Irish International American Football Friendlies Reports and Box-Scores 1986


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International American Football Friendlies 1986


Irish American Football Teams played four International Friendlies in 1986, the first season of the Irish American Football League. Beginning with two preseason matches involving the Dublin Celts, then Ireland’s only fully kitted team with pads and helmets.

The Celts won their first two games of the season 14-0 versus the Wirral Wolves from Merseyside in England, and 16-14 versus Newcastle Senators in a much closer game.

Following the end of the Irish American Football League season Carrickfergus Cougars took on Scotland’s Ayr Burners in a postseason Bowl Game, losing 8-28.

Then in the last game of the season for Irish teams, the Green Isle All-Stars made up of players from the Dublin Celts, Belfast Blitzers, Craigavon Cowboys, Belfast Giants, Bangor Buccaneers and Dublin Tornadoes played the first ever game against American opposition ever played by an Irish American Football team, going down 0-36 in Kilmacud Crokes GAA ground in Stillorgan, Dublin 18.


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