Japan American Football League X-League X1 Super 2020

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Final Standings

X1 Super 2020PWLTPFPAStars
A Block
Fujitsu Frontiers (P)3300123273
Nojima Sagamihara321047792
Elecom Kobe Finies312052791
IBM Big Blue3030661030
B Block
Obic Seagulls (P)220095342
Panasonic Impulse211072351
Tokyo Gas Creators20200980
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DateHome TeamAway Team
Japan X Bowl 2020 Tokyo Dome
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Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Section 1
24.10.2020Fujitsu48Nojima Sagamihara3
24.10.2020Tokyo Gas0Panasonic38
25.10.2020Elecom Kobe35IBM28
Section 2
08.11.2020Obic60Tokyo Gas0
08.11.2020Elecom Kobe14Nojima Sagamihara17
Section 3
22.11.2020Fujitsu34Elecom Kobe3
23.11.2020IBM17Nojima Sagamihara27
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Players with Irish names

Jimmy Laughrea, from Rocklin, California, played for the University of California at Davis (UC Davis) Aggies with the Class of 2013. in 2020 he played Quarterback for the Obic Seagulls (Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture), of the Japan American Football League X-League X1 Super. He guided Obic Seagulls to a 13-7 victory over the Fujitsu Frontiers in the X-Bowl.

Jimmy Laugrea (UC Davis Aggies, Nojima Sagamihara Rise and Obic Seagulls)

Home Fields

A Block
Elecom KobeExpo Flash Field
FujitsuFujitsu Stadium Kawasaki
IBMFujitsu Stadium Kawasaki
Nojima Sagamihara???
B Block
ObicNarashino City, Chiba PrefectureFujitsu Stadium Kawasaki
Tokyo GasFujitsu Stadium Kawasaki
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