ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia Diez Grandes (Big 10 Mexico) 2003-2004

ONEFA Logo [Reference: 1]
ONEFA Logo [Reference: 1]

ONEFA Liga Mayor Big 10 2003

Liga Mayor Big 10 2003PWLTPFPAPct
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Monterrey (P)981016
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-C Estado de Mexico (P)981016
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Toluca (P)972014
Autenticos Tigres UA-Nuevo Leon (P)963012
Aztecas UDLA-Puebla963012
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Laguna94508
Pumas UNAM-CU92704
Frailes U-Tepeyac92704
Aguilas Blancas IPN91802
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-C Ciudad de Mexico91802
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DateHome TeamAway Team
07.11.2003Borregos Monterrey31Autenticos Tigres16
08.11.2003Borregos CEM37Borregos Toluca31
14.11.2003Borregos Monterrey36Borregos CEM38
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ONEFA Liga Mayor Big 10 2004

Liga Mayor Big 10 2004PWLTPFPAPct
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-CEM (P)990032517818
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Monterrey (P)972034111514
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Toluca (P)972027517614
Aztecas UDLA Puebla (P)963026415812
Autenticos Tigres UA Nuevo Leon954023813710
Aguilas Blancas IPN94502882418
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-CCM93601112326
Pumas UNAM-CU92701222644
Frailes U-Tepeyac92701582994
Pumas UNAM-Acatlan (R)9090624150
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DateHome TeamAway Team
05.11.2004Borregos Monterrey16Borregos Toluca14
06.11.2004Borregos CEM27Aztecas22
13.11.2004Borregos CEM22Borregos Monterrey45
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Borregs Salvajes ITESM-CEM (Higher Technological Institute of Monterrey – Campus Estado de Mexico Wild Sheep) won the ONEFA (Organisacion Nacional Estudiantes de Futbol Americano) Liga Mayor Diez Grandes (The Mexican College Football Major League Big 10 Conference) with a 38-36 victory over their counterparts from Monterrey in 2003. In 2004 The Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Monterrey won the title by 45-22 over their opponents from Estado de Mexico.


The Organisacion Nacional Estudiantes de Futbol Americano organizes Mexican College American Football since 1930. It has since split with CONADEIP – the Organization for the Big Technological Colleges – forming their own Championship in 2010.

Note on Team Names

TeamTranslationHome Field
Aguilas Blancas IPNNational Polytechnic Institute White EaglesWilfrido Massieu, Mexico City
Autenticos Tigres UANLUniversidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon Authentic TigresGaspar Maas, San Nicolas de Los Garza (Monterrey)
Aztecas UDLA-PueblaUniversidad de las Americas Puebla AztecasCholula, Puebla
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-CEMInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Estado de Mexico Wild SheepTecnologico, Mexico City
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-LagunaInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Laguna Wild SheepLa Rosita, Laguna
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-MonterreyInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Monterrey Wild SheepTecnologico, Monterrey
Borregos Salvajes ITESM-TolucaInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Toluca Wild SheepTecnologico, Toluca
Frailes U-TepeyacUniversidad de Tepeyac MonksTepeyac
Pumas CU-UNAMNational Autonomous University of Mexico PumasCentenario, Mexico City

ONEFA Liga Mayor Big 10 Conference Home Fields and Name Transations. [Ref: 1-3 and Google Translate]



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