Junior Gridiron League Youth (South England) 1994


*Crawley Raiders660017681.000
*Kent Panthers63215450.583
Brighton B-52s734035122.438
London Olympians5131949.300
Park Centre Bandits61503075.167
Junior Gridiron League Standings 1994 [Ref: 7]

Note: Standings after 8 of 10 Weeks.


DateHome TeamAway Team
JGL Youth Bowl
07.08.1994Crawley Raiders8Kent Panthers0
Junior Gridiron League Playoffs 1994 [Ref: 8]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
22.05.1994Crawley Raiders52Brighton B-52s6
22.05.1994Kent Panthers22Park Centre Bandits0
Week 2
29.05.1994Brighton B-52s0Kent Panthers18
29.05.1994Park Centre Bandits0 #London Olympians1
Week 3
05.06.1994Brighton B-52s6Park Centre Bandits28
Week 4
19.06.1994 Crawley Raiders26Kent Panthers0
19.06.1994Brighton B-52s22Park Centre Bandits0
Week 5
26.06.1994Crawley Raiders36London Olympians2
26.06.1994Park Centre Bandits2Kent Panthers8
Week 6
03.07.1994Crawley Raiders24Brighton B-52s0
03.07.1994London Olympians6Kent Panthers6
Week 7
10.07.1994Crawley Raiders16Kent Panthers0
10.07.1994Brighton B-52s6London Olympians0
Week 8
17.07.1994Crawley Raiders22Park Centre Bandits0
17.07.1994Brighton B-52s1London Olympians0 #
Week 9
24.07.1994Park Centre BanditsCrawley Raiders
24.07.1994Kent PanthersLondon Olympians
Week 10
31.07.1994Brighton B-52sKent Panthers
31.07.1994Crawley RaidersLondon Olympians
Junior Gridiron League Regular Season Results 1994 [Ref: 1-7]


Steve Miller caught a spectacular touchdown catch in the dying seconds of the first half to complete a perfect season for the Crawley Raiders. The touchdown and two-point conversion were the only scores of the JGL Youth Bowl in 1994.

The Raiders had finished top of the five-team League, with the Kent Panthers aalso qualifying for the Bowl in second place. Other teams were Brighton B-52s, London Olympians, and 1993 runners-up Park Centre Bandits.

The Junior Gridiron League Youth League was a Two Touch League for 15-18 year olds in the South of England. Two Touch was a variation on Flag Football whereby the ball carrier was tackled by placing two hands on him or her.


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Thanks to Derek Walsh.

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