NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Division 1 Final Standings and Bowl Games 1991

NCAA Football Division IA Final Top 25 1991

NCAA Football Division 1A Final Top 25 1991

1Washington Huskies12002279
2Miami Hurricanes12002224
3Penn State Nittany Lions11202055
4Florida State Seminoles11201998
5Alabama Crimson Tide11101850
6Michigan Wolverines10201743
7Florida Gators10201652
8California Golden Bears10201607
9East Carolina Pirates11101482
10Iowa Hawkeyes10111439
11Syracuse Orangemen10201361
12Notre Dame Fighting Irish10301349
13Texas A&M Aggies10201236
14Tennessee Volunteers9301059
15Nebraska Cornhuskers921964
16Oklahoma Sooners930961
17Clemson Tigers921681
18Colorado Buffaloes831666
19California-Los Angeles UCLA Bruins930655
20Georgia Bulldogs930565
21Tulsa Golden Hurricane1020381
22Stanford Cardinal840325
23North Carolina State Wolfpack930303
24Brigham Young BYU Cougars931262
25Ohio State Buckeyes840181

NCAA Football Division IA Bowl Games 1991-92

NCAA Football Division 1A Bowl Games 1991-92

Match Day Raisin Bowl (Fresno, Ca)
(Raisin Bowl (Fresno, Ca))
28 - 21

Bowling Green Falcons vs Fresno State Bulldogs

Match Day Aloha Bowl (Honolulu, HI)
(Aloha Bowl (Honolulu, HI))
18 - 17

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs Stanford Cardinal

Match Day Freedom Bowl (Anaheim, Ca)
(Freedom Bowl (Anaheim, Ca))
28 - 17

Tulsa Golden Hurricane vs San Diego State Aztecs

Match Day Blockbuster Bowl (Miami, Fl)
(Blockbuster Bowl (Miami, Fl))
30 - 25

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Colorado Buffaloes

Match Day Independence Bowl (Shreveport, La)
(Independence Bowl (Shreveport, La))
24 - 15

Georgia Bulldogs vs Arkansas Razorbacks

Match Day Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, Fl)
(Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, Fl))
48 - 14

Oklahoma Sooners vs Virginia Cavaliers

Match Day Liberty Bowl (Memphis, Tn)
(Liberty Bowl (Memphis, Tn))
38 - 15

Air Force Fighting Falcons vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

Match Day Holiday Bowl (San Diego, Ca)
(Holiday Bowl (San Diego, Ca))
13 - 13

Brigham Young BYU Cougars vs Iowa Hawkeyes

Match Day Hancock Bowl (El Paso, TX)
(Hancock Bowl (El Paso, TX))
6 - 3

California-Los Angeles UCLA Bruins vs Illinois Fighting Illini

Match Day Copper Bowl (Tucson, AZ)
(Copper Bowl (Tucson, AZ))
24 - 0

Indiana Hoosiers vs Baylor Bears

Match Day Peach Bowl (Atlanta, Ga)
(Peach Bowl (Atlanta, Ga))
37 - 34

East Carolina Pirates vs North Carolina State Wolfpack

Match Day Hall of Fame Bowl (Tampa, Fl)
(Hall of Fame Bowl (Tampa, Fl))
24 - 17

Syracuse Orangemen vs Ohio State Buckeyes

Match Day Citrus Bowl (Orlando, Fl)
(Citrus Bowl (Orlando, Fl))
37 - 13

California Golden Bears vs Clemson Tigers

Match Day Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Tx)
(Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Tx))
10 - 2

Florida State Seminoles vs Texas A&M Aggies

Match Day Fiesta Bowl (Tempe, Az)
(Fiesta Bowl (Tempe, Az))
42 - 17

Penn State Nittany Lions vs Tennessee Volunteers

Match Day Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca)
(Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca))
34 - 14

Washington Huskies vs Michigan Wolverines

Match Day Orange Bowl (Miami, Fl)
(Orange Bowl (Miami, Fl))
22 - 0

Miami Hurricanes vs Nebraska Cornhuskers

Match Day Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La)
(Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La))
39 - 28

