American Football Association of Ireland | Irish Senior League 1997-1999

AFAI Senior League 1997

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XII   
 Carrickfergus Knights21Dublin Bulls0


AFAI Senior League 1998

*Dublin Tigers8602  .875
*Carrickfergus Knights8602  .875
*Greystones Rebels8440  .500
*Craigavon Cowboys8170  .125
Queens University Belfast Broncos8170  .125


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Dublin Tigers30Craigavon Cowboys0
 Carrickfergus Knights40Greystones Rebels0
 Shamrock Bowl XIII   
 Dublin Tigers14Carrickfergus Knights22


AFAI Senior League 1999

*Dublin Tigers440012801.000
*Carrickfergus Knights42205838.500
Queens University Belfast Broncos404010158.000
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XIV   
 Dublin Tigers22Carrickfergus Knights6




In 1997 Carrickfergus Knights would defeat new team Dublin Bulls, who were formed by Gateway Computers and had a very international feel to the team, 21-0 to win their first Shamrock Bowl.

The 1998 season would see the Dublin Bulls replaced by the Tigers and new teams enter – the Greystones Rebels (who would later become the Dublin Rebels) and Queens University Belfast Broncos. The Tigers and Carrickfergus Knights would both go through the season undefeated – tie-ing both games with each other and winning all the rest. They would meet in Shamrock Bowl XIII where they were only separated by one converted Touchdown – Carrickfergus Knights winning 22-14.

The Greystones Rebels would pull out of the League  in 1999, citing the politics in the game, and the League would drop to just 3 teams. The Shamrock Bowl would be won by the Dublin Tigers 22-6 over the Carrickfergus Knights.

The 2000 season was not played as a further two teams pulled out and a court case involving the AFAI and Cillian Smith and a number of other players resulted in a new body being formed – the Irish American Football Association – which would feature the Rebels and Carrickfergus Knights as well as two other teams starting the League over. Cillian Smith would guide the sport as Commissioner for the next 17 years to one with 20 teams and three levels of play.


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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Ralph Schmeer and Michael Brophy of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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