Monsters15
10.05.2017Dodder Dynamites28Thunderbolts12
10.05.2017Renegade Beachers26Base Devils39
10.05.2017Usual Suspects9Chuggers28
10.05.2017Prem Team0Castleknock Bearcats7
 Week 4   
17.05.2017Castleknock Bearcats21Sauce Monsters6
17.05.2017Renegade Beachers25Usual Suspects10
17.05.2017Chuggers7Thunderbolts0 #
17.05.2017Base Devils29Dublin Bay Packers14
17.05.2017Dodder Dynamites7Prem Team0 #
 Week 5   
24.05.2017Castleknock Bearcats32Dublin Bay Packers30
24.05.2017Chuggers20Dodder Dynamites28
24.05.2017Usual Suspects9Base Devils21
24.05.2017Thunderbolts26Sauce Monsters14
24.05.2017Prem Team0 #Renegade Beachers7
 Week 6   
31.05.2017Dodder Dynamites8Renegade Beachers24
31.05.2017Thunderbolts18Base Devils11
31.05.2017Chuggers10Castleknock Bearcats8
31.05.2017Sauce Monsters4Usual Suspects20
31.05.2017Prem Team0 #Dublin Bay Packers7
 Week 7   
07.06.2017Renegade Beachers13Sauce Monsters15
07.06.2017Base Devils7Dodder Dynamites13
07.06.2017Castleknock BearcatspThunderboltsp
07.06.2017Chuggers23Dublin Bay Packers25
07.06.2017Usual SuspectspPrem Teamp
 Week 8   
14.06.2017Sauce Monsters8Dodder Dynamites10
14.06.2017Dublin Bay Packers16Renegade Beachers11
14.06.2017Thunderbolts34Usual Suspects24
14.06.2017Castleknock Bearcats15Base Devils4
14.06.2017Chuggers7Prem Team0 #
 Week 9   
21.06.2017Dodder Dynamites12Castleknock Bearcats25
21.06.2017Chuggers12Renegade Beachers27
21.06.2017Usual Suspects21Dublin Bay Packers2
21.06.2017Sauce Monsters8Base Devils4
21.06.2017Thunderbolts7Prem Team0 #
 Week 10   
28.06.2017Chuggers6Base Devils7
28.06.2017Dublin Bay Packers16Thunderbolts17
28.06.2017Renegade Beachers18Castleknock Bearcats15
28.06.2017Usual Suspects6Dodder Dynamites24
28.06.2017Prem Team Sauce Monsters 
 Week 11   
5.07.2017Thunderbolts12Renegade Beachers13
5.07.2017Castleknock Bearcats31Usual Suspects5
5.07.2017Dublin Bay Packers15Dodder Dynamites17
5.07.2017Chuggers9Sauce Monsters8
5.07.2017Prem Team0 #Base Devils7
 Week 12   
12.07.2017Thunderbolts20Dodder Dynamites12
12.07.2017Base Devils14Renegade Beachers13
12.07.2017Sauce Monsters2Castleknock Bearcats14
12.07.2017Dublin Bay Packers20Usual Suspects2
12.07.2017Prem Team0 #Chuggers7
 Week 13   
19.07.2017Base Devils0 #Sauce Monsters7
19.07.2017Dublin Bay Packers13Castleknock Bearcats23
19.07.2017Usual Suspects11Renegade Beachers25
19.07.2017Prem Team0 #Dodder Dynamites7
 Week 14   
26.07.2017Castleknock Bearcats16Dodder Dynamites40
26.07.2017Chuggers24Usual Suspects14
26.07.2017Dublin Bay Packers9Base Devils6
26.07.2017Sauce Monsters9Thunderbolts18
26.07.2017Renegade Beachers9Prem Team0 #
 Week 15   
31.07..2017Dodder Dynamites27Chuggers11
02.08.2017Thunderbolts6Castleknock Bearcats27
02.08.2017Sauce Monsters9Renegade Beachers24
02.08.2017Base Devils25Usual Suspects24
02.08.2017Dublin Bay Packers7Prem Team0 #
 Week 16   
09.08.2017Renegade Beachers13Dodder Dynamites19
09.08.2017Base Devils34Thunderbolts14
09.08.2017Dublin Bay Packers11Chuggers8
09.08.2017Usual Suspects7Sauce Monsters0 #
09.08.2017Castleknock Bearcats7Prem Team0 #
 Week 17   
16.08.2017Dodder Dynamites14Base Devils15
16.08.2017Sauce Monsters7Dublin Bay Packers19
16.08.2017Renegade Beachers4Chuggers1
16.08.2017Usual Suspects4Castleknock Bearcats25
16.08.2017Prem Team0 #Thunderbolts7
 Week 18   
23.08.2017Usual Suspects19Thunderbolts18
23.08.2017Renegade Beachers15Dublin Bay Packers17
23.08.2017Dodder Dynamites15Sauce Monsters13
23.08.2017Castleknock Bearcats7Chuggers9
23.08.2017Base Devils7Prem Team0 #


07.09.2017Castleknock Bearcats22Thunderbolts7


Note: Due to the odd number of teams in both the Premier League & Division 1 an extra Interleague match was arranged each week between the two idle teams which counted as a walkover in the standings of the Premier League for Premier League Teams and a walkover in the standings of Division 1 for the Division 1 teams.

Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Base DevilsStannaway Park, Kimmage, D22, Co. South Dublin
Castleknock BearcatsCastleknock College, Castleknock, D15, Co. Fingal
ChuggersWanderers RFC, Merrion Rd, D4, Dublin City
Dodder DynamitesTerenure Sports Club, Terenure, D6W, Dublin City
Dublin Bay PackersALSAA, Dublin Airport, Tubberbunny, D9, Co. Fingal
Renegade BeachersMount Temple Comprehensive School, Clontarf, D3, Dublin City
Sauce MonstersStannaway Park, Kimmage, D12, Co. South Dublin
ThunderboltsMount Temple Comprehensive School, Clontarf, D3, Dublin City



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