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Florida Gators

Final Conference Standings

NCAA Football Division 1A Atlantic Coast Conference 1991

1Clemson Tigers (C)60118090
2North Carolina State Wolfpack520163150
3Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets52016591
4Virginia Cavaliers42118590
5North Carolina Tar Heels340131118
6Maryland Terrapins25087163
7Duke Blue Devils16085174
8Wake Forest Demon Deacons16086194

NCAA Football Division 1A SEC South Eastern Conference 1991

1Florida Gators (C)70022674
2Alabama Crimson Tide610128101
3Tennessee Volunteers520190136
4Georgia Bulldogs430192163
5Mississippi State Bulldogs430145119
6Vanderbilt Commodores340127192
7Louisiana State Tigers340116157
8Auburn Tigers250128170
9Mississippi Rebels160148189
10Kentucky Wildcats070113212

NCAA Football Division 1A B1G Big Ten Conference 1991

1Michigan Wolverines (C)80031691
2Iowa Hawkeyes710180139
3Ohio State Buckeyes530166215
4Indiana Hoosiers530214138
5Illinois Fighting Illini440153118
6Purdue Boilermakers350132182
7Michigan State Spartans350142193
8Wisconsin Badgers260113169
9Northwestern Wildcats26094234
10Minnesota Golden Gophers17065210

NCAA Football Division 1A Big8 Big Eight Conference 1991

1Nebraska Cornhuskers (T)601285121
2Colorado Buffaloes (T)60118193
3Oklahoma Sooners52020696
4Kansas State Wildcats430159121
5Kansas Jayhawks340187175
6Iowa State Cyclones15171190
7Missouri Tigers160121289
8Oklahoma State Cowboys06172200

NCAA Football Division 1A SWC South Western Conference 1991

1Texas A&M Aggies (C)80028995
2Baylor Bears530192138
3Arkansas Razorbacks530131117
4Texas Tech Red Raiders530244216
5Texas Longhorns440169111
6Texas Christian Horned Frogs440173223
7Houston Cougars350200250
8Rice Owls260148233
9Southern Methodist Mustangs08075297

NCAA Football Division 1A PAC-10 Pacific 10 Conference 1991

1Washington Huskies80032177
2California Golden Bears620237164
3California-Los Angeles UCLA Bruins620237122
4Stanford Cardinal620241159
5Arizona State Sun Devils440158174
6Washington State Cougars350191260
7Arizona Wildcats350180266
8Southern California Trojans260178218
9Oregon Ducks170112205
10Oregon State Beavers17086296

NCAA Football Division 1A WAC Western Athletic Conference 1991

1Brigham Young BYU Cougars (C)701324194
2San Diego State Aztecs611275214
3Air Force Fighting Falcons620210183
4Utah Utes440203222
5Hawaii Rainbow Warriors350218231
6Wyoming Cowboys251242295
7Texas-El Paso UTEP Miners251194183
8Colorado State Rams260206241
9New Mexico Lobos260177286

(C) Conference Champions (T) Tied Conference Champions.

All Games Standings

NCAA Football Division 1A Atlantic Coast Conference All Games 1991

1*Clemson Tigers911304144
2*North Carolina State Wolfpack920270185
3*Virginia Cavaliers821313119
4North Carolina Tar Heels740282199
5Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets750265197
6Duke Blue Devils461195300
7Wake Forest Demon Deacons380195300
8Maryland Terrapins290138302

NCAA Football Division 1A SEC South Eastern Conference All Games 1991

1*Florida Gators1010361152
2*Alabama Crimson Tide1010294118
3*Tennessee Volunteers920335221
4*Georgia Bulldogs830312204
5Mississippi State Bulldogs740276156
6Louisiana State Tigers560248263
7Mississippi Rebels560242223
8Auburn Tigers560233214
9Vanderbilt Commodores560205267
10Kentucky Wildcats380190268

NCAA Football Division 1A B1G Big Ten Conference All Games 1991

1*Michigan Wolverines1010406169
2*Iowa Hawkeyes1010330166
3*Ohio State Buckeyes830260163
4*Indiana Hoosiers641281224
5*Illinois Fighting Illini650261182
6Wisconsin Badgers560172294
7Purdue Boilermakers470219272
8Michigan State Spartans380162272
9Northwestern Wildcats380160296
10Minnesota Golden Gophers290104302

