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Conf’Ouest Ouest Bowl I 1997

Conf’Ouest Map [References: 11]

Playoff Schedule

Conf'Ouest Ouest Bowl 1998

Match Day Semi-Finals
14 - 12

Angers Yankees vs Tours Pionniers

36 - 0

Nantes Dockers vs Les Herbiers Chouans

Match Day Final Ouest Bowl I 1998
(Final Ouest Bowl I 1998)
20 - 14

Angers Yankees vs Nantes Dockers

Match Day 3rd Place Playoff
(3rd Place Playoff)
44 - 6

Tours Pionniers vs Les Herbiers Chouans


Angers Yankees won the second Ouest Bowl in Brittany in 1998 defeating Nantes Dockers 20-14 in a close Final after eliminating Tours Pionniers 14-12 in the Semi-Finals. Tours Pionniers finished third after a 44-6 win over Les Herbiers Chouans.


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