Ian Jones, Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present

Major Rival Football Leagues 2019

Canadian Football League 2019

West Division
Saskatchewan Roughriders (P)18135048738626
Calgary Stampeders (P)18126048240724
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (P)18117050840922
Edmonton Eskimoes18810040640016
BC Lions18513041145210
East Division
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (P)18153055134430
Montreal Alouettes (P)18108047948520
Toronto Argonauts (P)1841403735628
Ottawa REDBLACKS1831503125646
Reference: [37]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Eastern Semi-Final
10.11.2019Montreal Alouettes29Edmonton Eskimoes37
Western Semi-Final
10.11.2019Calgary Stampeders14Winnipeg Blue Bombers35
Eastern Final
17.10.2019Hamilton Tiger-Cats36Edmonton Eskimoes16
Western Final
17.10.2019Saskatchewan Roughriders13Winnipeg Blue Bombers20
107th Grey Cup
24.11.2019Winnipeg Blue Bombers33Hamilton Tiger-Cats12
Reference: [38]

Alliance of American Football 2019


Eastern Conference       
Orlando Apollos8710236136.875
Birmingham Iron8530165133.625
Memphis Express8260152194.250
Atlanta Legends826088213.250
Western Conference       
San Antonio Commanders8530158154.625
Arizona Hotshots8530186144.625
San Diego Fleet8350158161.375
Salt Lake Stallions8350135143.200
Alliance of American Football Standings 2019 Reference: 11-12]

The Alliance of American Football filed for Bancruptcy afer 8 of 10 weeks.

Liga Football Americano (Mexico) 2019

Conferencia Centro
*CDMX Condors862020515075
*CDMX Mayas853013012963
Puebla Artilleros853014513163
CDMX Mexicas826013217025
Conferencia Norte
*Edomex Raptors862021011875
Saltillo Dinos835011012538
Monterrey Fundidores835013413338
Toluca Osos826011622625

Reference: [8]

DateHome TeamAway Team
27.04.19CDMX Condors18CDMX Mayas13
27.04.19Edomex Raptors53Monterrey Fundidores47
Tazon Mexico IVCd. De Los Deportes
12.05.19CDMX Condors20Edomex Raptors16

Reference: [9]

European Super League 2019

Topliga 2019PWLTPFPAPtsPct
*Warsaw Eagles660028816121.000
*Bydgoszcz Archers65102163310.833
*Vilnius Iron Wolves642094818.667
Krakow Tigers6240722004.333
Kaunas Dukes6150592532.167
Zabki Dukes6060442580.000
EESL 2019
*Moscow Spartans65101821910.833
*St. Petersburg North Legion6510946510.833
Minsk Litvins6150931842.167
St. Petersburg Griffins6150451462.167
European Super League 2019 [Reference: 1
DateHomeTeamAway Team
06.07.2019Bydgoszcz ArchersVilnius Iron Wolves
20.07.2019Warsaw Eagles20Bydgoszcz Archers0
European Super League Topliga Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2
DateHome TeamAway Team
3rd Place Playoff
13.07.2019St. Petersburg Griffins36Minsk Litvins20
13.07.2019St. Petersburg North Legion16Moscow Spartans42
European Super League EESL Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2]
DateHomeTeamAway Team
27.07.2019Moscow SpartansWarsaw Eagles
European Super League Topliga-Eastern European Super League Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2]

Arena Football League 2019

*Albany Empire121020620474.833
*Washington Valor12750538552.583
*Philadelphia Soul12750523530.583
*Baltimore Brigade12750500439.583
Atlantic City Blackjacks12480518550.333
Columbus Destroyers121110394548.083

Reference: [1]

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
27.07.201919:00Albany Empire61Baltimore Brigade26
03.08.201919:00Baltimore Brigade21Albany Empire62
(Albany won 123-47 on agg)
28.07.201915:30Washington Valor33Philadelphia Soul69
04.08.201916:00Philadelphia Soul48Washington Valor41
(Philadelphia won 117-74 on agg)
Arena Bowl
11.08.201920:00Albany Empire45Philadelphia Soul27

Reference: [2]

Legends Football League United States 2019

Eastern Conference
*Atlanta Steam5320157109.600
Nashville Knights42206587.500
Omaha Heart4220101158.500
Chicago Bliss404047106.000
Western Conference
**Seattle Mist6510303117.833
*Austin Acoustic5410156125.800
*Los Angeles Temptation6330185212.500
Denver Dream404065155.000

Reference: Compiled from: [4] Note: Playoff Results Count in Standings / ** Legends Cup 2019 Champions / * Qualify for Playoffs

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
LFL PlayoffsToyota Arena, Ontario, CA
24.08.201919:00 PTAustin Acoustic29Los Angeles Temptation39
24.08.201917:00 PTSeattle Mist38Atlanta Steam14
LFL Legends Cup 2019Accesso Showare Center, Kent, WA
14.09.2019Seattle Mist56Los Angeles Temptation20
Reference: [5]