NCAA Football Division 1A Big8 Big Eight Conference All Games 1991

1*Nebraska Cornhuskers911414208
2*Colorado Buffaloes821284150
3*Oklahoma Sooners830333143
4Kansas State Wildcats740263226
5Kansas Jayhawks650313144
6Missouri Tigers371221403
7Iowa State Cyclones371157256
8Oklahoma State Cowboys0101106307

NCAA Football Division 1A SWC South Western Conference All Games 1991

1*Texas A&M Aggies1010402144
2*Baylor Bears830282180
3Texas Christian Horned Frogs740279267
4Texas Tech Red Raiders650315272
5*Arkansas Razorbacks650160179
6Texas Longhorns560195145
7Houston Cougars470353344
8Rice Owls470239287
9Southern Methodist Mustangs1100141359

NCAA Football Division 1A PAC-10 Pacific 10 Conference 1991

1*Washington Huskies110046191
2*California Golden Bears920406226
3*Stanford Cardinal830351228
4*California-Los Angeles UCLA Bruins830317187
5Arizona State Sun Devils650218210
6Washington State Cougars470280340
7Arizona Wildcats470248361
8Southern California Trojans380229276
9Oregon Ducks380186248
10Oregon State Beavers1100125365

NCAA Football Division 1A WAC Western Athletic Conference All Games 1991

1*Air Force Fighting Falcons930344248
2*Brigham Young BYU Cougars831420308
3*San Diego State Aztecs831403337
4Utah Utes750276277
5Hawaii Rainbow Warriors471335388
6Wyoming Cowboys461305357
7Texas-El Paso UTEP Miners471254252
8Colorado State Rams380265375
9New Mexico Lobos390240473

NCAA Football Division 1A BEC Big East Conference All Games 1991

1*Miami Hurricanes1100364100
2*Syracuse Orangemen920297183
3Pittsburgh Panthers650244241
4Rutgers Scarlet Knights650217217
5West Virginia Mountaineers650187224
6Virginia Tech Hokies560275229
7Boston College Eagles470247239
8Temple Owls290145290

NCAA Football Division 1A Independents 1991

1*Penn State Nittany Lions1020432167
2*Florida State Seminoles1020439186
3*East Carolina Pirates1010362243
4*Notre Dame Fighting Irish930426261
5*Tulsa Golden Hurricane920305208
6Louisiana Tech Bulldogs812280194
7Akron Zips560257308
8Memphis Tigers560228229
9Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles470212225
10Cincinnati Bearcats470201323
11Army Black Knights460193202
12South Carolina Gamecocks362250265
13SW Louisiana Raging Cajuns281148269
14Northern Illinois Huskies290143364
15Louisville Cardinals290135335
16Tulane Green Wave1100146384
17Navy Midshipmen0100136318

(*) Qualify for Post-Season Bowl Game.


Washington Huskies won the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Division 1A title after triumphing 34-14 over Michigan Wolverines in the Rose Bowl, a match-up between the Pacific-10 Conference Champions and the Big 10 Champions (Upper Midwest) in Pasadena, California. At the end of the season the huskies were 12-0 (Won-Loss), tied with Miami Hurricanes (also 12-0) but got the vote from the Press, who decided the National Champions by vote in the absence of a National Playoff system. Washington Huskies had won the Pacific 10 Conference and #6 ranked Michigan Wolverines the Big 10 Conference. The #2 Hurricanes defeated #15 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers 22-0 in the Orange Bowl in Nebraska’s first shutout for 18 years in what was almost like a home game for Miami, being played in the city; Miami had won the Big East Conference and Nebraska the Big 8 (Prairie States) Conference.

In the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, #4 Florida State Seminoles, an Independent, had defeated #13 Texas A&M Aggies, the SWC (South Western Conference) Champions, 10-2. In another match-up between an Independent and a Conference Champion, #12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish won the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana with a 39-28 victory over #7 Florida Gators, the SEC (South Eastern Conference) Champions. Another Bowl featuring a Conference Champion was the Holiday Bowl, featuring the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Champions, #24 Brigham Young Cougars and #10 Iowa Hawkeyes, which finished in a 13-all tie; The final Bowl Game featuring Conference Champions saw #17 ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Champions Clemson Tigers lose to #8 California Golden Bears 13-37 in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.


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