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Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Mexico) 2017

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LFA 2017

Grupo Suerox
CDMX Mayas7610256136
CDMX Eagles7430159150
CDMX Condors7250110210
Grupo Under Armour
Raptors de Edomex7520160121
Dinos de Saltillo7250117137
Fundidores de Monterrey7250112146
Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Mexico) 2017 [Reference: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
23.04.2017Raptors de Edomex10Dinos de Saltillo13
23.04.2017CDMX Mayas40CDMX Eagles18
Tazon Mexico II
30.04.2017CDMX Mayas26Dinos de Saltillo18
Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Mexico) 2017 [Reference: 3]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
18.02.2017Dinos de Saltillo33Fundidores de Monterrey16
18.02.2017Condors de CDMX10Raptors de Edomex13
18.02.2017Mayas de CDMX21Eagles de CDMX33
Week 2
26.02.2017Condors de CDMX16Mayas de CDMX64
26.02.2017Fundidores de Monterrey24Eagles de CDMX25
26.02.2017Raptors de Edomex34Dinos de Saltillo27
Week 3
05.03.2017Eagles de CDMX20Condors de CDMX24
05.03.2017Fundidores de Monterrey22Raptors de EdoMex21
05.03.2017Mayas de CDMX30Dinos de Saltillo12
Week 4
12.03.2017Raptors de EdoMex31Mayas de CDMX34
12.03.2017Dinos de Saltillo10Eagles de CDMX13
12.03.2017Condors de CDMX14Fundidores de Monterrey12
Week 5
19.03.2017Dinos de Saltillo23Condors de CDMX10
19.03.2017Eagles de CDMX24Mayas de CDMX27
19.03.2017Raptors de EdoMex14Fundidores de Monterrey10
Week 6
02.04.2017Mayas de CDMX47Condors de CDMX20
02.04.2017Fundidores de Monterrey14Dinos de Saltillo10
02.04.2017Eagles de CDMX12Raptors de EdoMex28
Week 7
09.04.2017Condors de CDMX16Eagles de CDMX31
09.04.2017Fundidores de Monterrey14Mayas de CDMX33
09.04.2017Dinos de Saltillo6Raptors de EdoMex19
Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Mexico) 2017 [Reference: 3]

Home Venues:

TeamHome Venue
CDMX CondorsPalillo CDMX
CDMX EaglesPalillo CDMX
CDMX MayasPalillo CDMX
Raptors de EdomexPerros Negros EdoMex
Fundidores de MonterreyEstadio Tec Monterrey
Dinos de SaltilloOlimpico Saltillo
Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Mexico) 2017 [Reference: 3]


Mayas de CDMX won the 2017 and second season of the Liga de Fútbol Americano Pofesional in Mexico with a 28-18 victory in Mexico Bowl II over Dinos de Saltillo. They had won convincingly, having gone 6-1-0 during the regular season, with their only loss coming in week 1 against Eagles de CDMX (21-33), and thereafter winning games by margins such as 64-16 (week 2 at Condors CDMX), 30-12 (week 3 versus Dinos de Saltillo), 47-20 (week 6 versus Condors CDMX) and 33-14 (week 7 at Fundidores de Monterrey). In the Semi-Finals they had gained revenge over the Eagles, winning 40-18.

Raptors de EdoMex had won the Grupo Under Armour with a 5-2-0 record, but had been surprised in the Semi-Finals, losing a close game 10-13 at home to the Dinos. This was the first year separate Groups had been employed, with the additions of the Fundidores de Monterrey and Dinos de Saltillo in the North adding to the four teams in the Capital. Raptors moved out of the Arena shared with the three CDMX teams, and into their own Arena in Estado de Mexico (EdoMex), the State surrounding the Federal District.



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