Liga Xtrema de Futbol Arena Mexico Division 1 – Autumn 2019

Division 1 A
*Spartans CDMX66002268612
*Demonios Showtime63301551126
Carneros Pre6240931734
Division 1B
*Toritos Texcoco63301281596
*Black Thunder62401451404
Cat Crazy6240881074
Lega Extrema de Futbol Arena Mexico LEXFA Division I Otoño Standings 2019 [Reference: 27]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-Finales 1B
27.10.2019Toritos Texcoco19Black Thunder41
Semi-Finales 1A
26.10.2019Spartans CDMX48Demonios Showtime32
Finale 1B
02.11.2019Supermans42Black Thunder26
Finale 1A
02.11.2019Spartans CDMX34Generales12
Lega Extrema de Futbol Arena Mexico LEXFA Division I Otoño Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 28-30

China Arena Football League 2019

*Wuhan Gators33002861.000
*Beijing Lions3210366.667
Shenyang Black Rhinos31201222.333
Shanghai Legend3030042.000
References: Compiled from Results in :[16-17]
DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
3rd Place Game
08.12.201911:00 AMShenyang Black Rhinos18Shanghai Legend6
08.12.201911:00 AMWuhan Gators30Beijing Lions22
Reference: [13; 18-19]

Report – General

The 2019 Major Rival Football season was one of the most full and exciting in a long time. With four outdoor leagues (Canadian Football League, Alliance of American Football, Liga de Futbol Americano Mexico and the European Super League, as well as four Arena Leagues (Arena Football League, Legends Football League United States, Liga Xtrema de Futbol Arena Mexico, and China Arena Football League) to choose from the Football Fan was spoilt.

Report – Canadian Football League 2019

Canadian Football League Logo [References: 36]

Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated three higher-ranked teams in the playoffs to win the Grey Cup in 2019 – having defeated Calgary Stampeders 35-14 in the Western Semi-Final, then Sasktatchewan Roughriders 20-13 in the Western Final, they proceeded to defeat Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-12 to take home the Grey Cup.

Report – Alliance of American Football 2019

Alliance of American Football Logo [13]

The Alliance of American Football was a AAA (2nd Level) American Football League, which unusually for the time, managed to start the season, although it filed for bankruptcy after 8 of ten weeks, with Orlando Apollos (7-1) and Birmingham Iron (5-3) in the Eastern Conference, and San Antonio Commanders (5-3) and Arizona Hotshots (5-3) in the Western Coference, in Playoff spots.

Its’ place as a AAA Alternative to the National Football League was taken in 2020 by the second incarnation of the XFL. There was also failed attempts in 2020 to start Major League Football and the Freedom Football League. Ian Jones, who was born in Cork, Ireland, was Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Salt Lake Stallions in the AAF in 2019.

Biography of Ian Jones

Ian Jones, Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present
Ian Jones, Irish-Born GAA Football, Rugby Union and NFL American Football Coach 2010-Present [Reference: 35][Picture Credit: Ian Jones LinkedIn Profile]

Ian Jones, born in Cork, was appointed Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Houston Texans in 2017. He started doing voluntary work, mostly coaching in the GAA while still in College in 2010, where he was Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with Cork GAA (Official) and one other coach, Mark Kilgallon, who is now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with the AFL’s Sydney Swans, saw potential, and got him an Internship at the University of South Carolina, using his contacts with Craig Fitzgerald, whom he had worked with at Harvard University in the mid-2000s.

He worked 12 Hours a Day at USC, seven days a week, 8 hours each day coaching the Football Team.
[1] After two summers at USC he moved on to London Welsh Rugby Union team, and his first Professional Contract. he was surprised at how low-level the set-up was. They had just been promoted to the Premiership, but the budget was small compared the Colleges in the USA, where Stsdiums can seat 110,000 people and there are massively successful alumni who can fund the College Programmes. He decided to phone Fitzgerald again and tell him it was not working out and secured a contract with Penn State College Football Team.

He stayed for three years at Penn State coaching the University’s Football Team as well as being involved in Coaching 30 other sports during his time there, including the College Rugby Team, and the USA Women’s Rugby Squad which also had s base there. While involved with the USA Women’s Rugby Team he got to go to Canadaon Tour with the, and also travel to Wales, England and the World Cup in france in 2014. . By now Fitzgerald had moved on to become a Coach at the Houston Texans. Jones ended up taking a low level position with the Cleveland Browns in 2016, and from there went on to the Houston Texans in 2017, after Fitzgerald called him up when a position became vacant. [1]

At the Texans a typical day stated at 3 A.M. the S&C Staff train at 3:45 AM, At 6 AM they Preview the Day and set up the Weight Room. At 7 AM they train the 30-or-so Rookies (First Year Players). At 8 AM they have a team meeting and 8:30 AM the S&C staff meet for injury/rehab reports. 9 AM they train the five Long Snappers, Kickers and Punters. 10 AM is full practice – Three Hours Long. At 1 PM until 3 PM the non-Rookies are trained individually, staggerred, before they move off to their own individual training. After that it calms down – they eat, review what needs to be done in the Weightroom, look at data from Practice. at 5 or 6 PM another full team meeting and at 7 PM a Final walk-through for the Day. Once the meetings are finished around 8 or 9 PM, that’s the day done. [1]

