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London GAA Division 1 Hurling League 2019

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London GAA Logo [References: 1]


Thomas McCurtains54018
Kilburn Gaels54018
Robert Emmetts53026
St. Gabriels52034
Brothers Pearse52034
Sean Treacys50050
London GAA Division 1 Hurling League 2019 [References: 2]

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
13.04.19Brothers Pearse2-23 (29)Sean Treacys0-6 (6)
14.04.19St. Gabriels0-10 (10)Robert Emmetts1-15 (18)
Round 2
27.04.19Robert Emmetts4-26 (38)Sean Treacys0-6 (6)
27.04.19St. Gabriels3-14 (23)Thomas McCurtains2-18 (24)
28.04.19Brothers Pearse3-18 (27)Kilburn Gaels0-23 (23)
Round 3
27.05.19Sean TreacysCCSt. GabrielsW/O
Round 4
18.06.19Thomas McCurtains3-12 (21)Brothers Pearse3-11 (20)
19.06.19Robert Emmetts2-17 (23)Kilburn Gaels3-26 (35)
Round 5
29.06.19Sean Treacys0-4 (4)Thomas McCurtains7-24 (45)
02.07.19St. Gabriels2-10 (16)Kilburn Gaels4-21 (33)
Round 6
13.07.19Sean TreacysCCKilburn GaelsW/O
15.07.19Thomas McCurtains2-19 (25)Robert Emmetts0-12 (12)
15.07.19Brothers Pearse1-10 (13)St. Gabriels5-21 (36)
Round 7
17.07.19Kilburn GaelsW/OThomas McCurtainsCC
17.07.19Brothers Pearse2-9 (15)Robert Emmetts4-16 (28)
London GAA Division 1 Hurling League 2019 [References: 2]

Note: W/O: Walkover Received / CC: Walkover Conceded.


Thomas McCurtains won their first four matches in the London GAA Division 1 Hurling League in 2019, before conceding the last game to Kilburn Gaels, leaving the teams level on points (8 points from 5 games). Robert Emmetts finished third, and the other three teams in the Division 1 Hurling League were Brothers Pearse, St. Gabriels and Sean Treacys.

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[1] London GAA (2019) AIB Div 1 Hurling League [Internet] Available from: http://londongaa.org/aibdiv1hl [Accessed 30 August 2019]


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