British Youth American Football Association Kitted League 1992

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Final Standings

West Conference
Birmingham Bulls (C)22001.000
Bristol Aztecs4220.500
Southern Conference
Ipswich Cardinals (C)77001.000
Southend Sabres (P)7610.857
Kent Pumas7250.287
Folkestone Wolverines8260.250
Tiptree Titans7160.143
Capital Conference
Farnham Knights (C)55001.000
London Capitals (P)6420.667
Heathrow Jets (P)6240.333
London Ravens5050.000
The Warriors0000.000
Coastal Conference
Bournemouth Renegades (C)5401.900
Eastleigh Devils (P)5320.600
Brighton B-52s (P)6321.538
Solent Scorpions6060.000
Southern Sooners0000.000
Anglian Conference
Norwich Devils (C)44001.000
Nottingham Hoods (P)4310.750
Milton Keynes Mavericks (P)4220.500
Luton Huskers6060.000
Northern Conference
Glasgow Lions (C)77001.000
Leeds Cougars (P)7511.857
Manchester Spartans (P)7340.429
Gateshead Mets (P)7151.214
Steel City Titans8170.125
[References: Compiled from results in 1-12]

Note: Southern Sooners (Crawley) and The Warriors both pulled out of the league on the eve of the first week.


DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
18.10.1992Norwich Devils49Gateshead Mets0
18.10.1992 Birmingham Lions54Manchester Spartans0
18.10.1992 Glasgow Lions89Milton Keynes Mavericks6
18.10.1992 Leeds Cougars42Nottingham Hoods6
18.10.1992 Farnham Knights42London Ravens8
18.10.1992 Brighton B-52s0London Capitals46
18.10.1992 Ipswich Cardinals42Heathrow Jets40
18.10.1992 Eastleigh Devils3Southend Sabres52
25.10.1992Norwich Devils18Leeds Cougars8
25.10.1992Birmingham Bulls6Glasgow Lions12
25.10.1992Farnham Knights6London Capitals14
25.10.1992Ipswich Cardinals0Southend Sabres22
01.11.1992Norwich Devils12Glasgow Lions34
01.11.1992London Capitals8Southend Sabres20
Youth Final
22.11.1992Southend Sabres28Glasgow Lions8
[References: 13-15]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
02.08.1992Steel City Titans22Manchester Spartans26
02.08.1992 Gateshead Mets12Leeds Cougars12
02.08.1992 Kent Pumas18Tiptree Titans3
02.08.1992 Southend Sabres40Folkestone Wolverines0
02.08.1992 London Capitals40Heathrow Jets8
02.08.1992 The WarriorscLondon Ravensc
02.08.1992 Southern SoonerscBrighton B-52sc
02.08.1992 Eastleigh Devils32Solent Scorpions6
02.08.1992 Norwich Devils47Nottingham Hoods0
02.08.1992 Bristol Aztecs6Birmingham Bulls44
Week 2
09.08.1992Glasgow Lions32Gateshead Mets8
09.08.1992 Manchester Spartans8Leeds Cougars17
09.08.1992 Kent Pumas16Ipswich Cardinals36
09.08.1992 Folkestone WolverinescTiptree Titansc
09.08.1992 Farnham Knights22Heathrow Jets20
09.08.1992 London Ravens0London Capitals48
09.08.1992 Bournemouth Renegades13Brighton B-52s8
09.08.1992 Southern SoonerscEastleigh Devilsc
09.08.1992 Cardiff AFC0Bristol Aztecs22
Week 3
16.08.1992Leeds Cougars55Steel City Titans12
16.08.1992 Glasgow Lions53Manchester Spartans0
16.08.1992 Kent Pumas0Southend Sabres40
16.08.1992 Tiptree Titans0Ipswich Cardinals58
16.08.1992 Farnham KnightscLondon Capitalsc
16.08.1992 Solent Scorpions0Brighton B-52s38
16.08.1992 Southern SoonerscBournemouth Renegadesc
16.08.1992 Luton Huskers8Milton Keynes Mavericks26
16.08.1992 Birmingham Bulls66Bristol Aztecs0
Week 4
23.08.1992Manchester Spartans20Gateshead Mets6
23.08.1992 Steel City Titans2Glasgow Lions39
23.08.1992 Kent Pumas28Folkestone Wolverines0
23.08.1992 Ipswich Cardinals106Tiptree Titans0
23.08.1992 London Capitals66London Ravens0
23.08.1992 The WarriorscFarnham Knightsc
23.08.1992 Eastleigh Devils0Brighton B-52s6
23.08.1992 Solent Scorpions0Bournemouth Renegades38
23.08.1992 Norwich Devils62Luton Huskers0
