OEFA Varsity (Baja California College Football) 2019

OEFA Baja California Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Standings

*Jaguares Tijuana88003937516
*Zorros Mexicali871033612314
*Monaguillos Mexicali862031718812
*Zorros Tijuana853019017410
*Aguilas Tijuana84401581698
*Leones Anahuac Ensenada84401261488
Zorros Ensenada83501941746
Linces UVM Mexicali8170342792
Borregos Salvajes Mexicali8170521762
Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali8170343282
OEFA (Baja California College Football) 2019 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
01.11.2019Monaguillos Mexicali33Leones Anahuac Ens13
02.11.2019Zorros Tijuana12Aguilas Tijuana24
08.11.2019Zorros Mexicali21Monaguillos Mexicali17
09.11.2019Jaguares Tijuana40Aguilas Tijuana34
16.11.2019Jaguares Tijuana15Zorros Mexicali25
OEFA (Baja California College Football) 2019 [Reference: 11-12]

Regular Season Results

DAteHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
06.09.2019Borregos Salvajes Mexicali20Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali0
06.09.2019Aguilas Tijuana0Jaguares Tijuana59
07.09.2019Leones Anuhuac Ensenada 0Zorros Mexicali40
07.09.2019Zorros Ensenada40Linces UVM0
07.09.2019Monaguillos Mexicali56Zorros Tijuana35
Week 2
13.09.2019Zorros Mexicali58Zorros Ensenada26
13.09.2019Monaguillos Mexicali57Borregos Salvajes Mexicali12
14.09.2019Leones Anahuac Ensenada14Zorros Tijuana21
14.09.2019Linces UVM Mexicali0Jaguares Tijuana66
14.09.2019Aguilas Tijuana55Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali6
Week 3
21.09.2019Leones Anahuac Ensenada16Aguilas Tijuana35
21.09.2019Zorros Ensenada46Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali0
21.09.2019Linces UVM Mexicali0Monaguillos Mexicali64
21.09.2019Jaguares Tijuana36Zorros Mexicali31
21.09.2019Zorros Tijuana1Borregos Salvajes Mexicali0
Week 4
27.09.2019Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali0Jaguares Tijuana72
27.09.2019Zorros Tijuana12Aguilas Tijuana6
28.09.2019Leones Anahuac Ensenada35Linces UVM Mexicali0
28.09.2019Zorros Ensenada21Monaguillos Mexicali 30
28.09.2019Zorros Mexicali47Borregos Salvajes Mexicali8
Week 5
05.10.2019Zorros Ensenada6Jaguares Tijuana36
05.10.2019Monaguillos Mexicali43Aguilas Tijuana30
05.10.2019Linces UVM Mexicali14Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali16
05.10.2019Borregos Salvajes Mexicali6Leones Anahuac Ensenada8
05.10.2019Zorros Tijuana10Zorros Mexicali47
Week 6
11.10.2019Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali12Leones Anahuac Ensenada33
12.10.2019Monaguillos Mexicali7Zorros Mexicali38
12.10.2019Borregos Salvajes Mexicali0Zorros Ensenada42
12.10.2019Aguilas Tijuana1Linces UVM Mexicali0
12.10.2019Jaguares Tijuana38Zorros Tijuana18
Week 7
18.10.2019Zorros Ensenada0Leones Anahuac Ensenada8
19.10.2019Zorros Mexicali42Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali0
19.10.2019Aguilas Tijuana1Borregos Salvajes Mexicali0
19.10.2019Jaguares Tijuana52Monaguillos Mexicali0
19.10.2019Zorros Tijuana51Linces UVM Mexicali0
Week 8
25.10.2019Zorros Mexicali33Aguilas Tijuana30
25.10.2019Monaguillos Mexicali 46Toros Cbtis 21 Mexicali0
25.10.2019Linces UVM Mexicali20Borregos Salvajes Mexicali6
26.10.2019Jaguares Tijuana34Leones Anahuac Ensenada6
26.10.2019Zorros Tijuana42Zorros Ensenada13
OEFA (Baja California College Football) 2019 [Reference: 3-10]


Zorros Mexicali defeated Jaguares Tijuana25-15 in the Final of the OEFA College Football League in Baja California, Mexico in 2019. OEFA stands for Organización Estudiantil de Futbol Americano de Baja California. There are six levels, with the Varsity for 17-19 year olds (thesecond level – just below Colegial for 20-25 year olds.). There were 10 competing teams from colleges in three cities in Baja California: Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada.



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