Scottish Flag Football Association Junior Bowl Tournaments 2001

Scottish Flag Football Association Logo [References: 6]

Glasgow Tournament West Coast Offense 9 May 2001

Edinburgh Tournament Capital Bowl 16 May 2001

Scottish Claymores Flag Football Dundee Tournament Independence Bowl Junior 2001

1Coatbridge Colts4001.000
2Dundee Storm3100.750
3Craigmount Cougars0000.000
3Scalloway Vikings0000.000

Dundee Tournament Independence Bowl 25 July 2001

Ness Tournament Tartan Bowl III 29 August 2001

Scottish Claymores Flag Football Ness Tournament Junior Tartan Bowl III 2001

2Elgin Eagles2100.667
3Dores Devils0200.000
3Inverness Panthers0200.000

Scottish Flag Football Association Junior Finals Day 3 October 2001


Dundee Storm won the first two Scottish Flag Football Association Junior Bowl Tournaments in 2001, defeating Galloway in the West Coast Offense Bowl Final on 9 May, then hosts Coatbridge Colts by two points in the Capital Bowl in Edinburgh a week later. Coatbridge Colts got revenge in July with a 54-18 demolition of Dundee Storm in the Independence Bowl hosted by Dundee. The Final Bowl of the Season was the Tartan Bowl III in Inverness in August, won by Inverness Rockets with a 3-0 record.

Some of teams were travelling all weekend to get to the games and back, especially Scalloway Vikings from the Shetland Isles, who competed in the Capital Bowl in Coatbridge High School in Edinburgh.

The Finals Day in early October produced a thrilling Final with Galloway Eagles defeating Dundee Storm 46-37 to claim the SFFA Title. The Eagles had triumphed convincingly in the Semi-Finals 40-6 over Paisley Panthers the Grangemouth Broncos had defeated the Dundee Storm 55-26 to reach the Final where Galloway went “all the way” and took the Trophy.

About Grangemouth

Grangemouth is Scotland’s biggest port, having been founded as the finish point of the Clyde-Forth Canal. Located near Falkirk in East Scotland, it is famous also for the art-statues of the two Kelpies, mythological Horses which can take Human form from Celtic Folklore. The artist who created the two giant artworks at the entrance to thde Helix Park, however, took inspiration more from the two work horses which drew each canal boat. Scotland was colonised by Gaelic-speakers from Ireland in 500 AD, although Gaelic is now only widely spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles. [References: 7-9]

Kelpies at the entrance to the Helix Park in Grangemouth, Scotland [References: 10]

About the Scottish Flag Football Association Junior Bowls

The Scottish Flag Football Association replaced the Scottish Claymores Flag Football Association in providing Adult, Youth, Junior and Cadet Flag Football Leagues (Non-Contact American Football where a flag attached to players’ waists must be pulled off in order to tackle them.) The Age Grades are Adult: 18+, Youth (Under 18), Junior (Under 16) and Cadet (Under 12)


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