BAFA Budweiser League National Division 1987

Final Standings

Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 1987

1*Manchester Allstars10001.000387117
2*Fylde Falcons640.600342205
3Newcastle Senators (R)370.300124360
4Glasgow Lions370.300121200
5Manchester Spartans280.200137330

Budweiser League National Division Western Conference 1987

1*Leicester Panthers910.900318149
2*Birmingham Bulls730.700224132
3Nottingham Hoods730.700217154
4Cardiff Tigers (R)280.200131280
5Swindon Steelers (R)181.150138263

Budweiser League National Division Eastern Conference 1987

1*Luton Flyers820.800293136
2*Chelmsford Cherokee820.800202115
3CMK Coventry-Milton Keynes Bucks550.500209267
4Northants Stormbringers370.300177212
5Cambridge Cats (R)091.050152361

Budweiser League National Division Southern Conference 1987

1*London Ravens10001.00041286
2*London Olympians640.600266121
3Slough Silverbacks550.500243214
4Thames Valley Chargers460.400168207
5Steel City Giants (R)0100.00057424

Legend / Key: *Qualified for Playoffs. (R) Relegated to Premier Division for 1988. Tiebreaker: (1) Head-to-Head.


BAFA Budweiser League National Division Playoffs 1987


The 1987 season was the fourth season of organised American Football Leagues in Britain other than those for US Air Force and Army teams stationed on the island. The Budweiser League’s top Division – the National Division – was contested by 20 teams in four Conferences of five teams – Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern – and the London Ravens (Britain’s first American Football Club, formed in 1983) again emerged the top team, winning their third Bowl game in as many years, 43-20 versus Manchester Allstars [1-4].

Two Irish-named Quarterbacks starred for Birmingham Bulls (Trevor Carthy) and Fylde Falcons (Pat Brennan) while Mike Delaney starred for London Ravens at wide receiver. [References: 6]

After the season, the lowest-ranked team in each Conference was relegated, along with Cardiff Tigers and Bournemouth Bobcats and Leeds Cougars, the Premier Bowl contestants promoted to the National Division. With CMK Bucks (Coventry-Milton Keynes) splitting up again after their merger and also taking part in the Premier Division, and Slough Silverbacks disbanding it left a 15-team National Division for 1988, divided into three Conferences: North, Central and South. [5] Note: for Match Reports and scorers for the Playoffs please click on individual games in the list above.

About the BAFA Budweiser League National Division

The British American Football Association united 100+ teams under the BAFA umbrella for 1987 as the BAFL (British American Football League) ceased to exist with the top three divisions in a league simply called the Budweiser League for sponsorship reasons. The Top division was called the National Division, the second level, the Premier Division and the third level Division One. Below these three divisions was the UKAFA (United Kingdom American Football Association) as a fourth level and then regional leagues making up a fifth level (Thistle League in Scotland, NWWCAFL – North West and Welsh Counties American Football League, BNGL – British National Gridiron League – in the North and Capital League in the South East).


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Geo-Geneology of Irish Surnames

[6] Vivid Maps (2022) Geo-Geneology of Irish Surnames [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 31 January 2022]


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