From the Texans he took up the position of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Salt Lake Stalions, of the Alliance of American Football, a AAA American Football League, the equivalent of Championship in English Soccer, and from July 2019 to July 2020 was Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance at Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, a multi-sports NCAA College programme position. In December 2019 he took up the position of Head StrengthConditioning Coach at Rugby United in New York, and also the role of Strength and Conditioning Consultant. From June 2018 to August 2020 he was also Head of Physical Performance of USA Rugby and at the same time Physical Performance Consultant. [References: 33-35]

Report – Liga de Futbol Americano Mexico 2019

LFA Mexico Logo [10]

Condores CDMX won the Mexica Bowl 20-16 against Raptors de Edomex. The two teams had defeated Mayas CDMX and Fundidores de Monterrey in the Playoffs by less than a touchdown, with the Raptors winning 53-47 in a shootout, and the other semi-final being a much closer affair, with Condores triumphing 18-13 in a Federal District battle.

Report – European Super League

European Super League Logo [Reference: 39]

The European Super League was an American Football League featuring four teams from Poland and two from Lithuania in the Topliga and three from Russia and one from Belarusin the East European Super League, that followed on from the Central European Football League (2006-2016) and the Amsterdam Crusaders (International-only schedule 2018) as the top level European American Football League played on a weekly basis in two or more countries.

The two Divisions (or Leagues) played separate schedules until the Final. Topliga Champions were Warsaw Eagles who defeated Bydgoszcz Archers, both Poland, 20-0 in the Topliga Final. Lithuania’s Vilnius Iron Wolves were defeated in the Semi-Final. East European Super League Champions were Moscow Spartans who had a surprisingly easy 42-16 victory over St. Petersburg North Legion in the EESL Final. There were plans for a European Super League Topliga – East European Super League Final between the Warsaw Eagles and EESL Champions Moscow Spartans but it appears to have not taken place.

Report – Arena Football League 2019

Arena Football League Logo [3]

The 2019 season in the Arena Football League was the last in this most successful independent alternative to the National Football League since the American Football League of 1960 to 1969. With only six teams in it’s last season, Albany Empire triumphed in the Arena Bowl XXXIII 45-27 over Philadelphia Soul. Its’ legacy is Arena Indoor Football Leagues all over the USA, as well as in Mexico, and copycat leagues such as the Legends Football League based on the same idea of a reduced numbers American Football League in an Indoor Arena.

Report – Legends Football League United States 2019

Legends Football League Logo [7]

In the Final season of the Legends Football League (the first full season was in 2009) Seattle Mist defeated Los Angeles Temptation 56-20 in Legends Cup 2019. Los Angeles Temptation had shocked Austin Acoustic in the Semi-Finals and Seattle Mist had knocked out Atlanta Sream.

Report – Liga Xtrema de Futbol Arena Mexico Division 1 2019

LEXFA Logo [References: 25]

The Autumn (Otoño) season in the LEXFA (Lega Extrema de Futbol Americano) in Mexico was won by Spartans CDMX in 2019.

LEXFA is an Arena (8v8 Indoor) version of American Football that has become quite popular in Mexico. A team called the Irish, who used the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo played in a lower division.

Report – China Arena Football League 2019

China Arena Football League Logo [References: 22]

Benjamin Duhon had an interception and score for the Lions defense, and John Taggart added two rushing scores as the Beijing Lions beat the Shenyang Rhinos in Preseason Week 1 [2]

In Preseason Week 2, Wuhan Gators, thrilled the Home Fans by beating the Shanghai Legend 40-0. They were led by QB Jarred Evans, who threw 4 Touchdown passes, and ran for two more, and the defense played its part too, as Defensive Captain, Robert Williams had 2 sacks and several pass deflections. [3]

Wuhan Gators won all 3 Championship Tournament Round-Robin matches to finish top of the table, and earn a place in the Championship Game against Beijing Lions who won their other two matches. Shanghai Legend finished bottom, losing all their matches and played against Shenyang Black Rhinos in the 3rd Place Playoff. [4-5]

In the 3rd Place Playoff, the Shenyang Black Rhinos won again against the Shanghai Legend, after both teams came out guns blazing, scoring on their opening drives. [6]

The Championship Game proved an epic struggle, with Wuhan Gators sending their fans home happy, coming from behind to beat the defending Champions, Beijing Lions 30-22. The Lions had taken a 22-14 lead after an amazing catch and run by Wide Receiver Devin Jones, but the Gators came right back, with tournament MVP Jarred Evans leading the team to a tieing score. In Overtime QB Evans found WR Shida Wang, who outfought the defender, in tight coverage, for the score. The Two-Point Conversion was successful, leaving the Gators 30-22 up, and the there were wild celebrations in the Wuhan camp after the Lions were unable to respond on their next drive. [7]



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