23.08.1992 Nottingham Hoods20Milton Keynes Mavericks2
Week 5
30.08.1992Folkestone Wolverines14Tiptree Titans0
30.08.1992 Glasgow Lions28Leeds Cougars22
30.08.1992 Gateshead Mets1Steel City Titans0 #
30.08.1992 Ipswich Cardinals22Southend Sabres12
30.08.1992 Heathrow Jets0London Capitals30
30.08.1992 Farnham Knights69London Ravens12
30.08.1992 Bournemouth RenegadescSouthern Soonersc
30.08.1992 Luton Huskers0Nottingham Hoods32
Week 6
06.09.1992Heathrow JetscThe Warriorsc
06.09.1992 Brighton B-52s0Eastleigh Devils3
Week 7
13.09.1992Gateshead Mets6Glasgow Lions39
13.09.1992 Manchester Spartans64Steel City Titans20
13.09.1992 London Capitals0Farnham Knights12
13.09.1992 London Ravens0Heathrow Jets50
13.09.1992 Bournemouth Renegades32Eastleigh Devils6
13.09.1992 Brighton B-52s8Solent Scorpions0
13.09.1992 Milton Keynes Mavericks34Luton Huskers2
13.09.1992 Folkestone Wolverines34Kent Pumas6
13.09.1992 Tiptree Titans6Southend Sabres42
13.09.1992 Bristol Aztecs32Cardiff AFC18
Week 8
20.09.1992Glasgow Lions1Steel City Titans0
20.09.1992Leeds Cougars19Gateshead Mets8
20.09.1992The WarriorscLondon Capitalsc
20.09.1992Heathrow Jets53London Ravens8
20.09.1992Brighton B-52s14Milton Keynes Mavericks14
20.09.1992Solent ScorpionscSouthern Soonersc
20.09.1992Nottingham Hoods54Luton Huskers6
20.09.1992Folkestone Warriors0Southend Sabres36
20.09.1992Ipswich Cardinals54Kent Pumas8
20.09.1992Milton Keynes Mavericks0Norwich Devils27
Week 9
27.09.1992Steel City Titans14Leeds Cougars20
27.09.1992Manchester Spartans6Glasgow Lions32
27.09.1992London CapitalscThe Warriorsc
27.09.1992 Heathrow Jets6Farnham Knights10
27.09.1992 Eastleigh DevilscSouthern Soonersc
27.09.1992 Bournemouth Renegades8Solent Scorpions6
27.09.1992 Luton Huskers6Norwich Devils47
27.09.1992 Ipswich Cardinals1Folkestone Wolverines0 #
27.09.1992 Southend Sabres60Tiptree Titans0
Week 10
04.10.1992Gateshead Mets34Manchester Spartans6
04.10.1992Leeds Cougars6Glasgow Lions42
04.10.1992London RavenscFarnham Knightsc
04.10.1992The WarriorscHeathrow Jetsc
04.10.1992Southern SoonerscSolent Scorpionsc
04.10.1992Eastleigh Devils9Bournemouth Renegades7
04.10.1992Milton Keynes Mavericks6Nottingham Hoods2
04.10.1992Tiptree Titans1Kent Pumas0 #
Week 11
11.10.1992Leeds Cougars50Manchester Spartans6
11.10.1992Steel City Titans14Gateshead Mets0
11.10.1992London RavenscThe Warriorsc
11.10.1992Farnham Knights14London Capitals8
11.10.1992Solent Scorpions6Eastleigh Devils66
11.10.1992Brighton B-52scSouthern Soonersc
11.10.1992Nottingham HoodscNorwich Devilsc
11.10.1992Southend Sabres46Kent Pumas0
11.10.1992Folkestone Wolverines0Ipswich Cardinals64
18.10.1992Tiptree Titans26Folkestone Wolverines6
[References: 1-12]


Southend Sabres pulled off a big shock in the British Youth American Football Association Youth Kitted League Final in 1992 with a 28-8 victory over Glasgow Lions in the Final. MVP Brian Sargent and Simon Jones scored two touchdowns each for the victors and Paul Bushell added the two-point conversion as the underdog Sabres rattled the Glasgow Lions with their running game. Craig McCewan scored the Scots only touchdown with a TD reception from QB Jason Hey. Willie Brown added their conversion. The Sabres had finished runners-up to Ipswich Cardinals in the Southern Conference but then went on an amazing playoff run that saw them defeat Eastleigh Devils, Ipswich Cardinals and London Capitals all away from home. The other Conference Champions were Birmingham Bulls (West); Farnham Knights (Capital): Bournemouth Renegades (Coastal); Norwich Devils (Anglian); and Glasgow Lions (Northern).

Map of Southend



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