Tuam Galway Cadet Baseball 1970


A U.S. County Court Judge, Arthur O’Dea, whose grandparents were from Woodford, Co. Galway, arranged the first ever exhibition match of Baseball in Galway in August 1970. The match took place at Parkmore, Tuam, and involved teenagers from the locality, some of whom picked up the game fairly quickly. The Judge had hoped to have set up a League by the time he travelled back to Berger County, New Jersey, where he was from.

He left a set of Baseball bats with the Christian Brothers in Tuam and by September the boys in the Youth Club were playing regularly. He had also hoped to organise a match in New Jersey the following year between Irish and American teams, and had promised the boys if they were championship standard he would bring them to the United States in 1971 for the match.



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