Irish Basketball Association National League Men’s Super League 1993-1994

Final Table

*Jameson St. Vincent’s1411322
*Garvey’s Tigers Tralee149518
*Connacht Gold Ballina149518
Star of the Sea146812
Oscar Taylors Killester145910
Queens Strongbow145910
North Monastery 96ers143116

Reference: [14]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-Finals 1st Leg
13.03.1994Connacht Gold Ballina55Garveys Tigers Tralee98
13.03.1994Neptune59Jameson St. Vincent’s69
Semi-Finals 2nd Leg
20.03.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee95Connacht Gold Ballina66
(Tralee won 193-121 on Agg)
220.03.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s81Neptune82
(St. Vincent’s won 150-141 on Agg)
27.03.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s82Garveys Tigers Tralee75

Reference: [15-17]

Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome TeamAway Team
Playoff 1st Leg
20.03.1994Dungannon70Queens Strongbow80
Playoff 2nd Leg
27.03.1994Queens Strongbow93Dungannon62
(Queens won 173-132 on Agg)

Reference: [16-17]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.10.1993Neptune59Team West Ballina77
23.10.1993Jameson St. vincent’s87Oscar Taylors Killester74
23.10.1993Queens Strongbow102North monastery 96ers92
23.10.1993Garveys Tigers Tralee64Star of the Sea61
Week 2
30.10.1993Team West Ballina101Queens Strongbow84
30.10.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s99Neptune74
30.10.1993Star of the Sea92Oscar Taylors Killester75
30.10.1993North Monastery 96ers92Garveys Tigers Tralee 82
Week 3
14.11.1993North Monastery 96ers87Jameson St. Vincent’s82
14.11.1993Queens Strongbow90Star of the Sea101
14.11.1993Garveys Tigers Tralee69Connacht Gold Ballina74
14.11.1993Oscar Taylors Killester78Neptune93
Week 4
28.11.1993North Monastery 96ers82Neptune84
28.11.1993Connacht Gold Ballina85Star of the Sea70
28.11.1993Garveys Tigers Tralee93Oscar Taylors Killester83
28.11.1993Queens Strongbow79Jameson St. Vincent’s103
Week 5
05.12.1993Connacht Gold Ballina82Oscar Taylors Killester76
05.12.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s99Garveys Tigers Tralee91
05.12.1993Neptune100Queens Strongbow63
05.12.1993Star of the Sea83North Monastery 96ers76
Week 6
12.12.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s104Star of the Sea97
12.12.1993Connacht Gold Ballina83North Monastery 96ers65
12.12.1993Oscar Taylors Killester95Queens Strongbow89
Week 7
03.01.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee98Queens Strongbow75
03.01.1994Oscar Taylors Killester92North Monastery 96ers68
03.01.1994Connacht Gold Ballina66Jameson St. Vincent;s76
03.01.1994Neptune71Star of the Sea78
Week 8
09.01.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s119Oscar Taylors Killester78
09.01.1994Star of the Sea91Garveys Tigers Tralee111
09.01.1994North Monastery 96ers60Queens Strongbow78
09.01.1994Connacht Gold Ballina74Neptune90
Week 9
16.01.1994Oscar Taylors Killester88Star of the Sea70
16.01.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee87North Monastery 96ers97
16.01.1994Queens Strongbow98Connacht Gold Ballina81
16.01.1994Neptune 72Jameson St. Vincent;s80
Week 10
23.01.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s97North Monastery 96ers101
23.01.1994Star of the Sea102Queens Strongbow116
23.01.1994Neptune62Oscar Taylors Killester80
23.01.1994Connacht Gold Ballina53Garveys Tigers Tralee73
Week 11
06.02.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee84Jameson St. Vincent’s101
06.02.1994Queens Strongbow97Neptune80
06.02.1994Oscar Taylors Killester61Connacht Gold Ballina73
06.02.1994North Monastery 96ers77Star of the Sea68
Week 12
13.02.1994Oscar Taylors Killester79Garveys Tigers Tralee107
13.02.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s99Queens Strongbow83
13.02.1994Neptune90North Monastery 96ers72
Week 13
20.02.1994North Monastery 96ers66Connacht Gold Ballina89
20.02.1994Star of the Sea84Jameson St. Vincent’s78
20.02.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee63Neptune74
20.02.1994Queens Strongbow60Oscar Taylors Killester66
Week 14
27.02.1994Jameson St. Vincent’s71Connacht Gold Ballina70
27.02.1994Star of the Sea81Neptune90
27.02.1994North Monastery 96ers70Oscar Taylors Killester72
27.02.1994Queens Strongbow91Garveys Tigers Tralee92

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