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AFVD American Football Verband Deutschland German Bundesliga 1 Overview 1992-1994

AFVD GBL 1 1992

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 North 1992

1*Berlin Adler (C)111022:2330167
2*Cologne Crocodiles102020:440084
3*Düsseldorf Panther84016:8359168
4*Monheim Sharks57010:14265299
5Dortmund Giants4808:16267450
6Berlin Rebels4808:16215383
7Cologne Bears (R)01200:24108395

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 South 1992

1*Munich Cowboys (C)140028:0540160
2*Bad Homburg Falken113022:6432201
3*Noris Rams77014:14315302
4*Regensburg Royals68012:16270392
5Kempten Comets68012:16247329
6Badener Greifs41008:20307445
7Stuttgart Scorpions (R)41008:20241337
8Darmstadt Diamonds (R)41008:20171357

[References: 1-3] Legend/Key: (C) Conference Champions *Qualify for Playoffs (R) Relegated to GBL 2.

Promoted from GBL 2 North: Hamburg Silver Eagles and Solingen Hurricanes

Promoted from GBL 2 South: Hanau Hawks and Rothernburg Knights

AFVD GBL 1 1993

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 North 1993

1*Cologne Crocodiles (C)131026:2635185
2*Berlin Adler121125:3516195
3*Düsseldorf Panther103121:7439159
4*Hamburg Silver Eagles86016:12302307
5Berlin Rebels59010:18281407
6Solingen Hurricanes41008:20165352
7Monheim Sharks (R)31106:22165352
8Dortmund Giants (R)01400:28142726

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 South 1993

1*Munich Cowboys (C)130127:147990
2*Hanau Hawks85117:11322352
3*Rothernburg Knights76115:13325354
4*Noris Rams77014:14245299
5Regensburg Royals67113:15296274
6Kempten Comets (D)58111:17290268
7Badener Greifs (R)4919:19224360
8Bad Homburg Falken (R)31106:22214397

[References: 4-5] (C) Conference Champions *Qualify for Quarter-Finals (R) Relegated to GBL 2 (D) Disbanded

Promoted from GBL 2 North: Braunschweig Lions

Promoted from GBL 2 South: Erding Bulls, Allgäu Comets

AFVD GBL 1 1994

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 North 1994

1*Berlin Adler (C)122024:4449221
2*Düsseldorf Panther122024:4408184
3*Cologne Crocodiles113022:6390243
4*Braunschweig Lions86016:8323315
5Berlin Rebels41008:20288395
6Solingen Hurricanes (R)41008:10245332
7Hamburg Silver Eagles11302:2686329

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 South 1994

1*Hanau Hawks (C)122024:4397124
2*Munich Cowboys113022:6338222
3*Noris Rams860016:8406254
4*Regensburg Royals77014:14312255
5Rothenburg Knights41008:20158366
6Erding Bulls31106:22163346
7Allgäu Comets (R-D)1802:1674343

AFVD German Bundesliga 1 Playoffs 1994

[References: 6-7] (C) Conference Champions *Qualify for Playoffs (R) Relegated (D) Disbanded


The American Football Verband Deutschland (AFVD) German Bundesliga 1 1992 German Bowl was won by Düsseldorf Panther, the oldest continually-operating American Football team in both Germany and Europe (founded 1978 – Reference: 8). The Panther were 1983, 1984 and 1986 Champions and their opponents in the German Bowl XIV were Munich Cowboys, founded 1979, who were appearing in their first ever Final having gone 14-0 during the regular season and defeated Monheim Sharks and Cologne Crocodiles in the Playoffs. Düsseldorf Panther had eliminated Bad Homburg Falken and North Conference Champions Berlin Adler in the playoffs. Also qualifying for postseason were Noris Rams and Regensburg Royals. Cologne Bears, Stuttgart Scorpions and Darmstadt Diamonds were all relegated to the GBL 2 North and South, and were replaced by Hamburg Silver Eagles, Solingen Hurricanes, Hanau Hawks and Rothenburg Knights bringing the total number of teams in the GBL 1 for 1993 up to 16. [References: 1-3]

In 1993, Munich Cowboys finally won that first German Bowl, defeating Cologne Crocodiles 42-36 in overtime after a 13-0-1 season, again undefeated, but with one tie that year. The Cowboys had beaten Hamburg Silver Eagles and Berlin Adler on their way to the Championship Game, while Northern Conference Champions Cologne had eliminated Noris Rams and Düsseldorf Panther. Other playoff qualifiers in 1993 were Hanau Hawks and Rothenburg Knights. After the season Monheim Sharks, Dortmund Giants, Badener Greifs and Bad Homburg Falken were all demoted to their respective GBL 2 League and were replaced by Braunschweig Lions, who would go on to become one of the most successful of all German American Football Teams, winning eleven German Bowls by 2018. Also promoted from GBL 2 South were Erding Bulls and Allgäu Comets while Kempten Comets disbanded, leaving the GBL 1 at 14 teams for 1994. [References: 4-5]

The 1994 season featured Inter-locking schedules between the GBL 1 North and GBL 1 South, with each team playing two Inter-Conference games in total versus teams from the opposite Conference. Düsseldorf Panther regained the German Bowl they won in 1992, triumphing 27-17 in the Championship Game versus Northern Conference Champions Berlin Adler. The Panther had eliminated Noris Rams and defending Champions Munich Cowboys in the playoffs while Berlin Adler had defeated Regensburg Royals and Cologne Crocodiles on their way to the Bowl. Also appearing in the playoffs in 1994 were Southern Conference Champions Hanau Hawks, surprisingly eliminated in the Quarter-Finals by Cologne and also Braunschweig Lions. Relegated at the end of the year were Allgäu Comets who struggled in their first year in the top flight and disbanded after nine games, and Solingen Hurricanes. [References: 6-7]

To give the relative strength of Ireland’s National team, the Leprechauns at this time, the following November (3rd November 1995), played Hanau Hawks, who had won the GBL 1 South Championship on a 12-2 record, and lost by only a 6-19 scoreline. [References: 9-10]


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