National Passball League 1993


Northern Division
*Cannock Chase Giants4400208791.000
*St. Helens Cardinals4220170121.500
Redditch Geriatrics220053261.000
Nottingham Crusaders303027136.000
Sheldon Renegades303040137.000
Southern Division
*Farnham Knights4400231601.000
*Ealing Eagles321016172.667
West Sussex Wolverines413072181.250
Herts Ballhawks303032183.000
National Passball League Standings 1993 [Ref: Compiled from 1-5]

Note: *Qualify for Semi-Finals. 10 results currently unknown.


DateHome TeamAway Team
28.11.1993Cannock Chase Giants38Ealing Eagles22
28.11.1993Farnham Knights56St. Helens Cardinals24
Passball ’93 FinalPye Green Stadium
05.12.1993Cannock Chase Giants19Farnham Knights36
National Passball League Playoffs 1993 [Ref; 6-7]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
10.10.1993Cannock Chase Giants47St. Helens Cardinals26
10.10.1993West Sussex Wolverines13Farnham Knights52
10.10.1993Ealing Eagles79Herts Ballhawks12
10.10.1993Redditch Geriatrics19Nottingham Crusaders13
Week 2
17.10.1993Ealing Eagles61West Sussex Wolverines20
17.10.1993Herts Ballhawks6Farnham Kights85
17.10.1993Cannock Chase Giants74Nottingham Crusaders2
17.10.1993Sheldon Renegades7St. Helens Cardinals21
Week 3
24.10.1993West Sussex WolverinesHerts Ballhawks
24.10.1993Farnham KnightsEaling Eagles
24.10.1993Nottingham CrusadersSt. Helens Cardinals
24.10.1993Redditch GeriatricsSheldon Renegades
Week 4
31.10.1993Cannock Chase Giants43Nottingham Crusaders12
31.10.1993Herts Ballhawks14West Sussex Wolverines19
31.10.1993Ealing Eagles21Farnham Knights40
31.10.1993St. Helens Cardinals82Sheldon Renegades20
Week 5
07.11.1993St. Helens Cardinals41Cannock Chase Giants47
07.11.1993Nottingham CrusadersRedditch Geriatrics
07.11.1993West Sussex WolverinesEaling Eagles
07.11.1993Farnham KnightsHerts Ballhawks
Week 6
14.11.1993Redditch Geriatrics34Sheldon Renegades13
14.11.1993Farnham Knights54West Sussex Wolverines20
14.11.1993Herts BallhawksEaling Eagles
14.11.1993St. Helens Cardinals Nottingham Crusaders
Week 7
21.11.1993Sheldon RenegadesRedditch Geriatrics
21.11.1993Cannock Chase GiantsSheldon Renegades
21.11.1993Redditch GeriatricsCannock Chase Giants
National Passball League Regular Season Results 1993 [Ref: 1-5]

Note: Some fixtures inferred from previous results and fixtures and what other fixtures were played on the day.


Farnham Knights won the National Passball League title, triumphing 36-19 over Northern Division Champions Cannock Chase Giants 36-19 in Passball ’93 Final. The defeated Semi-Finalists were Ealing Eagles and St. Helens Cardinals.

The nine team League was divided into Northern and Southern Divisions with the Redditch Geriatrics, Sheldon Renegades, Nottingham Crusaders, Herts Ballhawks and West Sussex Wolverines the other teams.

About Passball

The National Passball League was an Arena-style American Football League in the England, played on a smaller field than a regular American Football field, and with a focus on passing (Passball is played on a 40-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, with five downs or attempts to score, three of which must be passing plays, before the ball is turned over). It is seven-a-side.


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