Pacific Coast Pro Football League 1940-1948

PCPFL 1940

Los Angeles Bulldogs11721212142.778
Hollywood Bears862014584.750
Oakland Giants61323065.250
Phoenix Panthers40316797.000
San Diego Bombers40402692.000

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PCPFL 1941

Hollywood Bears8800167511.000
Los Angeles Bulldogs8440156119.500
San Diego Bombers615078147.167
San Francisco Bay Packers615023107.167

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PCPFL 1942

San Diego Bombers54107128.800
San Francisco Bay Packers32103228.667
Los Angeles Bulldogs42203562.500
Hollywood Bears40401535.000

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PCPFL 1943

San Diego Bombers8710214117.875
Los Angeles Mustangs8440167124.500
Oakland Giants8440118143.500
Richmond Boilermakers42204441.500
Los Angeles Bulldogs7340119125.429
Alameda Mustangs41305372.250
San Francisco Bay Packers514030123.200

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San Diego Bombers9900335541.000
San Francisco Bay Packers7430107122.571
Oakland Giants74304686.571
San Jose Mustangs624069109.333
Los Angeles Bulldogs7250105168.286
Hollywood Wolves606046169.000

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DateHome Team Away Team 
 Pacific Championship   
 Hollywood Rangers42San Diego Bombers7
 San Diego Bombers10Hollywood Rangers21

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PCPFL 1945

Hollywood Bears1182124895.800
Oakland Giants9720151105.778
Los Angeles Bulldogs11551163143.500
San Diego Bombers8440159126.500
San Francisco Clippers817047195.125
San Jose Mustangs505058162.000

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PCPFL 1946

Northern Division       
Tacoma Indians11740202141.636
San Francisco Clippers10640182112.600
Sacramento Nuggets825167201.286
Salt Lake City Seagulls825181138.286
Oakland Giants61506689.167
Southern Division       
Los Angeles Bulldogs12921300161.818
Hawaiian Warriors12840236185.667
Hollywood Bears11551188196.500
San Diego Bombers817065164.125

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DateHome Team Away Team 
 Los Angeles Bulldogs38Tacoma Indians7

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PCPFL 1947

Hawaiian Warriors9720267121.778
Los Angeles Bulldogs8530165126.625
San Francisco Clippers8440158175.500
Salt Lake City Seagulls614148130.200
Sacramento Nuggets504175161.000

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PCPFL 1948

Hawaiian Warriors651018186.833
Long Beach Bulldogs431010249.750
Hollywood Bears513193152.250
San Francisco Clippers504169158.000

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The Pacific Coast Pro Football League flourished during the Second World War as Soldiers based in California led to a boom in the game on the West Coast. Initially the League was vehicle for the Los Angeles Bulldogs and Hollywood Bears who won the first two titles and most games played involved one or other of these teams.

From 1942-1945 the League expanded and could be considered the Major League rival to the NFL during these years. The 1942 & 1943 title were won by the San Diego Bombers. In 1944 the Bombers won the League again and played the Hollywood Rangers, the winners of another League to call itself the AFL for the Pacific Championship. This AFL was the first truly Pacific Coast League as it included teams in Seatlle & Portland, and the Rangers won both legs of the Pacific Championship.

The AFL disbanded after one season and the 1945 PCPFL Championship was won by the Hollywood Bears. After the war the NFL’s Cleveland Rams relocated to Los Angeles, and the All-America Football Conference put the San Francisco 49ers (later to join the NFL) on the West Coast, and the PCPFL’s Major League status was gone.

The League soldiered on as a Minor League, adding teams in Tacoma, Hawaii, Salt Lake City and Sacramento, but was no longer important in the eyes of people on the West Coast and folded after the 1948 season. The Los Angeles Bulldogs and Hawaiian Warriors won the title during these these years.




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